Identity Theft

The truth is, we are all facing some frightening and unpredictable times. Our world has been rocked by fear and economic uncertainty. Fear has been let loose in the land and people are starting to panic.

It’s no wonder that stress is at an all time high. With losing loved ones to Covid-19, little job security, living in isolation and being bombarded by news with more tragedies, uncertainties and more losses to come, how do we even breathe?

This world is definitely in a crisis and from all of the predictions, we are going to be dealing with this for a long time. At least this is what’s being told to us.

But consider this truth. When an infectious idea begins to spread, it changes our behavior and our beliefs when a critical mass number of people adapt it. I see this happening in the world where we have started to believe more in the doom and gloom, in a dim future and the unthinkable predictions that we hear daily. And while we should pay attention to the warnings and safe guard ourselves, we cannot allow these fearful statements to change who we are. 

It’s been said that we become what we believe and what we believe dictates our thoughts, conversations, choices, decisions and behaviors. It becomes our new identity and identity dictates everything in our lives.

What we are witnessing in our midst is a sheer case of “Identity Theft.”  We have allowed the 24/7 news cycles, social media and voices to bombard our minds and steal the truth of who we are and what’s really possible for us. When this happens, we forget how powerful we are.

When this infectious idea begins to spread, it changes us and we become the very thing we fear…fearful! We cannot allow this to happen. Because our future depends on us. What’s happening in our world should shift us, expand us and make us better. And it should not take away our ability to be the powerful and amazing people we STILL are.

As we give up our true identity and begin to believe in a world that’s only filled with fear, pain and doubt, we relinquish our power, we panic and take on a false and mistaken identity. When this happens, we all lose. And we cannot allow this to happen.

Because the truth is, we are resilient people. We are people of power, purpose, truth and amazing strength. And regardless of what’s going on around us, we know how to fight, how to shift, how to pivot, how to reset, how to stand and how to WIN! 

That’s who we are. We are not subject to anything, but to the POWER that lives on the inside of us. God created us to be more than conquerers, to rise up and to thrive. We cannot allow the outside negative noise to take away our true identity of people who were born to win, born to prosper, born to rise. 

“You are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for his own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light” (1 Peter 2:9).

Covide 19 is real, but so is the Power of God to transcend time and space, to heal and to help us to flourish beyond these arising times. One thing that remains constant is our ability to stand tall in the face of this invisible enemy and declare that we are bigger than it…and together we will stand in our truth of who we are and in our infinite brilliance and possibility.

Take precaution and prepare when you go out like wearing your mask, social distancing and washing your hands. These are things we must do in the world right now. But doing these things should NEVER diminish or change WHO you are.

The airways are embedded with news and noise. Choose what you take in that will help you to navigate this new world. But throw away that which is trying to convince you that you are something other than WHO you really are.

Don’t you dare give up. Do not let this crisis steal your identity.  Don’t you dare relinquish your truth, your power, your dreams, your ideas and your trust in God to get us through this…That’s who we are.  Believe in the promises of God. Believe in the truth of who you are and what’s possible for your life.

We have been challenged with a case of Identity Theft and Mistaken Identity. Now it’s time to REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE…join me today as we all embark up our GREAT REMEMBERING. Be at ease in your strength and at rest in your POWER. Now ROAR!

Making the Shift

Since the loss of my mother and brother, I began to slow things down a little. It’s amazing how life can show up and force you to realize somethings that you’ve been knowing all of the time. Yet, you continue to ignore the promptings.


You’ve heard me say that “pain is inevitable, but suffering is a choice.” I don’t think I’ve ever experienced the kind of pain that I did when I loss mom and Cliff. The three of us were so very close and to lose both of them within a 9 month period felt like a horrific dream. Yet, it wasn’t. I was living this experience up close.


For a while, I didn’t know how I was going to navigate my life without the two of them.  Pain tends to get our attention. This one got mine for sure. After a time of deep reflection upon my life, I came to the conclusion that if I was going to live my life, moving forward, with any type of joy and happiness that it would be a one with more meaning and magic. This is what I call my Awakened Truth and my Awakened Life. A Life Reimagined and Success Redefined.


