Many know you as a leader, a trailblazer and an innovator. It’s no doubt that you’ve worked hard and you’ve poured your heart into the work that you’ve done. And of course, you’ve helped a lot of people along the way. Then one day, you looked up and your life was not what you hoped it would be.  You feel as if you’ve been living someone else’s version of what you life was supposed to be. And now you’re ready to reclaim your life and Awaken Your Truth. 

Advance Your Next Level Calling! 

You believe somewhere deep within your heart that you are here to do something more. You’re starting to sense that there’s another level you must go. You recognized that there’s more for you to do. You’re just not quite sure what that would look like. You’re living in The Divine Ache™. The Divine Ache™ is that feeling you sense deep within your soul that says “I’m here to do more.”  Your vision is shifting. You’re becoming concerned with humanity’s most pressing issues. It’s those fleeting thoughts, ideas and the stirring within in your soul that’s beckoning you to a greater level of service and contribution to the world. This is Your Next Level Calling and you’re ready to say “yes” to it.  The problem is…”How do you say “yes” to doing what is calling you and still remain true to your current work as an entrepreneur? It’s simple and I will show you how to do it.  I show up when you’re ready to say “yes” to your Next Level Calling. I will help you to advance your next level calling through the lens of a sustainable, thriving and profitable business model. This is for the woman who is ready to reassess her life and dig deeper. Your time has come to embark upon a journey that will lead you to your true destination of more meaning, more mastery, more money and more magic.  This is no “run of the mill” program. It’s a life transformative, learning, growing and exciting journey. I’m your midwife and I will help you give birth to this bigger vision. All you have to do is be willing and together we will make it happen. 

Awakened Life Mastermind

Become a member of our VIP Awakened Life Mastermind Program and let us help you Answer and Advance Your Next Level Calling through the lens of a thriving, sustainable and profitable business model. Awaken your life to more meaning, more mastery, more money and more magic. It’s a Life Reimagined and Success Redefined. 

The VIP Awakened Life Mastermind 

We will help you advance your “Next Level Calling” through the lens of a thriving, sustainable and profitable business mode

More Meaning

Go deeper to create more meaning in your life. 

More Mastery

Life is a mystery that you unfold through mastery.

More Money

Heal your money issues & become a money magnet.

More Magic

Create the magical life you were meant to live. 

You Will Learn:


  • Discover and Clarify Your Next Level Calling. 

  • How to Take Your Message to the World.

  • Maximize Our Awakened Life Mastery System for Success.

  • Breakthrough and Dismantle Unconscious Beliefs, Blocks and Barriers.

  • Turnkey System to Increase Your Influence, Impact and Income. 

  • Eliminate Issues Around Money and Create More Income.

  • Master Our Philosophy of Doing Less and Being More.

  • Create a Life and Career That Really Matters.

  • Learn Our Four Foundational Pillars for Business Success.

We Deliver This Program 3 Ways:  

Private Coaching

Weekly private coaching with the trusted authority on life & success, Angela Carr Patterson, as your personal mentor/guide. She will help you to craft a blueprint to create a “Life & Career That Matters” and help move you to your next level. 

Live Retreats & Training

Attend 5 powerful live retreats and trainings with other members of the mastermind and get up close and personal with some amazing facilitators, speakers and coaches. At each retreat, you will be showered with beautiful gifts, food and fun. 

Group Awakened Life Calls

5 Powerful Awakened Life Group Coaching Calls with some “Breakthrough” training to help you move through barriers, blocks and beliefs that maybe preventing you from achieving your goals. These calls are game changers for your next level of success.

Make The Right Choice

This is your time of AWAKENING to your Next Level Calling?

To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.” Being a part of a global mastermind group has given me a new outlook on my purpose. The changes I have made as a result of tapping into this group have been simple with major results. Wealth begins in the mind and being a part of this group is helping me to value my time, gifts and experiences. As a result, I am teaching others how to value my time, gifts and experiences. New doors are opening to new avenues of things I never saw myself doing until now. Anybody who wants to get to the next level should be a part of a mastermind group. It is a great investment in you!

Sandra Chaney

SM Chaney International

A 12 Month Experience Includes:

Weekly One-on-One Private Sessions w/ Angela (Valued: $30,000)

5-Live Retreats/Trainings and Events (Valued: $15,000)

5 Powerful Awakened Life Group Coaching Calls (Valued $5,000)

Special Awakened Life Box (Valued $20,000)


Our 2018-2019 Enrollment is Currently Full. 

Our 2019-2020 Enrollment Will Open August 2019.