Over the past few weeks, many of my friends have been telling me that if they could find some balance in life then life would be great for them. In my attempt to figure out what it really meant to have a balanced life, I discovered something that changed my mind about trying to live a balanced life.

Let’s face it, dinner has to be cooked, laundry has to be done, errands have to be ran and phone calls have to be made.  If you work a full time job, there are numerous of other tasks you must fulfill. So how does a woman find balance, not feel overwhelmed, overworked and in many cases overlooked?

You simply stop trying. When we think of a balanced life, we think of everything being perfect. We want to be all caught up on our paperwork, our house completely organized, all our meals prepared on time, our work projects completed and all the bills paid. Then everything will be peachy. Right? Absolutely not! If your life was perfect and in total balance, what daily living lessons would you have the unique opportunity to learn?

When we experience our daily living lessons they open us and our lives up to new and unlimited possibilities. They allow us to grow onto new levels and transform at our deepest core.  So instead of trying to find balance in our lives, we would do better finding God. 

God is the source of all that life is and can be. When we align ourselves with God and understand that it is our oneness with God that makes everything complete in our lives, then we will discover what real balance is. Love, peace and gratitude are the essential ingredients to giving us true joy, satisfaction and true balance in our lives. These things can only be obtained through our awakening to our divine nature and oneness with God.

I am reminded of the story in the bible where the disciples were on the boat with Jesus and a big storm arose. Jesus was in the boat asleep and the disciples became frightened about the idea of being destroyed at sea by the storm.  They panic and shouted for Jesus to wake up. When he awaken,  he simply calmed the raging sea by speaking to it. Most of us focus the fact that the disciples did not have faith to calm the storm themselves. But another point of this story is that even though the storm began to rage, Jesus remained in peace.  This story let me know that even with Jesus on the boat, the storm brought imbalance in the lives of the disciples. 

And so it will be with us at times. It doesn’t’ matter how out of balance our lives may become, or what storm is raging in our lives at this very moment, we can always remain in peace because we know and believe in the Power Source from which our lives are being fueled. 

So instead of trying to find balance, why not start each day in prayer, meditation, reading, affirmations and doing the spiritual practices that cultivates and nurtures our divine nature?  In doing so, transformation on  many levels in our lives will begin to manifest and then we too will be able to exercise our divine power to speak to any situation and witness it disappear in our lives. A balanced life comes from doing the internal work  and aligning with what God wants for your life.  It’s called living in the flow of the miraculous.  And that my sisters, is real balance!

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