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I am so glad you landed here on this page. Now more than ever, I am deeply committed to inspiring 10,000 women 50 and over, plus a few brave 40+, learn how to live the Awakened Life. It’s the life you were born to live. God’s original design for you. A life with more meaning, more mastery, more money and more magic. I have created this tribe with the intention of helping seasoned women throughout the world create and deepen their spiritual practice, live in abundance, answer and advance their next level calling. All while creating lasting joy and love. If you feel that you’re ready for this transformation in your life, then join our tribe today.


I’m Angela

“Life Is a Mystery That We Unfold Through Mastery”

Women from all walks of life share an innate drive for meaning, direction, truth and purpose. There’s an inner most longing and knowing that we are here to fulfill a divine plan and sacred divine purpose in our lives. Until we discover and live in alignment with this divine purpose and plan, we go through life sensing that something is missing. We work and rest, eat and sleep, make money and spend it, have our share of pleasures and difficulties, navigating through many cycles of our lives.  But the fundamental pursuit and discovery of our life’s sacred purpose is what brings us true, freedom, abundance,  joy and lasting fulfillment. It’s our Awakened Life. A Life Reimagined and Success Redefined

Benefits at-a-Glance

Global Awakened Beauty Tribe


“A Sacred Journey to Unfold Your Soul’s Destiny”

I’ve always wanted to create a sacred space where seasoned women from around the world could “Study Life”  along with the universal and spiritual principles designed to make our lives work. I knew that if we could come together with a collective intention to learn, connect, share and master these principles, that our lives would become radically transformed and renewed. So I did just that! I created The Awakened Beauty Tribe to help you discover and live God’s original divine sacred purpose and plan for your life. We will take a journey into the depths of what makes life work, why life works and how life can work for you. You will learn how to master the keys to creating a Life and Career that truly matters. A “Life Well-Lived.”  The Awakened Beauty Tribe will become your safe and sacred space where you can feel supported and inspired every day to live your highest vibration of infinite possibility and brilliance. And you will learn how to answer and advance your next level calling through the power of doing less and being more.  Using Facebook Group Platform,  I will deliver to this tribe of women brand-new content that’s easily accessible on all your digital devices.  I recognize that every woman needs a tribe. Not just any tribe. But one that speaks to the deepest parts of her soul.


The Global Awakened Beauty Tribe is the perfect tribe for you!

Online Monthly Teachings

Each month has a specific focus where I will share and teach some powerful inspirational and practical teachings that promise to result in big leaps of transformation for your life and career. All live teachings will held in our private Facebook Group. 

A Supportive Community

We will do a lot of our connecting in our amazing private Global Awakened Beauty Facebook community, where you will connect with like-minded women, find support, thrive, laugh and have some fun. Be sure to join the Facebook Group. 

Weekly Emails From Me

Start your week excited with a powerful personal note from me in your inbox designed to get you through your week with ease, beauty and grace. Be sure to get on my email list to receive the weekly notes.


Weekly Podcast

Get a weekly dose of empowerment from my Awaken Your Life Podcast filled with personal and spiritual growth tools to help you successfully navigate living The Awakened Life.

The Global Awakened Beauty Tribe is the right tribe designed to nurture and support you in your quest to living the life of your dreams? Get ready to be empowered, guided and inspired. Not only will it feel as if you have me as your personal coach, but you will also become a part of a supportive tribe of women who share your values, goals, beliefs and will help you stay on track. It’s time for you to take a deeper look at your life. To reassess what’s working and what’s not. Because you deserve to live a life “Well-Live.” It’s The Awakened Life…God’s Original Plan for You. A Life Reimagined and Success Redefined. 

"Angela, you don’t know how much this has changed my life. I’m ready for the journey. With tears in my eyes, I know you were sent to me. I appreciate you believing in me. Thank you so much. May God bless you."

Kesha Hayes, CEO/President, PSTS, LLC



"The calls are so full of great information from identifying barriers to success to very practical advice and guidance. All this with open, personal discussions with Angela! This is better than an MBA! I am so happy to be mentored by someone who has actually succeeded in building a successful life and career."

Ernestine Middleton, CEO/President, The Middleton Group