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I only work with women who are ready to invest in themselves, their families, and in their deepest life’s calling. Women who want to stop pretending their life is perfect, to go deeper, awaken to their highest truth and push through their fears to play a bigger game in life.  Women who are ready to feel confident, good enough, compassionate, steady and capable. Ready to experience daily belly laughs, happy tears, and do the magical dance with unspeakable joy. And finally, women who will say, “Yes” to advancing their next level calling in order to make a greater impact in the world. In other words…you’re ready to live The Awakened Life…God’s Original Design for You. If this is you…keep reading because you and I have some work to do together.

What I Offer

Awakened Life Private Coaching

1-on-1 Coaching

During our time together, I will help you Answer and Advance Your Next Level Calling through the lens of a thriving, sustainable and profitable business model. Having me as your personal coach, you will learn the keys to awaken your life and business to more meaning, more mastery, more money and more magic. I deliver this program 3 ways:

1-on-1 Private Coaching

3 times a month private coaching with me on the phone or via face time, I will serve as your personal coach/mentor/guide. I will help you to craft a blueprint with implementable strategies to create a successful “Life & Career That Matters” and help move you to your next level.

Live Workshop Sessions

You will have an opportunity to attend 3 powerful live training workshops with other members of the my VIP Private Coaching Program and get up close and personal with me and other guest speakers. Special gifts, breakfast and lunch included.

On-Going Support

Gain 24/7 Access to my Coaches Cafe, a virtual training platform filled with resources, training and support from some of the world’s most powerful teachers, coaches, spiritual thought leaders, ministers and trainers to help you build a successful career and life.

Schedule Your Consultation Today!

Be sure to schedule your complimentary consultation with me, so we can determine if this is right for you. You will also receive an information packet with details about this program. Click here to book your appointment. 

One Uninterrupted Day to Transform Your Biz


Let’s face it! Building a business can be tough sometimes. Especially when we are not clear on certain essentials needed to create success. That’s why we’ll decide TOGETHER the ideal strategy for you and your unique business. No more throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks. Let’s look into what’s truly most effective for your specific business. “With no distractions or interruptions and me as your mentor/coach by your side, we will put a plan in place to help you consistently earn 6,7 figures and beyond as a service-based heart centered entrepreneur.” Your VIP Day will be delivered 3 ways:

Preparation Call

You and I will have a 45 minute preparation phone call so that we can get clear about what’s missing from your business and how to move forward with clarity once we come together for your VIP Day.


Your VIP Day will include 6-7 Hours of Coaching, Strategic Planning and Implementation. You will leave with a completed blue print with step by step instructions on how to create and build a thriving, profitable business model. Based on my 4 Pillars of Business Success, Mindset, Marketing, Money and Management, we will lay a solid a foundation for your business to grow and succeed.  We will also identify what’s not working, what will work,  and breakthrough blocks, barriers and beliefs that have kept you stuck and implement the right strategies, systems to create a profitable and successful business.  Breakfast and lunch and training materials are included.

Post Call

One week after your live session, you and I will have a 45 minute follow up phone call to answer any questions and make sure you are on course to creating a profitable and successful business.

Schedule Your Consultation!

Book a Discovery Session with me to determine if this is the right path for you. You will also receive a VIP Packet to answer all of your questions. During this time together, I will ask you a few questions to zero in on what you truly need and you will ask me questions to determine if this is a good fit for you. I promise there is no hard selling here, no obligation on your part…simply a time to discover if  working with me is what you really need at this time. All Full Day VIP Day Sessions are Live and In Person. I host these sessions in Columbia, SC or Charlotte, NC. For an additional fee, I can be requested to travel to your state/country of choice.   Book your complimentary session today:

Join Our Tribe

The Awakened Beauty Experience

The Awakened Beauty Next Level Mastery Tribe exist to inspire 10,000 women, 50 & over and a few brave 40+, to awaken their lives to more meaning, more mastery, more money and more magic. We want to support you and help you answer and advance your next level calling for the reshaping and transformation of today’s world. It’s time to amplify your voice, your value and your vision to drive the narrative for this world’s new cultural story all while reimagining your life and redefining success. 

Client Testimonials

"Angela Carr Patterson is a jewel to so many, including myself. Her amazing intuitive nature and soft-spoken mannerism can totally catch you off guard when she “reads you” so deep, past your pain, past your brokenness and past your fears you think no one else sees. What’s so beautiful is she does it with such grace, ease and LOVE! Thanks to Angela I was able to personally heal from some childhood wounds that no longer served me."

