Welcome to The Awakened Beauty Experience


The Awakened Beauty Experience is an exclusive tribe of sister women, age 50 and over,  who now recognize there’s a deeper divine plan for this season of your life. You have Awakened Your Truth, meaning you know who you are. You’ve Answered and Advanced Your Next Level Call, meaning you’ve done great work and had success in life But now you’re asking “What’s My Next?” You’ve even wondered if you still have a place in today’s complicated world and culture. Deep inside the emptiness you feel at times, you still sense there’s something more for you to do. The Awakened Beauty Experience will show you that not only do you have a place in this season, but it’s YOU (the boomer woman) who will drive the new narrative, the reshaping and the rewriting of a new cultural story for this season in today’s world. It’s Time to Amplify! Amplify your voice, your value, your vocation and your vision for greater service and contribution to the next generation of awakened leaders who are coming up in the world. This is the Big Shift and The Game Changer for women over 50. Because this next level season will become our Legacy. You are about to embark upon an unpaved road to the other side of an Awakened Life Evolution and Experience. It’s OUR Life Reimagined and Success Redefined.

This Experience Offers:  

More Meaning

If you’re ready to rise as an Awakened Beauty, you’re going to have to examine and shift darn near every thing that’s in your life. But we will make the experience fun, exciting and meaningful through our Monthly Awaken Beauty Group Training Sessions. From guidance as you’re moving out of teeth chattering triggers, to the complete dismantling of your hidden BS (Belief System) that keeps you paralyzed when it comes to actually doing what you say you want to do. You will also learn new paradigms for living, new ways of showing up as parents of adult children, and new skills for creating more loving intimate relationships.  From Big Dreams to Next Level Seasons, and all the in-between stuff, we will transform our lives, do it as sisters, with tears, goosebumps, some music and most certainly with some side-splitting laughter.

More Mastery

We all know that the key to making our lives work is aligning with the universal and spiritual laws that govern it. We must learn how to master these laws as we align with them in our own lives. Life is a mystery that we unfold through mastery. You will gain access to an amazing online platform filled with teaching, coaching and mentoring from some of the world’s top teachers, speakers, trainers, gurus and coaches through our Online Coaches Cafe. With daily access for one year, you can log on and listen to audios or watch videos that will help to up level your mindset, master these laws, breakthrough barriers and unleash your greatest potential to shine. Access to these teachings are not easily offered to the masses, but they will be available to you any time you wish. This feature alone is valued at over $10,000 and your life will be transformed as a result.

More Love

As we mature, our relationships become more important to us than ever. Through our powerful Love Redefined Series, you will learn tools for building and sustaining mutually satisfying loving relationships that last.  We will dig deep into your fears of not being good enough, break free from those old unexamined relationship patterns, plant some Spiritual Seeds in your heart space, release some old attachments that no longer serves you and help you to ditch those Sad Love Songs so you can move with the swag of a runway model and dance your “magical love dance” with your beloved or soon to find you beloved.  As women, we do good when we feel good. Love makes us feel good.

More Magic

With freedom comes a hunger for excitement, adventure and magic. So we decided to add some magic to your life with our 2 Exclusive Awakened Beauty Girlfriend Get-a-Way Live Retreats and Soulful Conversation Gatherings. Filled with peace, belly-aching laughter and a constant undercurrent of Joy. you will leave these events with the confidence to embrace self-acceptance and self-love with an extra helping of I’m Not Apologizing For Being Me Anymore and navigate the Now (regardless of what – or who – the Now is throwing at you). But most of all, you will discover the courage to embrace Who You Are, where you are, and where you’re heading. All of this while connecting with other sister women and enjoying some amazing adventures, speakers, great food/music, dancing, excitement, and more. *Note:Get-a-way retreats and Soulful Conversation Gatherings priced separately.

The Awakened Beauty Experience Will Help You:


  • Identify What’s Missing in Your Life.
  • Bring Closure & Completion to Your Past.
  • Discover and Clarify Your Next Level Season & Vision for Your Awakened Life. 
  • Utilize Our Awaken Life Mastery System & Create a Life That Really Matters.
  • Learn How to Trust Your Wisdom & Pass it On Through Legacy.
  • Affirm The Deepest Truths of Who You Are.
  • Embrace Your Time of Blooming Through Healthy Living.
  • Breakthrough & Dismantle Unconscious Beliefs, Blocks and Barriers That Keep You Stuck.
  • Learn to Amplify Your Voice, Value, Vocation & Vision for Your Next Level Season.
  • Access Deeper Meaning, More Adventure and More Magic in Your Life
  • New Vision & Whole Life Overhaul. 
  • Master Our Philosophy of Doing Less and Being More.
  • Enjoy a Sense of Community and Sisterhood. 
  • Spiritual Healing, Growth and Transformation.

“Deep within your soul, something has been stirring so subtly, so slowing that it has been virtually undetectable…until now. Are you ready to join me in new possibilities and a new perspective? Are you ready to make the ultimate shift?”

Do Less and Be More

Doing less does not mean doing nothing. What it does mean is that women over 50 who simply do not want to embrace the “Boss Lady, Grind and Hustle Syndrome”. We have learned that focusing first on our internal landscape will allow us to create more without the overwhelm, but with ease and grace. We understand that our worth and our value are based more on Who We Are and less on what we do. You will learn the power of Doing Less and Being More with this Awakened Beauty Experience. 

A 12 Month Exciting Life Changing Experience!

Becoming part of a tribe that will not only offer you support, sisterhood, and strategies for this season of your life, but will also offer you a sacred space for growing, expanding and connecting. This is NOT “just another program” this is an experience filled with healing, power and a  sense of belonging, purpose, significance and meaning. It’s a Life Reimagined and Success Redefined.


 Membership Includes:

  • Monthly Awakened Life Mastery Training Sessions w/ Q & A 
  • Once a Month “Love Redefined” Sessions. 
  • Active Private Global Awakened Woman Facebook Group w/ daily Inspirational/Empowering Posts/Activities
  • One Awakened Beauty Box filled with items specifically selected for women 50 & over to enhance your physical health and emotional well-being.
  • 24/7 Access to Our Coaches Cafe filled with teachings from some of the world’s top leaders, teachers and coaches. 
  • *2-Live Soulful Conversations Gatherings Throughout the Year
  • *1-Exclusive Fun, Exciting Girlfriend Get-a-Way Live Retreat. 

*Soulful Gatherings and Girlfriend Get-a-way Live Retreat are priced separately.

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