A Life Reimagined. Success Redefined.

One day you looked up and your life was not what you hoped it would be at this stage of the game. You spent most of your life working towards the day that you turned 50, 60 or 70. You had dreams of living life on your own terms…

Yet, your life has become filled with events you couldn’t have predicted that are forcing you to travel down roads for which you have no map. Just like countless other boomer women, you are now embarking upon an invisible road in search of clarity for something that you have yet to define. Many have wanted to call it a Mid-Life Crisis. Because you don’t appear to be your old self anymore. You seem to be acting strange for some reason. The truth is…you’re not the same. Something has happened profoundly deep within you. You’re not alone. Many women are starting to feel this way. You’re not having a mid-life crisis. What you’re having is An Awakening. You’re starting to reassess your life and dig deeper. This is The Birth, The Emergence and The Rise of an Awakened Beauty.

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Amplify Your Next Level Calling! 

If you are ready to answer, advance and amplify your “Next Level Calling” for this season of your life, then perhaps you should consider joining our VIP Awakened Life Mastermind. The VIP Awakened Life Mastermind is an exclusive program for women age 50 and over (and a few brave beauties in their 40s) who are ready to advance their “Next Level Calling” through the lens of a thriving, sustainable and profitable business model. This is for the woman who is ready to reassess her life and dig deeper. Your time has come to embark upon a journey that will lead you to your true destination of more meaning, more mastery, more money and more magic.  You will gain access to your next level calling simply by learning to Do Less and Be More! This is no “run of the mill” program. It’s a life transformative, learning, growing and exciting journey. It’s a Life Reimagined and Success Redefined.

The VIP Awakened Life Mastermind 

Awaken Your Truth

Rediscover the parts of you that have been buried or forgotten.

Deepen Your Purpose

Reclaim the life you were meant to live.

Create Your Legacy

Redirect towards your true destination.

Awaken Your Truth

When what you thought you knew to be certain, now appears uncertain. One day you looked up and suddenly everything had changed. You realized you’ve been living someone else’s idea of what your life was supposed to be. Your dreams are calling and reminding you of how badly you want what’s yours…You’re ready to answer your “Next Level Calling.” “Deep within you, something has been shifting so subtly, so slowing that it has been virtually imperceptible, until now.”

Make The Right Choice

What if that which you’ve been calling a “crisis” or a time of great confusion, pain or discomfort is actually something else? What if there is something here for you to do other than endure, survive, resist or suffer? What if this place in which you find yourself is not a roadblock, but actually a doorway, a turning point, a rebirthing…an AWAKENING to your Next Level Calling?

Awaken Your Life Today!

There comes a time in one’s life when you start to feel uncomfortable enough to ask questions in an attempt to relieve yourself of your pain. You do this regardless of how frightened you are of the answers you may discover. That’s because you can no longer pretend that things don’t feel awful. You can no longer act as if your life is perfect.  You can no longer be so attached to the old road that you’re on, to the old itinerary that you mapped out, that when the new road appears, you miss it.

You’re starting to sense that there’s something more for your life. Another level you must go. You believe somewhere deep within your heart that you are here to make a greater impact. Not just in the lives of others, but for yourself as well.  Yet, you find yourself stuck.  You’re stuck between knowing and unknowing. And you’re starting to ask yourself, “How in the heck did I end up here and what can I do the change it?” These are the questions you must ask and I want to help you find the answers.

You Will Learn:

We will help you advance your “Next Level Calling” through the lens of a thriving, sustainable and profitable business model.


  • Discover and Clarify Your Next Level Calling. 


  • Maximize Our Awakened Life Mastery System for Success.


  • Breakthrough and Dismantle Your Unconscious Beliefs, Blocks and Barriers.


  • Turnkey System to Increase Your Influence, Impact and Income. 


  • Master Our Philosophy of Doing Less and Being More.

A 12 Month Experience Includes:

Weekly One-on-One Private Sessions w/ Angela (Valued: $30,000)

5-Live Retreats/Trainings and Events (Valued: $15,000)

5 Powerful Awakened Life Group Coaching Calls (Valued $5,000)

Special Awakened Life Box (Valued $20,000)


We Deliver This Program 3 Ways:  

Private Coaching

Weekly private coaching with the trusted authority on life & success, Angela Carr Patterson, as your personal mentor/guide. She will help you to craft a blueprint to create a “Life & Career That Matters” and help move you to your next level. 

Live Retreats & Training

Attend 5 powerful live retreats and trainings with other members of the mastermind and get up close and personal with some amazing facilitators, speakers and coaches. At each retreat, you will be showered with beautiful gifts, food and fun. 

Group Awakened Life Calls

5 Powerful Awakened Life Group Coaching Calls with some “Breakthrough” training to help you move through barriers, blocks and beliefs that maybe preventing you from achieving your goals. These calls are game changers for your next level of success.

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