Mama Said It and I Discovered It Was True

I did it again. I hosted another Finish Strong 2019 Mastermind this week. It was absolutely amazing to listen as the entrepreneurs shared their visions with me.


I was so eager to help them and I did. They left ready to put into action the things we discussed and I have no doubt they will finish this year out strong and move into 2020 with momentum.


One of the things that became clear to me as I navigated these 35 plus years as an entrepreneur,  was that I needed to invest in myself and my business.


Oftentimes, I encounter entrepreneurs who are so excited about building a business that they ignore doing the most important things upfront.


They run out and get a business license, an LLC or corporation, a logo, a website, business cards and start posting all over social media and telling everyone about their brand. Only to discover that their efforts were met with little to no profits.


Why is this? Because they didn’t spend enough time, money, energy, planning and formulating a solid foundation for their business. I see this all the time.
They don’t have a clear idea of who they are serving. So they try to sell to everyone. They don’t have a clear ideal of how their services/products will benefit that client because they have not studied the clients’ spending patterns to know what they really need.


They also have no clear idea of how to get their ideal client to look in their direction due to all the noise out there competing for their business.


They don’t understand how to clearly communicate their offers in a way that speaks to their prospects and help them to make a qualified decision to buy.

In other words, they have not built solid foundation to support the dream. Your business is a living breathing thing and an extension of you.


If you don’t invest in yourself, invest in your growth and expansion…and your business, it will suffer.
My mother owned a very successful business for 38 years, and she used to say, “You have to spend money to make money.” When mom retired she turned the business over to my niece, who now runs this profitable business that’s been in existence for over 50 years. Now that she’s no longer with us, her legacy still lives on in this family business.


I also understood that I had to invest in my growth and expansion if I was going to be successful. I knew that I was very talented and gifted, but I needed to be a better business woman than talented.


When I invested in a coach to up level my personal growth and up level my business skills, I became very successful.

I stop looking for the free stuff. It simply would not take me deep enough.

I knew that investing money into myself and my business would also create an energetic law of compensation in my life and business. Yet, if I only looked for the free offers, then clients and customers would only want the free offers from me as well.


I want to encourage you to make room in your budget to invest in yourself and your business. You simply cannot afford NOT to do it.


I have found the best vehicle for this has been coaching. It’s a powerful vehicle for transformation and change. There’s tons of data to support this claim.

I’d love to be that coach for you. I only had two slots for 2020 and they sold in a couple of days. So, I have opened two more slots and would love for you to have one of them.


Contact me immediately (803-920-6853 or to grab one of these slots.


I look forward to talking with you. Remember what my mama said, “You got to spend money to make money.”

Finding My Freedom From Money Worries

Have you ever had an unexpected expense that you were not prepared to pay? It happens to the best of us. Just the other day I went to get an eye exam because it was beyond time for me to get some new glasses. I figured that I would probably have to make my co-pay of $10 and then maybe another $70 for the glasses.

But when I selected the frames and they added up what the doctor had ordered in the prescription and after what my insurance paid, I had a balance of $195. That was much more than I had anticipated having to pay. Yes, you can tell that I haven’t purchased glasses in a while.

It was not a problem for me because I had the money. I didn’t have to put in on a credit card, nor did it put me in a financial bind. But I can remember when an unexpected expense of $195 would have set me back for a while. I was not always in a place where I could have afforded an unexpected expense of almost $200.

My money struggles were real. I just couldn’t seem to catch a break. I was constantly worried about having enough money. I would work hard and yet somehow never manage to make ends meet. I also was constantly worried about not wanting others to know that I had money problems. I held a whole lot of shame around my money issues.

It wasn’t until I recognized this reoccurring pattern and understood there was something deeper going on that I got serious about healing and transforming my relationship with money.  Then and only then was I able to breakthrough my money barriers, blocks and belief and move into the flow of money in my life.

My first step was to identify, uncover and banish forever all the hidden negative subconscious beliefs that I held around money that sabotaged my best efforts. Many female entrepreneurs struggle with money issues. 