I had spent almost 36 years being a business owner and helping to empower and inspire others through the lens of entrepreneurship. And while I love my work and love to contribute into the lives of others, I also realized that there were other parts of my life that I had somehow left unexplored, that I had disowned, and ignored.
Today, the woman you see in me is one who is so connected to her truth, to her divinity and to her soulful purpose in life. I love being in love with my husband and doing things that lovers do. I also love being a mom to 5 amazing adult children and spending time doing things we all love and also teaching them about our family legacy, culture and valuable lessons that I know I must leave with them after I am gone. Also enjoy my girlfriend times and the sisterhood we cherish with each other. And you all know how much I love those grandbabies and being Nana to them. It’s one of the most amazing highlights of my life. Then there’s the woman within that I now put in the time to nourish her soul and nurture her body. Loving her has become so delightful and easy.


What does this all mean? It means that my focus everyday is no longer JUST being a super business woman or trying to gain more visibility, success and fame. I had to redefine what success looked like to me. It had more to do with transformation than it did with transactions. It had more to do with making sure that my business was an extension of who I was becoming and that it offered more meaning, more mastery and more magic to those I served. And as a result, it began bringing in more money.


It also meant that my focus became more about creating a space in my life that involved ALL parts of who I was and spending more time doing what I loved with the people I loved. So I reimagined my life by slowing it down to a pace whereby I could be present in each and every moment. I could sit on the floor and play with my six grandbabies and not be in a hurry to do a conference call. I could spend all day with my adult children simply playing the “Family Feud” game and laughing about incidents from their childhood, all while dropping some essential life’s nuggets to help carry them through life. And not have to run off to a meeting.  I could travel with my amazing husband and explore the world together or simply sit cuddled next to him on the sofa watching a movie and not have to think about what new marketing strategy I needed to make to fill that event. I still love working my business, it thrills me. But I had to realize there were so many other parts  and dimensions to my life that I was missing out on that could also bring me joy. You see, I didn’t want to miss it. I became so present with every moment and every experience because I simply didn’t want to miss any of it. It’s now one magical moment after another, small or big.



Why are we moving so fast? What are we chasing? Surely, we are not chasing dreams, because they don’t need to be chased. We build dreams and give birth to visions when they are ordained by God. What are we running to or from?



When I began to answer these questions honestly and authentically, it changed the game for me. It changed the lens in which I saw my life. Nothing was the same anymore and neither was I. I also realized that many others were starting to feel the same way. They wanted so much more. They were asking, “Is this it? Is this all to my life?”


What about your life… are you pondering some of the same questions? Are you willing to make the shift? What’s the most treasured part of your life that you want to explore and experience? What would it mean for you to get up everyday without being tied to a rigid “to do” list and a bunch of demands? What would it take for you to have more freedom, more joy, more meaning, and more magic and YES, more money in your life? Why not take a moment and answer these probing life changing questions?


I had to make the shift in my life. I literally simplified my life in order to amplify it. Somethings just no longer worked for me. It may have worked for others, but not for me and that’s what mattered most. Because I was no longer willing to live my life by what others thought it was supposed to be.


Today, my new life consists of me living it freely and fully with intention, flexibility, love, abundance, meaning and joy. It’s not pain free and nor is it perfect. But it’s just what God has ordered and ordained for me in this season. And frankly speaking, that’s really more than enough for me.


PS: Interested in coaching with me? Contact me today at If you’re really ready, I would love to help you get there through my awakened life coaching system. My focus is now helping others live their Awakened Life, heal any flawed fatherless daughter issues, and breakthrough the barriers, blocks and beliefs that keep them stuck. As a result they have more love and yes, more money because they dared to Redefined success and reimagine their lives.  I have only one slot left.  It could be yours.

A Pathway to Peace

Today is the 15th of the month and it’s the time that we celebrate Vow 2 Love Day. Vow 2 Love Day is where we go out and do something kind and loving towards others.  Each month on the 15th, we share our Vow 2 Love Experiences on social media so that we can create an atmosphere of love and kindness.

I started this a while ago when I began to notice how our emotional climate appeared to be filled with conflict, chaos and confusion. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed so much chaos among us than I am today.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve watched people who were supposed to be friends turn on each other, I’ve seen marriages and relationships that were deemed forever, just end abruptly.

