2No one better understands the process of giving birth,  than a woman. Whether you’ve given birth to a physical baby or a vision, you understand the process of birth.

Women are natural life givers. We have within us the natural ability to bring healing, love, nurturing and peace to situations of struggle and pain.  Most toddlers will run into the arms of a woman before they will a man because they can sense the harmonic flow of love, acceptance and care that dwells inside of every woman.

This is why I believe women will be the catalyst for real change in the world which we live in today. In the words of Marianne Williamson, “The ship is headed towards the iceberg.” The destruction of the Titanic could have been avoided had the ship’s captain stood up against the powers that be and said, “I am the captain and I know that we don’t need to go in that direction because there’s an iceberg there.” He buckled under pressure and the cost was great.

As women, we have innate gifts of intuition. We can sense and feel when something is not quite right. Women everywhere are sensing that something  is not quite right in our world and that it’s urgent that we do something about it. It must be done. And it is must be done now. But are we courageous enough to stand in the face of opposition, judgement, criticism and resistance to get it done?

I believe in order for us to do it,  an emergence must take place. The emergence of the Feminine Leader. A leader who is fully grounded in her true feminine power and understands how to actualize that power to create change in the world. She also understands that this work cannot be done alone. There has to be a rising of women who are willing and not afraid to collaborate, cooperate and embrace a collective effort for change.

The old ways of doing and being are rapidly fading. The time is calling for new paradigm shifts in how we live and work together. The One Harmonic Voice of our Soul is calling for a New Story. As we learn how to trust each other, love each other and synchronize our dreams in ways that cause a massive turning of the ship, we will witness a radical unleashing of a new and brighter world for us all.

As women, we must piece together and weave a new story, go where we’ve never gone before, learn new ways of being together and become the true change the world desperately needs.

Are you that woman? Are you The Feminine Leader? If your answer is yes, then what’s your next step?