Some of the ways you know that you are dealing with some invisible money wounds are:

  • Your clients don’t pay you what they owe you are they are oftentimes late with their payments.
  • You are afraid to raise your rates and prices for your services or products for fear that no one will ever pay you that much money.
  • You make great money for one or two months and then your income drops back down again. You work really hard to get your income back up again by lowering your prices so you can sell faster. This is successful for a short time, but your income eventually drops back down again. You simply can’t seem to ever get your business revenues above a certain amount.

These are just a few indicators that you may be the victim of the up and down money roller coaster. Your wealth thermostat needs to be reset.

I know what it feels like to be in the space of not enough. I know what it feels like to appear to look successful and yet, know deep down inside that things are not as they appear. I know what it is to make up justifiable reasons to my friends why I couldn’t go on trips, purchase their products/services, or go to an event. But the truth was, I simply couldn’t afford it and didn’t want them to know. 

You see, no one told me about a wealth thermostat and that I could reset it and change how money would begin to flow into my life and business. When I finally discovered the tools and methods to breakthrough my money issues, my entire business income shifted.

Now I want to share this information with you that could be the game changer for you and your money in my upcoming Awaken Your Wealthy Place in the Next 90 Days Program.

I’m going to show you how to identify the two money traps that keep women entrepreneurs in the up and down money struggle and how to breakthrough them.  I will also share with you my 4 Part Money Mastery System that will help you to put your financial house in order and begin to enjoy freedom from money worries.

I invite you to take advantage of the Early Bird Special and receive a bonus of having a one-on-one private coaching session with me. Check out the details here and enroll today.   

Do You Have Money Struggles?

Do you have money struggles? I doubt very seriously if you would answer this question honestly. Why? Because there’s a lot of shame that goes along with financial struggle. No one wants to tell people their money problems. We tend to place our value and worth on how much money we have or don’t have. And yet, so many female entrepreneurs and business owners are constantly on the up and down money roller coaster. You work hard everyday building your business and at the end of the month, you have very little money to show for it.

I understand this struggle all too well. One month I would earn great money in my business and then all of a sudden my income would drop back down to where I could barely meet my financial obligations. Or when I did have money, something always happened to drain my bank account.  The car would break down, the pipes in the house would burst or the air conditioner would stop working.  It was one unexpected expense after another.

This is a constant issue for many women entrepreneurs who find themselves in financial trouble. You tell yourself that if you could gain more visibility, get more customers, charge more for your products and services that you would increase your income. So you get busy working, going to every networking event,  speaking on anyone’s stage who would ask you, posting all day on your social media platforms, doing live videos, sending out emails and press releases…only to find very little revenue gains. And you dare not tell anyone because at least you look successful and prosperous. Your website is beautiful, your business cards look expensive and your brand has all the bells and whistles. You believe you can fake it until you make it. But the truth is,  you feel like a fraud who is not living your truth.

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over thirty five years. Yet, I have not always been financially successful. On the outside, it appeared that I was flourishing, but internally my company was always on a constant up and down money roller coaster. I thought this was a personal failure on my part. But I soon discovered it was something much deeper. It was only when I became sick and tired of being sick and tired that I identified my internal money wounds and leaks. My defining moment came when I discovered that I had some deep invisible, hidden barriers, blocks and beliefs that were preventing me from experiencing a consistent money flow into my life and business. I had money issues and they were deeper than I’d realized.

When I stopped denying the truth about my money wounds and traps, and learn new skills to breakthrough them…my business and finances began to flourish. Not only did I learn new money management skills,  but I also uncovered the hidden controlling beliefs that literally sabotaged and prevented me from awakening unto my wealthy place. I learned how to breakthrough these beliefs, barriers and blocks to my wealthy place and I transformed my relationship with money.