On social media, I watch as people who once worked together, played together, go their separate ways and throw shade via their posts. I’m seeing families pulled apart, angry and upset with each other. Let’s not forget our politicians acting like school age kids fighting on the play ground, except they are fighting in our Congressional Chambers. What is happening in our midst that we walk around with our stomachs in knots, our hearts beating fast, angry, upset and breathing rapidly? It’s no wonder we’re dropping like flies from strokes, heart attacks and more. What would make our “Hearts Attack Us?”

I call it FEAR! When we have a leader who’s primary aim is to govern and lead by inciting fear and division among us, it’s no wonder we’re all so uptight and fighting with each other. Someone once said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”  If you don’t think our atmosphere has been charged and filled with fear, by a man who lives in fear himself,  then you’ve been sitting under a rock somewhere.

It doesn’t matter which side of the political fence you’re on, it doesn’t matter your race, or your beliefs,  I am sure that you don’t want to live in chaos and fear. Not for yourself or for those you love. This is not the kind of climate, environment and atmosphere that I want for my life or the lives of my friends and loved ones. It’s not the kind of environment that we will be able to thrive in but for so long as humans.

In addition to having leaders who spit out fear daily, I also contribute our over indulgence in social media and digital devices. We’ve allowed ourselves to become low touch and high tech until we’ve moved away from being human. We’re over stimulated by things that don’t build us up, but tear us apart.  I don’t believe God intended for us to lead such a robotic lifestyle. We can never forget our basic human need and that is to love and be loved. This kind of need can not be met via a key stoke and being over stimulated with fear.

So given these things that seem to be dividing us and driving us away from our basic humanness, how do we navigate in another direction? I believe there is a Pathway to Peace and here are few that I am following:

  1. Stop watching, listening and believing everything you see on television, the news and social media. Release and let go of time spent there and replace it with time spent on reading, watching and engaging in activities that build your faith, restores your soul and unlocks your heart to love more. Only then will those feelings of fear, anxiety and frustration begin to subside and you can go back to being who you really are and living your authentic truth.
  2. Pick up the phone the next time you feel the need to text a loved one or good friend. They cannot hear your tone, feel your energy or your emotional bond via a text message. Stop rendering social media posts and text message as your primary means of communication with those you love. We need to feel, experience each other more intimately and more deeply through a human touch and voice.
  3. Get face to face as much as possible. Carve out time to visit each other, take a walk together or simply have some tea. Whatever it is, schedule spending uninterrupted time with friends and loved ones at least once a week. Nothing takes the place of the human connection through touch and being face to face.
  4. Get un-plugged. Turn it all off, the computer, the phone, the laptop, the television and all detractions. Remember what it once felt like to live the simple life Do this at least one day out of the week. You will be amazed at how this will lower your stress level and make you a more understanding, more forgiving and more loving person. Watch your health improve as well.
  5. Remember who we are. We are divine, loving, caring masterpieces made in the image of our Creator. We can never forget this truth and when we do, let us all be quick to remind each other of who we are through love.

I believe if we can start with these five strategies, we will end up in a better space. But it will take all of us to be willing to create a new cultural story. To create a space for us to live together in harmony and in peace,  if we are going to survive as a species. Are you willing to follow a Pathway to Peace today?

I’m Reclaiming My…

There are times in our lives when we must tell ourselves the real and raw truth. The truth for me that I would often evade was that I wanted a life and career that really mattered. As much as I loved serving my clients and my family who I loved, I also longed to move in the direction of what was calling out to my soul.

I was yearning for something more. I wanted so desperately to reclaim that disowned part of me that I had given away to others, thinking it was what I was supposed to do. I looked up one day and realized I was living out someone else’s idea of what my life was supposed to look like. This is when I knew I had to take some time and go deeper.

There’s something in us that want the answers immediately. We don’t like hanging in the realm of the unknown. We need to fix it and fix it right now. We don’t like feeling uncomfortable. But I learned, somethings just take a little longer. It was my need to control that made me want to fix it right away. But there were some issues that couldn’t fix with a simple 4 step formula.

I had to go down that invisible road. I didn’t want to go down a road for which I had no map or compass. Yet, I did it anyway. It was one of the best decisions that I made because going down that invisible road offered me a brand new awareness. Awareness gives us the ability to make new choices.

Choosing differently, awakened me to my truth and allowed me to become the wise, witty, warm and wealthy woman I am today. I now live an Awakened Life…a life with more meaning, more mastery, more money and more magic.

