Welcome to Our Tribe!

Something is happening among us women. There’s a gathering of the souls. It appears that women are coming together on larger scales. There’s a pulling on all of us-a call towards the realization of our highest potential and our greater service to the world. While, yes, we want to build our dreams and give birth to new visions, we don’t want the hustle and the grind any more. We are simply tired of the busyness and we so desire to slow it down and smell the roses. But how do we accomplish this, when we know there’s so much left on the table for us to do? Keep reading….this is exactly what you’ve been searching for. 

What Kind of Life Do You Really Want to Live? 

The Awakened Beauty VIP Mastery Experience Will Help You Discover The Answer


The State of The Seasoned Woman

As women, 50 and over… and a few brave 40+,  we are beginning to realize that we have yet to reach our full potential as a celebration and an affirmation of life. Many of us are beginning to feel frustrated, because whatever is happening inside of us, needs to emerge and it needs to happen now. It seems as though we’re on a journey without direction and clarity, navigating towards territory we’ve never been before.

For some women, this can be frightening and the temptation to turn around is strong. We’ve started to doubt our value and feel some anxiety about who we are what we have to offer. It’s because we feel invisible in comparison to this fast paced-internet, social media, influencer millennial driven world. We tend to feel not good enough as we constantly see our fellow sisters who seem to have more…more education, more talents or more money. We’ve become terrified about stepping up in a big way because we have become accustom to playing small.

I am here to tell you that it’s okay to feel this way, but it’s not okay to remain that way. Because you do have a place in today’s world. It’s you, the seasoned woman, who will drive the new narrative for the reshaping and transformation of the world. But before this can happen, our conversations must change for the emergence to complete. We’ve got to transcend old patterns that no longer serve who we are and who we are becoming.  It’s time for us to pioneer new ways of being and new goals for our sacred partnerships. It’s time that we stand in the truth of who we are. This is the birth, the rise and the of and emerge as The Awakened Beauty!


The Birth, The Emergence, The Rise of An Awakened Beauty

The Awakened Beauty VIP Mastery Experience is an exclusive tribe for the sister woman, age 50 and over (and the brave 40+), who now recognize there’s a deeper divine plan and purpose for your life. You have Awakened Your Truth, meaning you know who you are. You’ve Answered Your Next Level Call, meaning you’ve done great work and had some success in lifeBut now you’re asking “What’s My Next?” Deep inside the emptiness you feel, you long for a life that’s filled with more meaning, deeper purpose and abundant love. You sense there’s something more for you to do and experience in the world. You simply have not been able to define it or give it a name. But one thing you are sure of, you want your life to be meaningful, memorable and magical.


The Invitation

This is an invitation to spend one year with Angela as she coaches you through a unique blend of holistic mentoring that will not only allow you to succeed in your career, but in also in your life. The Awakened Beauty Experience is a fun, relaxed, focused, group style membership program designed to help you grow, expand and transform your personal and professional life. Through this experience you will reach deep within to draw strength and inspiration to create a magical life and career that matters and is reflective of who you are in the world. You are about to embark upon an unpaved road to the other side of an Awakened Life Evolution and Experience. Get ready to awaken your ROAR and Experience Life Reimagined and Success Redefined.

This Experience Will Help You To…

Identify What's Missing in Your Life.

Bring Closure & Completion to Your Past.

Discover and Clarify Your Next Level Season/Vision for Your Life.

Utilize Our Mastery System to Create a Life/Career That Truly Matters.

Access Deeper Meaning, More Adventure and More Magic in Your Life.

Affirm the Deepest Truths of Who You Are as a Woman.

Embrace Your Time of Blooming Through Creating a Healthy Body and Healthy Love Life.

Breakthrough and Dismantle Unconscious Beliefs, Blocks and Barriers to Your Success.

Master The Art of Doing Less and Being More.

Enjoy a Sense of Community & Sisterhood.

