I love the 1999 movie Instinct because it had so many rich and valuable lessons. There’s a scene in the movie where Ethan (Anthony Hopkins) shares with Dr. Caulder (Cuba Gooding, Jr.) how people were before civilization.  He said, “They were tribal, they never killed more animals than they used, they never held more land than they needed, they fought but they never waged war, they were not just in the world, they were apart of it and they shared it.” When the world became more civilized, we became takers. He continued to say,  “We think we have dominion, we have control and we’re too busy being kings and gods. Are we willing and can we give all of it up?” I thought that was a great question. but here’s some more to consider:  Are we really better people today because we’ve become more civilized? Or have we lost our way? How have we become takers? Can we have it all, material wealth and gain, yet NOT lose the very essence of who we are? Do we really have dominion and control? What if we gave up control and allowed ourselves to simply “BE”, could we still live a great fulfilled life even with our riches? Do we even have to give it up? Watch the clip here and let me know what you think in the comment box below.