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I only work with female leaders and entrepreneurs who are ready to stop pretending their life is perfect, who want to go deeper to awaken to their highest truth and push through their fears to play a bigger game in life.  Those women who are ready to more feel confident, good enough, and want to experience daily belly laughs, happy tears, and do the magical dance with unspeakable joy. In other words, those who are ready to live The AWAKENED LIFE.  If this is you, It’s time for us to have a conversation.


What I Offer


Private Coaching

As a rare inclusion, I offer private coaching and individual advisory to a global network of private clients and Protégés. Whether it’s an occasional uninterrupted VIP Day or a 2-Hour Laser Session, I will help you create strategies, processes, and blue prints to reach your goals. For the more serious clients, who want my on-going time, guidance, expertise, and attention, becoming one of my Elite Protégés has been most beneficial.  If you are starting to sense that there’s something more for your life, yet another level you must go, you may want to consider us working together through my private offerings.

The Coaches Cafe Club

Coaches Cafe Club is a group coaching program where Angela offers her secrets to creating a rich, empowering, and transformative life and career that truly matters. Get up close and personal in her trademark “group coaching” sessions where she offers you the keys to creating massive success in your life and business. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to work with Angela Carr Patterson. Learn More…

The Awakened Love Series

Our Awakened Love Relationship Series are designed for the man and woman who are truly ready to live a lifetime of love. These are not programs to race through, but they are processes to relax into. Through our programs, you will learn that it’s not about you being worthy of love or you not knowing how to make love work, but rather the hidden fears you carry deep within that’s aroused in the presence of love. The lessons you will learn in our programs are simple, but they have the potential to heal and transform your love life profoundly. Learn More…

Join My Movement

Learn more about my five year mission to reach one million women and girls through the power of love, acceptance and forgiveness. Join my Fatherless Daughters Network as we rewrite the story of fatherlessness, one female at a time. Learn More…

Client Testimonials

Vision For A New Conscious Workplace

Corporate Training

Managing the daily challenges of any workplace environment while juggling personal and professional progression can be quite demanding and sometimes overwhelming. This is especially true for the female employee who has even more stress once she leaves work to go home and begin her second job of cooking dinner, house work, kids, homework and laundry. The phrase, “a woman’s work is never done,” rings true for 85% of working women with children. To help encourage and empower these valuable employees, a managerial team needs to understand the things that motivate a woman to perform to her highest potential. This understanding can inspire tactics to increase workplace attitude and professionalism. 

Therefore, it is imperative that your female employees get the sustainable support that is required to deliver the results that your company/organization is working towards achieving. Angela only works with those companies/organizations who are committed to improving their performance through the development of the individual female employee. Our Success Redefined Workshop Series are designed to create such sustainable support.

A Partial List of Angela’s Corporate Clients