4I am certain that you’ve heard the term “High Maintenance Woman.”  In most cases it has been talked about in some very negative terms. Most women who are viewed as high maintenance have been frowned upon and made to appear  vain, selfish and self centered.

But I have a different opinion on this issue. I believe the most fascinating women are high maintenance. Think about this for a moment. The most beautiful homes, the most expensive cars are all high maintenance. The BEST things in life are high maintenance. Therefore, I believe it’s okay for you to be considered “high maintenance” as well.

But not in some vain kind of way. When you understand your value and your worth, you will recognize that you deserve to give yourself the needed time, effort and attention to grow and blossom. You are worth the effort.

Often times as women, we put ourselves last and on the back burner. Everyone else receives our attention and time, except us. We are  last to eat dinner, we are last to go to bed at night, we are the last to spend any extra money on ourselves.  

When we organize our lives around everyone one else, we are saying to the Universe that we are NOT worth the effort. That we are not as valuable as everyone else.  In return, this mindset shows up in our  lives as our experiences.

But as we return to our hearts and begin to hold a space  for  true self love, forgiveness and non-judgement, we will start to give ourselves the attention we deserve. When you value something, you attend to it. 

If you had an expensive dress, would throw that dress in the washer? Absolutely not! You would carefully take it to the best cleaners in town to have it cleaned. Why? Because that dress has value to you and it is a high maintenance garment. It requires extra attention, time and effort. And so it is with you.

You are valuable and you are worth the effort, time and attention. Attending to your health, your personal, spiritual expansion and growth is your highest priority.  How many times have you said no to a workshop, program, product or event that you so desperately wanted for yourself? And when you used the funds on for something else or on someone else, such as children, husband, friends, how did it really make you feel deep within? Somewhere in your heart and in your body, you felt that you had cheated yourself. This is  not the action of a woman who knows her own worth and knows her value.

I want to encourage you to commit to putting yourself first by attending to the thing that matter to you the most…YOU!  Taking care of yourself first, loving yourself first, giving to yourself first is the greatest gift you can give to your loved ones. So the next time someone ask if you are high maintenance, you answer with a  resounding “YES I AM!”  I am worth the effort!

Share below  what you are going to do today to start your high maintenance journey.