This Experience Offers

More Meaning

If you’re ready to rise as an Awakened Beauty, you’re going to have to examine and shift darn near every thing that’s in your life. But we will make the experience fun, exciting and meaningful through our Awaken Beauty Group Training Sessions. From guidance as you’re moving out of teeth chattering triggers, to the complete dismantling of your hidden BS (Belief System) that keeps you paralyzed when it comes to actually doing what you say you want to do. You will also learn new paradigms for living, new ways of showing up as parents of adult children, and new skills for creating more loving intimate relationships.  From Big Dreams to Next Level Seasons, and all the in-between stuff, we will transform our lives, do it as sisters, with tears, goosebumps, some music and most certainly with some side-splitting laughter.

More Mastery

We all know that the key to making our lives work is aligning with the universal and spiritual laws that govern it. We must learn how to master these laws as we align with them in our own lives. Life is a mystery that we unfold through mastery. You will gain access to an amazing online platform filled with teaching, coaching and mentoring from some of the world’s top teachers,  business gurus speakers, trainers, and coaches through our Online Coaches Cafe. With daily access for one year, you can log on and listen to audios or watch videos that will help to up level your mindset, master these laws, breakthrough barriers, grow your business/vision and unleash your greatest potential to shine. Access to these teachings are not easily offered to the masses, but they will be available to you any time you wish. This feature alone is valued at over $10,000 and your life will be transformed as a result.

More Money

As we mature, our relationship with money becomes very important. We want enough money to do the things we want to do, to support our dreams and to live abundantly. Through our powerful Money Mastery Series, you will learn the tools for creating wealth and prosperity in a way that resonates with your soul as a woman. Money in and of itself is not what we’re seeking, it’s the energy of money that follows value is what we aim to achieve. Get ready to fill your bank account as you start to unlock the secrets to transforming your relationsip with money. 

More Magic

With freedom comes a hunger for excitement, adventure, romance and magic. So we decided to add some magic to your life through our powerful “Love Redefined Relationship Series” where we will show you how to become a magnet for love and create a sustainable, loving and exciting authentic love life. We will also help you create some fun and adventure in your life through our Exclusive Awakened Beauty Girlfriend Get-a-Way and Live Soulful Conversation Retreat Gatherings. Filled with peace, belly-aching laughter and a constant undercurrent of Joy. you will leave these events with the confidence to embrace self-acceptance and self-love with an extra helping of I’m Not Apologizing For Being Me Anymore and navigate the Now (regardless of what – or who – the Now is throwing at you). But most of all, you will discover the courage to embrace Who You Are, where you are, and where you’re heading. All of this while connecting with other sister women and enjoying some amazing adventures, speakers, great food/music, dancing, excitement, and more. *Note:Get-a-way retreats and Soulful Conversation Gatherings priced separately.

How We Deliver This Experience

Awakened Life Monthly Mastery Calls w/ Angela

You will gain access to 3-thirty minute powerful life changing group calls that are sure to give you insight, guidance, content and mastery to transform your life and advance your next level calling. All calls are recorded and available for replay within 24 hours. Calls will be held on 1st-3rd Tuesday of each month at 8PM EST.

24/7 Access to Powerful Leaders/Teachers/Coaches

You will gain access to our Coaches Cafe where you can listen to audios, watch videos from some of the world’s leading teachers, business coaches, ministers, gurus and mentors. Learn personal growth lessons, business building strategies and spiritual awakening sessions that are all sure to transform you from the inside out.

Monthly Life Mastery Lesson

Each month you will receive directly to your email, a downloadable worksheet/audio to help move you closer to your dreams/visions. This process will be like having Angela Carr Patterson as your personal coach/mentor. These monthly worksheets and audios will serve as a powerful game changer for you and your life.

Awaken Beauty Live Events!

This is sure to get you excited as we come together for our Awakened Beauty Live Gathering and Exclusive Girlfriend Get-a-Way Retreat to a fabulous destination. These events are sure to help you to refresh, revive and renew your relationship with God, yourself and others. Plus, you will laugh, eat, dance and feel the magic at each event! (Note: Events are priced separately)

Get Ready to Live God’s Original Design for Your Life.

It’s The Awakened Life! Join Today!

A Life Changing Magical Experience:

Becoming part of a tribe that will not only offer you support, sisterhood, and strategies for this season of your life, but will also offer you a sacred space for growing, expanding and connecting. This is NOT “just another program” this is an experience filled with healing, power and a sense of belonging, purpose, significance and meaning. It’s a Life Reimagined and Success Redefined.