week was a wonderful week for me! My husband and I spent a week in Hilton Head, SC, relaxing and getting caught up on some much needed rest. Then we headed to Charleston, SC for the weekend, where I facilitated a Fatherless Daughter workshop for the Charleston Black Expo. 

During the Expo I met some incredible women who were ready to heal their daddy wounds and others who didn’t realize their father-daughter relationship was having an impact upon their lives until they heard what I shared. It’s amazing how the right information can create awareness and breakthroughs in your life. I’ve always known that working with women who grew up with an unattached, unavailable or absent father was important work. But since filming my documentary and doing this Expo tour, I am more convinced than ever, this work must be done.

What is that you feel in your heart you should be doing to help ease and eradicate the pain of others? What’s your life’s mission? What’s your life’s work? My mission is the increase love on the planet, one heart at a time and help women rewrite their stories. I simply choose to do it through my speaking, writing, coaching and my other media outlets. 

We each bring unique gifts and interests to this lifetime. The more you know what yours are, the better you will serve others. The more you tap into your innate passions, the more you will naturally attract wealth. And living your passion in service to others = success.

The key point here is to get really specific in defining your interests. When we’re first inspired to support others, we often have a very vague sense of how we might do that. We don’t know the details – we just know we want to empower others. We are so close to our own gifts that we have trouble identifying them. I can help you work through these blocks.

There are an infinite number of specific areas in which we might offer support. Consider these for a start: addictions, careers, parenting, chronic pain, depression, creativity, leadership, story writing, relationships, life purpose, money, journal writing, retirement, empowerment – The list is as rich as your imagination. I have a list of over 100 popular personal growth niches.

What focus really gets your energy flowing? When you answer, be as specific as you possibly can.

Our challenge lies in uncovering the details from within. Most of us need to engage in a self-discovery process to identify or clarify our particular passion. And once we identify our focus, we can then define our unique market niche.

To start, here are a few questions for you to reflect on. Write your answers in your journal.

  • What do you love to do?
  • What excites and energizes you?
  • What are you very good at?

Look over your answers and see if your unique niche jumps out at you. Share you answers below with us in the comment box.

Remember to live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle.

Angela Carr Patterson, Your Love Lifestyle Coach