Now, I have packaged my journey and  my Awakened Life philosophy and principles in a powerful and transformative program: The Awakened Life Mastermind Program to help women who find themselves where I was, begin to create a life and career that really matters.

We spend an enormous amount of time on our careers and many of us have done an excellent job in living out our purpose through our work. But what about living out your purpose through your personal life? Do you know what that looks like? I can tell you that you will begin to unearth some amazing treasures there. It’s a life reimagined. Are you ready for a career and life that matters? Are you ready to reclaim…? You get to choose what you want to put in the blank. But whatever you do…just choose. 

Check out details at

My Unreconciled Truth

I spent years immersed in spiritual studies, personal growth and development. I learned how to meditate for hours, how to breathe effectively, and trained under some of the best and most powerful teachers/coaches in the world. I have had an amazing career, working with for the Ed McMahan of the hit TV show Star Search, signed talent with Disney Channel, Disney Theatrics, Sony Records, LaFace Records, and more.

I’ve traveled the world, worked in Los Angeles and NYC producing shows sponsored by Tommy Hilfiger and other top sponsors. I’ve attended the Grammy’s as a VIP guest with all the stars/celebrities, attended the hottest hollywood parties and scenes.

I’ve lived in the best 5 star hotels, traveled in the big cities in limos and dined at some of the best restaurants in the world. I currently have friends who are award winning directors, producers behind some of the top shows on television that many of you are watching right now. I’ve partnered with big national sponsors such as Revlon, McDonald’s, The Kellogg’s Foundation and more. I launched tours across the nation, I have advocates and network directors in 6 different countries.

I’ve written and published 8 books and two coloring books for grown ups, produced a documentary film, and I am currently in pre-production with another film through my new media company. I’ve hosted a weekly podcast since 2009, co-host a local television show for 4 years, and shot a pilot of my own national talk show.

I’ve literally helped thousands of women and men achieve personal power in their lives for over 3 decades. I continue to coach tons of celebrities and high profile movers and shakers and I’ve written and produced a live teleconference with the #1 motivational speaker in the world, Les Brown.

I’m married to a wonderful and loving man and together we have 5 great children (not always perfect…lol) but simply amazing and six very perfect grandchildren. As a blended family, we’ve been successful with making us all feel like one big loving family.

I live a really good life, never having to worry about essential needs and a lot of wants.


If you thought I was bragging…I was NOT.  While all of what I said was true. Here’s the not so pretty truth.

I survived an aneurysm and had brain surgery as a young girl. I walked away, unharmed,  from an accident with an 18 wheeler on the interstate and from an ex-husband who was waiting for me with his gun to take us both out.

I’ve survived being alone with my children as a divorced single mother and had no money, no food, no transportation and no lights.

I’ve been lied about and betrayed by so call friends. I’ve been cheated and stolen from and even thrown under the bus by many.

I too have made some bad business deals and decisions. I’ve loss friends who I failed be there for. I made lots of mistakes trying to raise my kids as single depressed mother. I’ve had my feelings hurt and I’ve hurt feelings too. I’ve missed deadlines, didn’t deliver on promises,  let myself and others down. I’ve been financially broke and emotionally broken.

And the past 10 months have been some of the worst times of my life. I loss my best friends, my mother and my brother and a loving sister in law. My 2.5 year old granddaughter was diagnosed with cancer and I was placed in the hospital for 4 days.

I could have never predicted this life of mine or the last few months. I could have never comprehended this kind of PAIN!

But as I began to dig deeper, I came face to face with the fact that life is about set backs, losses, painful wake up calls and unwelcome circumstances that don’t look like the life we wanted. I was left shaken, disoriented and desperate for answers to the inescapable, inevitable part of being human.

As I began to reflect upon the many turns in my life over the years, I had to ask myself if this was what I’d hoped for at this time and age? My answer was “no.”

I couldn’t pretend that where I was, was where I wanted to be.  I was tired…no I was exhausted trying to hold it all together.  The truth is, I had so many more dreams and so much more that I wanted to do and be.  I came face to face with the truth. I was in a space that I no longer loved or wanted.

I Had to Dig Deeper!

So as I began to dig deeper, process that started almost a year ago, I discovered something so very profound.  I discovered that I was living someone else’s idea of the life I was suppose to live. Was this what I wanted for my life? Is this the road that was carved out for me? I realized that what was once certain…was no longer. That all of a sudden I looked up and things had changed.