Many female entrepreneurs remain in a space of not enough, survival, defense and struggle around money. Is it because they don’t know how to solve it? Truth is, they refuse to do something different and they don’t know what that something is. They don’t know how to go behind the screen in their mind to make the internal shifts that’s needed to create external results.

This is why I am so pleased to invite you to enroll in The Awaken Your Wealthy Place Program designed to help you break the patterns that have been pushing money out of your life and business. This program will offer you the tools and insights to release and remove the beliefs and behaviors that have prevented you from achieving the kind of financial success you deserve. If you’re finally ready to shatter your money shame and willing to make the shift from “Just Enough”, “Not Enough” to “More Than Enough”, then enroll now!  Let’s get started now, learn more here.

So You Can Soar

I’ve been pretty quiet this week because I’ve been in my creative laboratory…Lol…my home office, creating and crafting tons of new content, programs and services.  My company, Oasis Promotions, LLC, is a personal and professional development company dedicated to building new awakened female leaders for the reshaping and transformation of the world through empowerment, enrichment and entertainment. Whew! That was a mouthful. It’s my elevator pitch that the gurus tell us we need to have. LOL.


Anyway, it’s important that you revisit your mission for your company/brand so that you don’t stray too far away from it. There’s so much noise out here and lots of people coming at you. It can become overwhelming and you find yourself running after every shinny thing. But never getting into action.

I am committed to helping you get into action and providing the best paths, services, programs, guidance and opportunities for you to soar. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, work for a company, stay at home mom or retired, you have a place in this world and a message for this current time and season. And the world is waiting on you.


When I say the world, I mean the corner of the world that you were born to serve. This could be the folks in your home, on your street, in your church community, your city, your state…your country or many countries worldwide.

Because what matters most is that you answer that calling…that pulling that is beckoning you to “do something.” Or perhaps “to do more.” And I show up in your life when you are sensing this feeling…I call it, The Divine Ache™.

The truth is…you can’t get away from the Divine Ache™, until you do something. It will continue to build up inside of you and the pressure will leave you feeling out of sorts, frustrated, and even overwhelmed. It’s because you don’t really know what you should be doing and if you do know…you don’t know where or how to get started. And for some women, they know the what, they know the how…they simply have lost their courage and inspiration.

I get that…and I understand it clearly. I was once there myself. In fact, I’ve been there many times. But just like you’re reading this and wondering what’s my intentions here, I’ve done the same thing with those who would reach out to me. They would show up just the right time when I needed to make a move or take some action. I wish that I could tell you that I would align with the persons showing up, but there were times when I missed it. As I look back, I missed some great opportunities to serve and soar because I lacked the ability to trust people and trust life’s process.

As I evolved and began to work on my hidden and unrecognizable fears, I was no longer suspicious and I learned to trust life’s process for me.  Because every missed opportunity that I didn’t take due to my fears, not only hindered my life, but the lives of those I was meant to serve.

As I started to look at the “Bigger Picture” I knew I had to make my life count for something more. We have big issues in our world right now. It will take all of us to stand forward and say, “I want to be apart of the reshaping and transformation of the world anew.”


Once you make this declaration, look for the people who are now showing up in your life. These maybe the people who are meant to help you in this season.  Perhaps it’s someone like me who knows how to help you identify your gifts/talents, your message/mission and help you to advance it through a thriving, sustainable and profitable business model. The power of entrepreneurship is huge and will create many opportunities for you to help others.

If you’re still reading this article, this tells me that I’ve said something that resonates with you or struck a cord within you.  So why don’t you and I explore this a little further by having short a conversation. A simple soulful conversation that goes deep enough to awaken your soul and get you inspired once again. I’ve been told that tend to do that to people. And the best thing about this conversation is, “it’s free.”


All you have to do is trust that reading this could be a sign that it’s time for you to say yes to your “Next Level Calling” and allow life’s process the flow. Take a moment and access my calendar at so you and I can have a short conversation about your next level.  Don’t forget to schedule our conversation. I’ll talk with you soon.

