IMG_0539_copy_2 2This morning I was listening to the news channel, something I try to limit these days,  and I was just  sadden about all of the chaos that’s going on in the world. Especially in the US and yes, more importantly in the community which I love and live.

Daily, I ask myself who will I be in the face of all of this chaos and what can I do to be apart of the change that’s needed? I’ve said it before and I will say it again, that all change begins with a conversation. Yet, I don’t see much of any real change these days. So my question then becomes, “What kind of conversations are we really having?”

Are they the ones that delve deep enough to Awaken our Souls’ Truth or are they something else? Are we trying to speak so loud that we drown out everyone else’s voice? Do we try to impress others with our eloquent words and perspectives while giving very little attention to the needs and opinions of others? Do we try to dim the lights of others by putting them down with the hopes that ours will shine the brightest? Are we having real conversations that get to the heart of the matter or are we simply talking just to be heard?

Many great things have emerged from the right kind of conversations. They are what I call, Soulful Conversations. These conversations are fueled from our deepest heart felt feelings and emotions. Because we recognize that it’s not our heads that will create change in the world, it’s our hearts that will. They are conversations that move us towards real change because they start with clear positive result driven solutions for all of us. Not just for some of us.

Soulful Conversations have led to many incredible changes in our society that have shifted us into growth, expansion and sustainability. Without these conversations there would have been no real progress. And yet, we all know there are also conversations filled with greed, wrong intentions, egotistic racist and sexist views and selfishness that have led to much of the chaos, pains, divides and destruction in our midst today.

So today, I am once again examining my own conversations, motives and intentions. I ask that you join me in this self examining and self atonement process. Because until I can look into your eyes and see our common needs; until I can embrace our differences and celebrate our uniquenesses, until I can desire the things that not only enhance my family’s future, but yours as well; and until I can realize that a win for me must also include a win for all of us, then I am not truly ready and I have not Awakened my Truth enough to have a Soulful Conversation. 

As with you, I want to see real change happen and I also want to be apart of the change we need in this world. But we don’t all seem to agree on what that change will look like to benefit everyone. And frankly speaking, I’m not even sure if we ever will. But one thing I am sure of is that if we are going to witness any kind of real change or any kind of positive shifting in this world, it must start with you and I having some Soulful Conversations. I’m all in. What about you?



  • Soulful Conversations Radio: Coming September 2016
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