Tia Brewer Footman, Celebrity Brand Strategist

"The depths in which Angela reaches are phenomenal. I was struggling with balance in my life and how to get through some trying challenges. She came up with a formula that allowed me to focus and pinpoint the areas of my life that needed attention. I followed through with Angela’s approach and have built confidence and have reached success in developing and growing as an individual. If you’re looking to grow as an individual, Angela is the one person that can help make a major impact in your life. Now I can say I have had that aha moment that has left me standing above water. "

Toni C Hughes B.S., M.S.,Actor/Computer Analyst

"Angela, you don’t know how much this has changed my life. I’m ready for the journey. With tears in my eyes, I know you were sent to me. I appreciate you believing in me. Thank you so much. May God bless you."

Kesha Hayes, CEO/President, PDTS, LLC

"The calls are so full of great information from identifying barriers to business success to very practical systems for running a business. All this with open, personal discussions with Angela! This is better than an MBA! I am so happy to be mentored by someone who has actually succeeded in building a business from scratch!"

Ernestine Middleton, CEO/President, The Middleton Group

"Since hiring Angela, my life has been transformed. Her insight, techniques and unique training are matched by her genuine Love for her clients. My business has grown by 200% in the last year, allowing me to travel and work in countries I’ve only dreamed. Angela’s greatest gift is her ability to intuitively create programs that specifically address what one needs to be financially, emotionally and spiritually prosperous. Her “no-nonsense-but-I-love-you” style is exactly what the world needs."

Cheri Maree, International Recording Artist

Our Corporate Training Workshops/Retreats


“Creating the Vision of a “New Conscious Workplace”

Managing the daily challenges of any work place environment while juggling personal and professional progression…can be quite demanding and sometimes even overwhelming. This is especially true for the female employee who has even more stress once she leaves work to go home and begin her second job of cooking dinner, house work, kids, homework and laundry. The phrase, “a woman’s work is never done,” rings true for 85% of working women with children. To help encourage, empower and enrich these valuable employees, a managerial team needs to understand the things that motivate a woman to perform to her highest potential. This understanding can inspire tactics to increase workplace attitude and professionalism. Therefore it is imperative that your female employees get the sustainable success support that is required in order to deliver the results that your company/organization/group is working towards achieving. Angela only work with those companies/organizations who are committed to improving their performance through the development of the individual female employee. Our Success Redefine Series are designed to created such sustainable support for your female employees.

Angela’s Corporate Training/Coaching Programs

Success Redefined 

Our Success Redefined Seminars, Presentations and Retreats offer a support structure that creates leverage for women to overcome limiting patterns and challenges that are unique to the female employee or executive. These programs are designed to serve as an arm of empowerment, enhancement and enrichment. Our philosophy is that success comes from within- from within individuals, teams and corporations. We come from a place of inspiration not motivation – we aim to inspire you and your employees to greater results by digging deeper within yourselves. Change is therefore more lasting when it is from the inside out.

Please take a moment to review our program offerings. Select the workshop/program that you think will meet your company’s goals. Or perhaps, schedule a new workshop each quarter to help build a solid support foundation for your female employees and executives.

Our programs are highly customizable to suit and match your organization’s needs and we will work to get you the results you want.

The Awakened Leader 2 Day Retreat: A Radical New Way of Leading

Our signature leadership workshop is a powerful journey of exploration on how to become an Awakened Female Leader: one that leads from the level of the heart, has intense clarity of vision and the intuitive know-how to activate that vision into reality, and inspire a new awakening for themselves and the people they lead.

The Awakened Leader creates loyalty, respect and emulation based on a deep understanding of, and connection to, their own true purpose and passion. Awakened Leaders have the ability to uplift, unite and unleash the gifts and talents of the people they lead. They know how to bring out the best in themselves, the people they lead and the best in human aspiration.

This transformative workshop’s core principles are based on Angela Carr Patterson’s Awakened Life Leadership System which outlines principles that can be applied to any female leader. Our focus is on what shapes you as a female and how to align these truths with your leadership skills and abilities.

This is a deep dive into the hidden muted, unrecognizable,  invisible patterns that may limit your impact as a leader and an exploration of powerful new possibilities for you that will create tangible outcomes in many areas of your life. Participants in the Awakened Leadership Program will learn The 7 Core Principles of Becoming An Awakened Leader.

