We all seek breakthroughs when we are stuck in areas of our lives. We recognize that our beliefs, barriers, and blocks can keep us from moving forward. We need a breakthrough. While breakthroughs are important and thrilling, it’s the subsequent stabilization and integration of the breakthrough into daily life that really allow the changes to be permanent.

If you don’t continue the process, within six months the same issue will arise again. It will just appear in another form. Don’t stop working on your personal growth because you got what you think you wanted. There’s no expiration date to personal growth. Keep growing, keep expanding ,and you will see your life change forever. 

Remember, you are not a victim, you are the creator of your own healing process, and you get to determine how long it takes for you to get the lesson. You are the creator of your own destiny and oftentimes, it simply may take a little longer. Give yourself time. It WILL HAPPEN. Stay the course and watch the magic happen.

And Remember, Live Well and Love Deeply, ACP