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I only work with women who are ready to stop pretending their life is perfect, to go deeper, awaken to their highest truth and push through their fears to play a bigger game in life.  Women who are ready to feel confident, good enough and want to experience daily belly laughs, happy tears, and do the magical dance with unspeakable joy. If this is you, Join My Community Today!

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The Awakened Entrepreneur


Let’s face it! Running a business can be tough at times. Especially when you are not clear on certain essentials needed to create success.  But for the Awakened Entrepreneur, who is ready fulfill his/her authentic role in the world through a sustainable, thriving, and profitable business model, it can be attainable and free of overwhelm.  We invite you to spend a day of uninterrupted hours w/ Angela as your personal coach, and TOGETHER you will create the ideal strategy for you and your unique business.  No more throwing stuff against the wall to see what sticks. Angela will show you how to scale your current business model, position yourself for bigger opportunities, plan your next level of growth, all while giving birth to a brand that aligns with what you’re feeling called to do in this season of your life. It’s a Radical New Way of Business Building. 

Redefining Love Relationships

Awakened Love Series

All of us have struggled in the area of love and relationships. We’ve had our hearts broken into a million little pieces. Yet, we brush ourselves off and give love another try. Only to find ourselves, once again, heart broken and alone. Many men and women have given up and chosen to be alone or they’ve settled to remain in relationships that no longer fulfill them and bring them joy. And neither are these good choices because we all have a right to experience true, authentic, lasting love. The truth is, no one has ever taught us how to love. They taught us how to ride a bike, tie our shoes and drive a car, but no one taught us how to love. There has never been a real, authentic, sacred space where we can learn the tools to making love work. Until now. Angela Carr Patterson’s Awaken Love Series offers are helping men and women from around the world, learn the tools to creating real and true love in their lives. It’s Love Redefined…It’s An Awakened Love.

A Sacred Space for Women 50 & Over

The Legacy Group

The Legacy Group is a community style program led by Global Life and Success Strategist, Angela Carr Patterson, to help women 50 and over answer and advance their next level calling. Our goal is to help members actualize their Big Vision Story to inspire others and create a lasting impact in the world. We aim to create a community of like-spirited, seasoned women who support each other’s expansion while honoring each other’s true-path. To foster an atmosphere that celebrates our connective-ness and our uniqueness. A sacred space where our known selves meet the evolution of our unknown selves.

VIP Exclusive

The Protégé Club

As a rare occasion, Angela accepts a few private coaching clients, each year, into her Exclusive VIP Protégé Private Club. This program is for the woman who is ready to scale her life and career to the next level by working one-on-one with one of the world’s leading authorities on abundant living. Women from around the world choose to work with Angela because of her unique and uncanny ability to work with each client based on their individual needs. She doesn’t use cookie cutter formulas or trendy and gimmicky tricks, but she advises each client truly on an individual basis. She helps her clients look beyond popular trends and show them how to look for innovative ideas, hidden opportunities that places them on the cutting evolutionary edge in their industry. Angela also helps her clients get clear about what they truly want out of life by examining and reassessing their 7 Main Life Themes and guide them to up level and upgrade them in order to create an abundant, love filled, joyful, awakened and magical life. This is a unique opportunity to get up close and personal with one of the world’s most powerful, intuitive, often hard to reach coaches. As one of Angela’s Protégés, you will learn how to put more heart in your career, more love in your relationships, more money in your bank account and more magic in your life. Angela only accepts 7 members per year into her Exclusive VIP Protégé Private Club.

Client Testimonials

"Angela Carr Patterson is a jewel to so many, including myself. Her amazing intuitive nature and soft-spoken mannerism can totally catch you off guard when she “reads you” so deep, past your pain, past your brokenness and past your fears you think no one else sees. What’s so beautiful is she does it with such grace, ease and LOVE! Thanks to Angela I was able to personally heal from some childhood wounds that no longer served me."

Tia Brewer Footman, Celebrity Brand Strategist

"The depths in which Angela reaches are phenomenal. I was struggling with balance in my life and how to get through some trying challenges. She came up with a formula that allowed me to focus and pinpoint the areas of my life that needed attention. I followed through with Angela’s approach and have built confidence and have reached success in developing and growing as an individual. If you’re looking to grow as an individual, Angela is the one person that can help make a major impact in your life. Now I can say I have had that aha moment that has left me standing above water. "

Toni C Hughes B.S., M.S.,Actor/Computer Analyst

"Since hiring Angela, my life has been transformed. Her insight, techniques and unique training are matched by her genuine Love for her clients. My business has grown by 200% in the last year, allowing me to travel and work in countries I’ve only dreamed. Angela’s greatest gift is her ability to intuitively create programs that specifically address what one needs to be financially, emotionally and spiritually prosperous. Her “no-nonsense-but-I-love-you” style is exactly what the world needs."

