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Because I only work with individuals who are ready to play a bigger game in life. Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Entertainers, Influencers, Change Makers, and Advocates who are ready to invest in a bigger version of themselves.  I offer private group mentoring to a global network of clients.  Individuals who are committed to being the best at what they do. I will help you create strategies, processes, and creative ideas to build massive success in your life and business. For the more serious clients, who want my on-going time, guidance, expertise, and attention, ​as a rare inclusion, I offer my Elite Private Protégé Advisory to only a handful of individuals annually.  If you are ready to experience extraordinary change, expansion, and growth in business, in life and create your legacy, this may just be a good fit for you. If you are starting to sense you are destined for bigger and more, and there’s yet another level you must go, you may want to consider us working together through one of my private offering.-ACP 

The Coaches Cafe Club

To the Coaches Cafe Club! With more than 39 years of experience as a CEO, Innovator, and Entrepreneur, I am opening my private vault and sharing many of my secrets to success with a select few budding entrepreneurs. The information that I will share, is designed to help stretch you, expand you, and move you onto new levels of success in your Life and Business. I believe that we all want a business that matters, but we also want a life that matters. I want to help you create a life and business that truly matters. One with more meaning, more mastery, more money, and more MAGIC!   Learn More…

An Awakened Love Series

Our Awakened Love Relationship Series are designed for the man and woman who are truly ready to live a lifetime of love. These are not programs to race through, but they are processes to relax into. Through our programs, you will learn that it’s not about you being worthy of love or you not knowing how to make love work, but rather the hidden fears you carry deep within that’s aroused in the presence of love. The lessons you will learn in our programs are simple, but they have the potential to heal and transform your love life profoundly. Learn More…

The Awakened Entrepreneur VIP Day

Let’s face it! Running a business can be tough at times. Especially, when you are not clear on certain essentials needed to create success.  But for the Awakened Entrepreneur, who is ready fulfill his/her authentic role in the world through a sustainable, thriving, and profitable business model, it can be attainable. Consider booking Angela’s popular VIP Day, where she will show you the keys to unlocking massive success in your business. Don’t miss the rare opportunity to work up close and personal with Angela Carr Patterson. Learn More…

Join My Movement

Learn more about my five year mission to reach one million women and girls through the power of love, acceptance and forgiveness. Join my Fatherless Daughters Network as we rewrite the story of fatherlessness, one female at a time. Learn More…

What Clients Are Saying About Angela…

So, just when I thought I was about to wrap up my career of 30 plus years of real estate, I was introduced to Coach Angela! For a time such as this, is all I can say about this divine connection! She is like the wheel in the middle of the explosive golden phase of my career. Her words were, “You’ve done the work, built the business, now you need to find ways to monetize and leverage what you’ve done so well!” Our coaching sessions have ignited a burning fire to finish well and share with the world why I am The Trusted Authority. “Warning; never come to a session without pen and paper!” She can share her thoughts quicker than you can catch them!  Her coaching style is like a machine gun; fast furious, one round after the other! Powerful stuff! Angela is a true professional , a wealth of knowledge and has a no non sense approach to improving whatever idea you bring to the table! My book is now on the shelves, my social media presence is taking on a new form and I’m already reaping the financial benefits of her effective delivery and bold business principles! Need a great coach, connect with Coach Angela Carr Patterson NOW, not tomorrow, Now!”

Nancy Johnson

Million Dollar Producer

The depths in which Angela reaches are phenomenal. I was struggling with balance in my life and how to get through some trying challenges. She came up with a formula that allowed me to focus and pinpoint the areas of my life that needed attention. I followed through with Angela’s approach and have built confidence and have reached success in developing and growing as an individual. If you’re looking to grow as an individual, Angela is the one person that can help make a major impact in your life. Now I can say I have had that aha moment that has left me standing above water.

Toni Huges

B.S., M.S.,Actor/Computer Analyst

Angela’s coaching techniques are exceptional! Her individual coaching sessions (highly recommended) proved to be an invaluable asset to my career development as well as assisting in certain areas of my personal life. We teleconferenced across country (South Carolina to Los Angeles,CA) on a weekly basis for over a year, and despite the distance her motivational techniques and personal attention to my needs certainly helped me attain my short term and long term goals. The information provided has stayed with me since I completed her program and still proves valuable to this day!!!

Khalil Cheeks

Los Angeles, CA

I have had the pleasure of working with Angela Carr-Patterson since 2016. I started my full time entrepreneurship journey and I knew if I had the right guidance I could take my business to new heights. After my VIP one on one session with Angela my business quickly accelerated! I was able to get clear on my goals and articulate my services to my clients and potential clients more clearly and I completely changed the game. I’ve made more money and experienced more than I could ever imagine through MY business. Angela is a true God send. She’s more than my coach, she is a friend, mother and confident. I am forever grateful for our work together and look forward to continuing to grow my business with her at the helm of my success.

Shayna Boston

CEO/President of Boston First Management Services

Angela Carr Patterson is heaven sent.  When I transitioned into civilian life after serving 30 years in the military, I found myself stuck and confused about what to do next. Working with Angela has helped me to peel off that old former programming and tap into the true core essence of who I really am.  She has helped me to identify my true purpose in life and give me the right strategies to move forward with my dream and vision.  I now have clarity of purpose and direction. Angela has given me step by step systems and processes to put me on right track to achieving my goals. Angela Carr Patterson will always be my personal life and business coach/strategist

Denean Ambersliy

CEO/President, The Coffee Queen

Our Vision For A New Conscious Workplace

Corporate Training

Managing the daily challenges of any workplace environment while juggling personal and professional progression can be quite demanding and sometimes overwhelming. This is especially true for the female employee who has even more stress once she leaves work to go home and begin her second job of cooking dinner, house work, kids, homework and laundry. The phrase, “a woman’s work is never done,” rings true for 85% of working women with children. To help encourage and empower these valuable employees, a managerial team needs to understand the things that motivate a woman to perform to her highest potential. This understanding can inspire tactics to increase workplace attitude and professionalism.

Therefore, it is imperative that your female employees get the sustainable support that is required to deliver the results that your company/organization is working towards achieving. Angela only works with those companies/organizations who are committed to improving their performance through the development of the individual female employee. Our Success Redefined Workshop Series are designed to create such sustainable support.

A Partial List of Angela’s Corporate Clients