I Am Sad

14364726_1259354794117298_7335236976326328534_nThis week, we taped our last show of season 8 of The Imara Woman TV Show. I cannot tell you how much fun I have with these ladies on this show. We tackle very controversy topics at times, but we are always respectful of each other’s opinions. I am so grateful to the Executive Producer and Creator of the show, Wendy Brawley, for allowing me to be apart of such an incredible team and show. Now, I have to get ready to tape my Soulful Conversations Online Series due to launch in late October. You are going to love these powerful videos. Also, I will be sharing more information with you about my new National TV Talk Show which I will be taping 13 episodes in Atlanta very soon.

Yes, I am excited because all of these opportunities give me a bigger platform to share my message of awakening to your truth, actualizing the power of self love and unleashing your greatest potential to shine in the world. And while I am excited, I am also a little sad.


You ask, “Angela, why are you sad?” I am sad because I know that you too have brilliant ideas, dreams, and desires that you’ve yet to realize. I know that deep in your heart, you are asking the same questions that I asked over the years, “When is it my time?”

The truth is, it has always been your time. The path has always been open and clear for you. Oftentimes, we simply can’t see it for ourselves. As you know, I have been an entrepreneur for over 32 years. It has not always been easy, but when I would take a step back, get the help I needed and do the difficult things that made me feel uncomfortable, I would experience incredible wins and successes.

Yet, every single time I tried to play it small and safe, remain in my comfort zone, do what I knew to do, instead of what I was being led to do, I would experience loss. It wasn’t until I finally told myself the truth. I awakened to the truth that I could not take myself to the top. I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

And with my teeth chattering and my knees shaking, I took the risk. I hired my first coach years ago. It cost me more than I could afford and it stretched me wider than I had expected. This leap of faith paid off and put me on a new path to victory. Had I not taken this gigantic fearful step, I would still be working hard and not progressing to the level I knew I had the potential to reach.

What about you? How are you playing small and allowing fear to hold you back? Are you not worth the risk? Of course you are. I know that you have dreams that you want to see fulfilled. I want to see your dreams fulfilled too. I want you to experience a level of joy and happiness in life that you’ve never had before.

I so badly want to see you win. I know you can and deep down, so do you. As I celebrate my successes and wins, I am also celebrating yours. Because as you read this email, I can sense that you are being encouraged. You are now empowered and inspired to take that next step. That next step could be to pick up the phone can call someone who can help you. That next step could be to hire that coach you’ve been wanting to work with. It could be to take that training. Perhaps join a group of high level successful people who can show you the way.  Or it could simply mean saying “Yes” to that opportunity that scares you. Whatever it is, I am confident that you will take that next step. I believe in you and I’m here to support you all the way. You can do it. Yes, you can.

What’s your next step? Write it below in the comments.

Stop Wasting Your Time and Money

Greetings Beautiful Awakened Woman!

ccb5ce4e67b24824bddf80aed41843d8You are entering your second full week of 2016.. Now I want to talk to you about how to identify your time and money leaks.

When you are not intentional about how you invest your time and money, this can create many pitfalls on your Journey to success.

This week I want you to keep a journal of every dollar you spend. It could be gum, parking meter, gas, or even if you buy someone lunch. Keep all of your receipts and write your amounts down each night for a week.

Do the same thing with your time. Track your driving time, tv time, social media time, texting, talking on the phone, cleaning, cooking. Throughout your day, write these times in your journal for one week. Doing this exercise will show you how you are spending your money and time…two valuable resources you need on your success Journey.

At the end of this exercise you will identify some real money and time leaks. You will find that you’ve been wasting a lot of money and time…instead of wisely investing your time and money. Once you get a handle on this, you will free up more money and more time. Then you will need to decide how to use that new found money and time in ways to effectively build more wealth and relationships with the people you love…including yourself.

If you really want to find more money and time leaks, do this for 30 days. I’ve had clients to identify as much as $1500 a month that was being wasted on non essentials and they found more time for family and rest. Remember, success is a Journey, not a destination.