The quality of your entire life is directly proportion to your ability to effectively communicate with yourself first. Creating a seamless alignment between what you say you want and what you believe subconsciously.  Learning the close the gap between what your intentions and what actually shows up in your life.
If what you desire or intend to manifest is not in total alignment with what your subconscious beliefs, values and identity…what you desire will not happen. Because you will do something called self sabotage. Haven’t you been where you’ve taken 2 steps forward and 3 steps backwards?
My question to you is, “Are You Ready to Change this Pattern of Living?” If you want 2012 to be different from 2011, something has to shift. That something is you.

I speak to many women all the time who begin to think about how their lives are going during this time of the year. I witness them make promises to themselves about how they are going to make the upcoming year different. But if you don’t know anything different, how will that happen?

But the good news is that you can embrace the new knowledge needed to make the transformation. And the other good news is that when you change, your environment and  circumstances automatically changes. I want to share with you 3 things you can do to start the communication needed to bring yourself in alignment with the truth of who you really are.

  1. Stop resisting. when you resist something, you are placing energy there. If you’re placing energy there, what do you think is going to happen? It’s gonna keep showing up in your life. Whatever you resist in your life will persist.
  2. Believe that you are connected to God. The God that causes the entire world to function, that same God that makes planets revolve around the sun…that Life Force is flowing through your right now. All you gotta do is align yourself with that Force and when you do that, miracles happens.
  3. Get yourself a life coach. Not just any life coach, but one that can help you create results in your life. If you think you are going to be able to make the shift that’s needed in your life alone, you are mistaken. It wasn’t until I was able to swallow my pride and admit that I needed help, that my life began to change. A coach will help you see things differently, help you eliminate those sabotaging thoughts and behaviors that are keeping you stuck and help you create a plan of action to move your life forward in the direction you desire.

If you want your life to remain that same, then do nothing.  But if you want something different in 2012, these three steps will help you on your way.

Remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle.

We would love to hear from you. What are your plans to make the new year different? Leave your ideas below.