I went even deeper and realized that if I held so tight to the road I was on, to the map that I had…that when the new road appeared, I would miss it. So, except for my mastermind clients, I have not spoken to an audience since October 2017 and I will not until October 2018.  Until recently, I stopped writing and working projects and ideas. I stop taking on new coaching clients outside of my mastermind clients.

I asked so many questions of myself. Who was I without my successes? Who was I without having to inspire, empower or have answers for others? Who was I without the titles, the achievements, the association with big names? Who was I? Was I willing to be “Nobody” for a while in order to awaken to my truth.  My answer was, “YES!”  I learned that I didn’t need to  be in a hurry to win anything. I was not trying to be famous or take my brand to a new level. I simply wanted to “BE.” To Do Less and Be More.

I Needed More Meaning! 

I craved more meaning, more richness, more fulfillment in every waking moment. I wanted more enjoyment. I didn’t want to wake up with an agenda so rigid, so tight, so full that it didn’t include me and my deepest desire. I wanted to stay in bed all day if I chose to. I wanted to play with my dog Cody and watch the birds outside. I wanted to jump in the car with my husband and take a last minute road trip. I wanted to sit down with my husband and plan out some exciting vacations and remodeling ideas for the house.

I wanted to sit on the floor with my grand babies and play with their toys without worry about doing a conference call.  I wanted to color with them, eat ice cream and jump up and down. I wanted share meaningful conversations with my kids, my friends and my husband. I wanted to park under a shade tree with my husband, drink coffee and just talk, which we did just recently. It was so wonderful.

I reexamined everything in my life and I began traveling down a road for which I had no map. An invisible road. And what I thought was a crisis…a time of great pain, sorrow has now become something else. It has become a doorway, a rebirthing…an awakening.

There comes a time in your life where you can no longer pretend that it’s working and it’s perfect when you know it isn’t. Even if it’s not all that bad. You can’t be so attached to the road that you’re on, to the itinerary that you’ve mapped out, that when the new road appears, you miss it.

I almost missed it. I had to let go of what I’d hope would be. I had to mourn the loss of how I had imagined things would be. I was not mourning what I loss, but what could have been and should have been. In doing so, I discovered so much more of what is.

I’ve been sharing this new mindset with many women and they too are starting sense these feelings. Tired of the old road and old maps. They are sensing something starting to rise within them. It’s so subtle that they don’t have a name for it. They are stuck between the known and the unknown. But they realize that they can’t ignore it any longer.

A Life Reimagined! 

Once I stopped everything, became “nobody” for a while and let go, it became apparent that what was waiting for me was more than I could imagine. It was my Awakened Life…a Life Reimagined.

The freedom, joy and love that comes with this life is simply amazing. You see, I wanted to make a greater impact in the lives of others…but I also wanted to experience a greater impact in my own life.

I wanted a richer, more fuller life. I still wanted to be in inspiration to others…but I also needed my own little dose of inspiration for myself. My work is more meaningful and so much more effective now. I’m not chasing dreams…actually dreams are now chasing me. Opportunities I never imagined possible cross my desk daily. Some I say yes and many I say no to.

I now color outside of the lines. I don’t always iron that shirt that I want to wear. I just put it on. I don’t work long hours or rush to post on social media. I spend time doing what I want with who I want and how long I want.

I accept others as they are and I’m more allowing of them to be their truest selves. I speak my truth in love. I say “no’ when I don’t want to do something and I say “yes” when I do. I don’t answer the phone all the time. I’m more spontaneous and I am very flexible. I focus more on growing myself than I do my business.

The funny thing is…my business is growing so rapidly that I’m turning down more than I accept.

I stop what I’m doing when my family comes over, unannounced, because I treasure every moment with them. I try to make each moment rich, memorable and loving.

I am not sure where this road will lead me. But one thing for sure, I just know that I’m coming into my Wisdom Time. I call myself a wise, witty and warm woman. I’m still doing my assignment in the world. Just in a more meaningful and purposeful way. Heart by heart, moment by moment, love by love. I’ve also learned that in doing so, I can’t bypass “Me.” I’m on this invisible road and I’m going to enjoy every part of the journey. I am willing to take more women with me on this journey. Just let me know if you’re ready to ride.