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So You Can Soar

I've been pretty quiet this week because I've been in my creative home office, creating and crafting tons of new content, programs and services.  My company, Oasis Promotions, LLC, is a personal and professional development company dedicated to...

This Time I Chose Me!

"Am I living as the person I want to be?" This is a question I asked myself one day and the answer was a huge "No."  What I discovered after pondering and reflecting upon this question, was I had been living an idea of what others believed my life was supposed to be....

A Pathway to Peace

Today is the 15th of the month and it's the time that we celebrate Vow 2 Love Day. Vow 2 Love Day is where we go out and do something kind and loving towards others.  Each month on the 15th, we share our Vow 2 Love Experiences on social media so that we can create an...

My Heart’s Truth

At the end of the day, as women we all want the same things. We want someone to love and cherish us in a way that speaks to soul of us as a woman. We also want to know that we have enough money to take care of ourselves and those we love for a long time. And more...

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