These 7 Core Principles will awaken female leaders to the truth of who they really are and help them reclaim those unexplored part of themselves that they’ve left on the table. They will learn how to discover and maximize their strengths within and expand their impact, while producing extraordinary and sustainable results.


Seminar Length: 2 Days.  Participant Numbers: 10 min. 20 max. Participants: Female: Management Level

Note: Also available is The Awakened Leader Coaching Program for Female Executives.

Work Life and Harmony Workshop

Most of us live our lives compartmentalized between home, career and social life. As women, we tend to try to live our lives separate and distinct, when in fact they are integrated and connected. When all aspects of our lives are integrated, we feel whole, happy, healthy and vital, promoting a sense of wellbeing that is critical for creating abundance, joy and creativity in our lives and inspiring the same in our work environments.

In this workshop, participants will develop a keen understanding of their individual needs as women to achieve balance and they will leave empowered with the knowledge of how to maintain total alignment and congruency that will last a lifetime. This seminar is full of practical ideas to help your female employees lead more balanced lives which in turn helps them to be more effective in the workplace; more focused on the organization’s highest priorities and even better equipped to make their best contribution in the workplace.

This is no “run of the mill work/life balance” teaching. It’s a deep dive into the heart of the individual to reignite the endless vitality that lies deep within the soul.

This experiential workshop is designed to help women awaken, actualize and activate their internal power system to create a new level of productivity, creativity, innovation and inspiration within themselves, their work, and the people around them. 

Attendees Will:

  • Identify What Really Keeps You Stuck in Overwhelm.
  • Learn Why Self Improvement is an Illusion and Will Never Work.
  • Learn New Strategies That Move You Out of Overwhelm & into the Flow of Life.
  • 3 Core Principles & Strategies to Master the Art of Work/Life Harmony.

Seminar Length: 5 Hours. Participant Numbers: 5 min.- 30 max.  Female Participants: any level within the organization

Workplace Etiquette & Civility

While the use of good business etiquette will not make up for technical knowledge in the workplace, bad manners and poor etiquette can cost both employees and the organizations for which they work.

From email/phone etiquette and social media tools, to dining, our etiquette workshop will provide your employees with the tools they need to dress and act professionally in the workplace; network, sell and service clients; and communicate effectively using the telephone.

Our workshops are interactive, down to earth, packed with information, and crafted to meet a variety of business needs.They can be tailored to address particular skills you wish to improve. This is NOT a stuffy workshop with dated information. It’s engaging, interactive, informative and fun.

Participants Will Learn:

  • Communication: Email, Cell Phone and OfficeTelephone
  • Social Etiquette for Organization Representation
  • Hosting or Attending Corporate Dinners Made Simple.
  • How to Get along and Get Ahead with Better Manners
  • Good Behavior Online: Social Media Etiquette.
  • Building a Professional Image: Even Dress Down Day

Seminar Length: Two Days

Participant Numbers: 10 min.- 30 max. Female Participants: any level within the organization

Note: This is a 2-Day Workshop that culminate into a Tutorial Lunch/Dinner Experience.

Contact Us to How You Can Book This Program for Your Workplace:

Refreshing Your Soul Retreat

The saying on the airplanes, “Put your oxygen mask on before assisting others”, is a selfless teaching. The reason for putting your mask on first is the parallel; “You’ll be no good to anyone if you don’t remain conscious.”

Once you have your mask on, things get really exciting on the path to success. You are then able to help others by putting their masks on for them. You can guide others to the path; you can become their oxygen line. You can begin to bring them peace. No longer are you seen as selfish, your true nature is seen as a selfless, giving person.

The Refreshing the Soul Retreat offers those who serve and support others in the workplace a time to renew, reflect and refresh their own souls. Using practical tools on how to cope with daily responsibilities and stresses, participants will learn how to maintain peace and balance in their own lives and find their truth and happiness.

This is a new approach to service without having to sacrifice many of life’s simple pleasures.

Participants will leave this retreat in a state of inward harmony that will carry into heighten external productivity and increased profits. This retreat is for the company that is dedicated to care, physical and mental wellness in the workplace.


Attendees Will Learn:

  • The Basic Elements to a More Enhanced Lifestyle.
  • Introduction to the Core Principles and Benefits of Tai Chi.
  • How to Live a Congruent and Well Being Balanced Lifestyle.
  • Your Pursuit of Happiness
  • Work/ Life Balance
  • Soulful Conversations/Heart Talk Sessions

Seminar Length: 2 Day Destination Retreat. Participant Numbers: 10 min.- 30 max. Female Participants: Any level within the organization

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