The Awakened Life

Life Reimagined. Success Redefined.

I Had To Tell The Truth

One of the things that I am often mindful of is truth-telling. Not just being truthful with others, but more importantly, being truthful with myself.   For years, I lived in a space where I was not deeply honest and truthful with myself. I would go along to just...

Spiritually Side-Stepping Our Wounded Souls!

We are all living in a world where there is so much chaos, confusion and fear. I think we all are exhausted, looking for ways to escape. Is escaping the answer? It's a question we each must answer. You've heard me say that what's happening within our midst will reveal...

I Found More Than One

I don't have to tell you about all that's happening around us and within our midst. You see it everyday with the constant news cycles, social media's chaos, confusion and conflict.  And if you haven't been living under a rock, you know someone who has been impacted by...

It’s Your Time!

Many don’t know your name. You don’t own a business, you don't have a brand and you're not a social media influencer. No one really recognizes you out in public. BUT! What you do is needed by many. You empower and encourage others through the phone calls you make, the...

Identity Theft

has been let loose in the land and people are starting to panic.

It’s no wonder that stress is at an all time high. With losing loved ones to Covid-19, little job security, living in isolation and being bombarded by news with more tragedies, uncertainties and more losses to come, how do we even breathe?

In Pursuit of Happiness

God has given each of us a divine plan and purpose. I want to encourage you to make this your highest priority and primary pursuit in life. When you do, you will begin to experience a life of infinite opportunities and possibilities and unleash your greatest potential to shine in the world. This is our Awakened Life. A Life Reimagined and Success Redefined.