Cheri Maree, International Recording Artist

"So, just when I thought I was about to wrap up my career of 30 plus years of real estate, I was introduced to Coach Angela! For a time such as this, is all I can say about this divine connection! She is like the wheel in the middle of the explosive golden phase of my career. Her words were, "You've done the work, built the business, now you need to find ways to monetize and leverage what you've done so well!" Our coaching sessions have ignited a burning fire to finish well and share with the world why I am The Trusted Authority . Angela is a true professional , a wealth of knowledge and has a no non sense approach to improving whatever idea you bring to the table! My book is now on the shelves, my social media presence is taking on a new form and I'm already reaping the financial benefits of her effective delivery and bold business principles! Need a great coach, connect with Coach Angela Carr Patterson NOW, not tomorrow, Now!"

Nancy E. Johnson, The Million Dollar Producer

"I have had the pleasure of working with Angela Carr-Patterson since 2016. I started my full time entrepreneurship journey and I knew if I had the right guidance I could take my business to new heights. After my VIP one on one session with Angela my business quickly accelerated! I was able to get clear on my goals and articulate my services to my clients and potential clients more clearly and I completely changed the game. I've made more money and experienced more than I could ever imagine through MY business. Angela is a true God send. She's more than my coach, she is a friend, mother and confident. I am forever grateful for our work together and look forward to continuing to grow my business with her at the helm of my success."

Shayna Boston, Boston First Administrative Management Services

“My VIP session with Angela was ”mind-blowing” in a great way! When you work with Angela you become immediately aware that you have stepped in a space in time that will change your life and how you view your business. Angela provided me with a wealth of knowledge, insight and creative ideas that help me streamline my business model and identify key areas of concentration so I can create more business opportunities that provide multiple streams of income. Angela is a ”fire-starter”! She ignites the embers of your ”inner boss” and then teaches you how to be a trailblazer in your field of expertise. You can expect to be pushed outside of the proverbial box and ”all” of your comfort zones. Angela challenges you to dare to be great! I felt like a real VIP. I walked away from our time together inspired with a plan in hand! If you want to take your business to another level, sign up for her VIP session. You won't be disappointed.”

Terri Bell, Kingdom Kids Foundation

"I thought that having Angela online would not be as effective as face to face. However I have learnt that this is far from the truth. Somehow Angela always seems to know when I am not being honest whether it's intentional or not. At these times she gently but powerfully brings something into my consciousness. I also thought that 30 minutes was too short but we cover what is fundamental. It is not the quantity but the quality of time and the lessons acquired that matter. I have learnt this with Angela and I have applied it in my life. My life has changed because I am able to be clear about what I want and I am not afraid to ask for it gracefully. I wanted an apartment and I manifested it. It has more space than I imagined and it was renovated and newly furnished. Additionally it was within my price range. I am grateful for this and I am grateful that Angela assisted me in asking for what I truly wanted. If you are thinking about hiring Angela as your coach, be ready to be honest and dig deep into the truth of your being because Angela can see through you, on and off the internet."

Harriet M., London, England

Vision For A New Conscious Workplace

Corporate Training

Managing the daily challenges of any workplace environment while juggling personal and professional progression can be quite demanding and sometimes overwhelming. This is especially true for the female employee who has even more stress once she leaves work to go home and begin her second job of cooking dinner, house work, kids, homework and laundry. The phrase, “a woman’s work is never done,” rings true for 85% of working women with children. To help encourage and empower these valuable employees, a managerial team needs to understand the things that motivate a woman to perform to her highest potential. This understanding can inspire tactics to increase workplace attitude and professionalism. Therefore, it is imperative that your female employees get the sustainable support that is required to deliver the results that your company/organization is working towards achieving. Angela only works with those companies/organizations who are committed to improving their performance through the development of the individual female employee. Our Success Redefined Workshop Series are designed to create such sustainable support.

A Partial List of Angela’s Corporate Clients