1da17c58d7fe40909c612750ab3085d1I hope you having a wonderful day today. It’s such a beautiful day here in SC. The sun is shining and I am loving this nice Spring day. I wanted  so badly to share with you how beautiful today is here in SC,  that I ran downstairs from my home office and took a picture from my front porch.
As I looked at the picture, I noticed the sun shining in the yard, but the dark shadow on my front porch from where I took the photo. I couldn’t help but wonder about how life can sometimes show up just this way.
It appears that the sun is always shining somewhere out there, but often times we are somehow caught standing in the shadow of darkness. Yet, we don’t have to settle for life this way. When this happens, it’s an indication that something needs to change.  Most often it’s our perspective or position.
​​​​​​​I don’t know what kind of day you are having today. It could be another one of those dark shadow days. And if it happens to be a dark shadow day for you, I want to encourage you to change your perspective. The sun is still shining whether you can feel it or not. If that perspective doesn’t work, simply change your position.  Step out of the dark shadow into the sunshine where you belong!
Here’s to living The Awakened Life Journey. A Journey filled with love, abundance and success! It’s a Journey worth taking!