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All of us have struggled in the area of love and relationships. We’ve had our hearts broken into a million little pieces. Yet, we brush ourselves off and give love another try. Only to find ourselves, once again, heart broken and alone.

Yet, deep within each of us, is a yearning for a mutually satisfying, loving relationship that will last a lifetime.  Many of us wonder if LOVE is even possible for us anymore. I am here to tell you that not only is LOVE possible for you, it is inevitable.

It’s inevitable when you are willing to delve deep enough into the shadows of your old hidden, unrecognizable patterns that have prevented you from achieving the kind of relationship you desire and deserve. It’s not enough for us to see our issues, but we must begin to heal, transform and transcend our issues. Then and only then can we experience the kind of loving relationship that’s rightfully ours.

Angela Carr Patterson has created An Awakened Love Series to help men and women heal any wounds and blocks they have around love and relationships, then help them learn the tools needed to create mutually lasting and satisfying love relationships and marriages.


Our Awakened Love Relationship Series are designed for the man and woman who are truly ready to live a lifetime of love. These are not programs to race through, but they are processes to relax into. Through our programs, you will learn that it’s not about you being worthy of love or you not knowing how to make love work, but rather the hidden fears you carry deep within that’s aroused in the presence of love. The lessons you will learn in our programs are simple, but they have the potential to heal and transform your love life profoundly.

Awakened Love Laser Session

Angela will work with married or dating couples and individuals in a 2-Hour Laser Session to help you navigate through a specific challenge that you have been experiencing in your relationship/marriage or dating experience. During this session, you will be given some exercises and questions to help you examine, pinpoint and zero in on the current state/climate of your relationship in order to uncover the core issue that is creating the challenge and.or struggle. You will participate in some result driven exercises to help you build deeper connections, handle conflicts, strengthen, build and maintain healthy strong communication. As a result, you can move forward to foster closeness, respect, love, and affection in your relationship/marriage or your dating journey. This session is for couples or singles looking to redefine and improve their relationship/dating experience and discover their Awakened Love.  Note: Special Custom Packages are available for singles’ or couples’ retreats.

Awakened Love 1-on-1 Coaching

This private one-on-one coaching program is designed for couples or individuals who are ready to AWAKEN to their TRUTH and learn the tools for Making Love Work. Through result driven strategies and proven principles, Angela will use her expertise, knowledge, and skills to coach you to achieve your relationship dreams.  Whether you are seeking to improve your current relationship, attract your soul mate, navigate the dating process, or create more joy/happiness, Angela will help you to manifest more LOVE in your life! This is a unique and rare opportunity to get up close with an often hard to reach professional who will not only coach you through her proven turnkey system, but also help you move beyond the barriers that have prevented you from experiencing the LOVE of your dreams. 

 Sororities, Women’s Groups/Organizations, Book Clubs and More…Book A Love Story ParTEA w/ Angela Carr Patterson


Single, Married, Divorced, Widowed or It’s Complicated!


I am committed to seeing men and women live a life filled with love, hope and promise. I know what it feels like to wonder if something is wrong with me or if anyone will ever love me. I know what it feels like to be lonely, even while being in a relationship. I know what it feels like to have my heart broken into pieces over and over again, And I know how to twist myself into a pretzel for the sake of trying to make the relationship work and it still failed anyway.

It wasn’t until I realized that I truly didn’t know how to make love work, and that if I was going to win at love, I needed to make some much needed shifts. That’s when I began my journey to awakening and redefining my love life. 

First, I had to tell the truth to myself about myself. I had to face somethings I didn’t want to face and I had to shift somethings I wasn’t even aware of. It wasn’t enough for me to see my issues…but I had to heal and transform them. As a result, everyday I get to experience a mutually satisfying loving relationship with my amazing husband. One that’s filled with intimacy, friendship, fun and love. Our marriage isn’t perfect, but it is perfect for us. I want the same for every man and woman and this why I’ve developed these offers.  Nothing causes us to blossom and soar…like LOVE!

This is for the man and woman who are sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s for the person who is ready take the first step towards healing, opening your heart and trusting yourself to love again. Whether you’re single, married, divorced, widowed, or it’s complicated, My Awakened Love Series is just what you’ve been searching for.

What They Are Saying About Our Awakened Love Series


Her:  I went to my laser session with Angela armed with everything that was wrong in my relationship.  I left armed with everything that is going right.  Angela made sure that we clearly understood the strengths in our relationship that we may not have recognized on our own.  The realization of this has given us confidence and motivation to continue to strengthen us as we move forward.

Him:  As a Black man, I would encourage other Black men to engage in sessions with Angela.  I never would have considered anything like this before.  Angela is fair, she is relatable, and her intuition is spot on.  She explained historical and generational patterns within our culture that helped paint a picture of what can contribute to relationship struggles. She really helped me to understand things about myself and my relationship.

Rafael and Tiffany

I met a wonderful man and immediately knew two things: 1) I would be connected to him in some way for a very long time, and 2) I needed Angela Carr Patterson immediately. Having taken her workshop, it was clear she was the expert and knew many things about men and love that I needed to know. The workshop established a good foundation for me and a framework for the changes I needed to make in order to get the love I wanted in my life. However in this case, with this man, I wanted specific guidance and insight through coaching with Angela specifically for me. In short order Angela unlocked things that were holding me back and shed light on this situation from his perspective. Her coaching was invaluable and I am happy to say that we are enjoying a solid, beautiful, safe relationship in which we are discussing marriage and our future long term. I can’t thank Angela enough.
Female Client, Age 53

Months ago, I listened in on your relationship program…I took in a lot of what you said. I never realized that I had been doing some of the wrong things and looking for the wrong type of guy. But as I wrote my realistic list, things seemed optimistic. Later, I met a guy who became my friend and confidant on my journey. I got out of my comfort zone…and I’m so glad I did. He’s 52 and I’m 40…he is a half inch shorter than me, but encourages me to embrace my 5 inch heels…I figured out that in other situations, I always felt like a mouse caught in the corner with nowhere to run. I couldn’t be myself. I couldn’t express myself or be comfortable in my own skin. But because of my love for myself and embracing all of me, I found a reflection. I have never been happier…best of all, I didn’t lose myself in the relationship, and if anything, he has made an impact in my life by encouraging me to write again and be myself. I’ve never felt more complete. Thanks again Angela!

Ursula Kelly

After going through a tough breakup that broke my heart, Angela helped me to not only take responsibility for my own mistakes, but she helped me to realize that I did not need to seek to restore that relationship. She also helped me realize that I needed to take some time to get still and to heal. Angela is a great listener and she has amazing insight, intuition and vision. The best part of working with Angela is that she does not make you feel judged for your poor decisions, but she helps you to grow from your mistakes by simply asking questions that allow you to reach the highest understanding. I looked forward to our weekly coaching sessions. I know what it’s like to cry, laugh, and be stretched in the same session. Through this healing process, Angela prepared me to start dating again with the skills and confidence needed have a successful and healthy relationship.

Male Client, Age 48

I got married at 20 and 15 years later I’m a widow and single mother. Dating now has changed and I had no clue where to begin. Angela walked me through the most important first steps on my new journey. I had to first learn to love myself and discover what I really wanted as I began to move forward. That’s just what I did.

Female Client Age 42