Is This a Good Fit? 

Because I Only Work w/ Women Who Are Ready to invest in themselves, their families, and in their deepest life’s calling. Ready to stop pretending their life is perfect, to go deeper and awaken to their highest truth. Who are ready to push through their fears and play a bigger game in life.  Ready to feel confident, good enough, compassionate, steady and capable. Ready to experience daily belly laughs, happy tears, and do the magical dance with unspeakable joy. Ready to  say “Yes” to advancing their next level calling and to making a greater impact in the world. In other words…you’re ready to live The Awakened Life. If this is you…keep reading because you and I have some work to do together. 

Your Passion is Helping Them.

My Passion is Helping You.

“A Rare Opportunity To Work w/ One of the World’s Most Sought After Leaders!”

It has been said that Angela Carr Patterson is a Leader’s leader, a Coach’s Coach, and a Mentor’s Mentor. Angela understands what it takes to be successful in life and business. She also recognizes that trying to have it all can take a toll on a woman’s sense of well being and happiness. This is why she’s committed to helping women create the space, access their power and activate their dreams through the philosophy of “Doing Less and Being More.”  She acknowledges that women need a different kind of support.  One that speaks to the deepest primal parts of their soul. One that is heart centered, focused and result driven. Today, Angela uses her keen insight and wisdom, many years of experience to help women create a life and career filled with purpose, passion and power. Learn from this highly successful entrepreneur and spiritual thought leader on how to put heart in your business, money in your bank account and passion in your relationships. A Life Reimagined and Success Redefined.

What I Offer

The Fatherless Daughters Network

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Are you are fatherless daughter? There’s danger in not knowing. Learn how Angela is helping women who grew up with an unattached, absent or flawed father-daughter relationship heal and rewrite a new narrative for their lives.


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A Whole Day to Focus on you, your big vision, your ideal lifestyle, and creating freedom in your business with Angela Carr Patterson right there to guide and help you with each step along the way.

Biz Mastermind

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Advance Your Next Level Calling Through the Lens of a Thriving, Sustainable Business Model! Your time has come to embark upon a journey that will lead you to your true destination of more meaning, more mastery, more money and more magic. I will not only be your coach, but also your midwife where I will help you give birth to this bigger vision. 


Online Programs

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Angela Carr Patterson has produced some powerful online programs designed to help you awaken your life and live your dreams. From learning how to build and sustain a profitable business model, to making your relationships work and healing your money issues, these programs will offer you the tools to creating a life and career that matters.

A Life & Career That Matters

If you’re like most women over 40, 50 or 60, you’re starting to feel a little restless in your life. You’re not sure where these feelings are coming from, but you’re starting to wonder why you’re simply not as happy as you should be.  You’re starting to sense there’s has to be more to life than what you’re currently living.  As a seasoned woman, who has already experienced success in your life and career, you’re now starting to ask questions such as, “What’s next for me?” “How can I have a greater impact in the world and still do the things that I love to do?” “What will be my legacy?

The unexpected and unpredictables in life will force you to go deeper, make some changes, awaken your truth, align with that truth to answer those unanswered questions. I only work with a small select few women who are ready to discover and cultivate their Next Level Calling. Whether you desire ongoing support, short term, a single day of strategic planning, I am here to help. I’m committed to helping you embrace a more richer and meaningful life/career that will impact others in a bigger way. 

What Angela’s Clients Are Saying…

Angela Carr Patterson is a jewel to so many, including myself. Her amazing intuitive nature and soft-spoken mannerism can totally catch you off guard when she “reads you” so deep, past your pain, past your brokenness and past your fears you think no one else sees. What’s so beautiful is she does it with such grace, ease and LOVE! Thanks to Angela I was able to personally heal from some childhood wounds that no longer served me.

Tia Brewer Footman

Celebrity Brand Strategist

The depths in which Angela reaches are phenomenal. I was struggling with balance in my life and how to get through some trying challenges. She came up with a formula that allowed me to focus and pinpoint the areas of my life that needed attention. I followed through with Angela’s approach and have built confidence and have reached success in developing and growing as an individual. If you’re looking to grow as an individual, Angela is the one person that can help make a major impact in your life. Now I can say I have had that aha moment that has left me standing above water. 

Toni C Hughes B.S., M.S.

Actor/Computer Analyst

Since hiring Angela, my life has been transformed. Her insight, techniques and unique training are matched by her genuine Love for her clients. My business has grown by 200% in the last year, allowing me to travel and work in countries I’ve only dreamed. Angela’s greatest gift is her ability to intuitively create programs that specifically address what one needs to be financially, emotionally and spiritually prosperous. Her “no-nonsense-but-I-love-you” style is exactly what the world needs.

Cheri Maree

International Recording Artist

The calls are so full of great information from identifying barriers to business success to very practical systems for running a business. All this with open, personal discussions with Angela! This is better than an MBA! I am so happy to be mentored by someone who has actually succeeded in building a business from scratch!

Ernestine Middleton

CEO/President, The Middleton Resources Group

Angela, you don’t know how much this has changed my life. I’m ready for the journey. With tears in my eyes, I know you were sent to me. I appreciate you believing in me. Thank you so much. May God bless you.

Kesha Hayes

CEO/President, PDTS, LLC

You Dream It. Angela Will Make It Happen.