Many women are trying desperately to figure out what’s their true purpose in life.  I hear them say things like, “I know I’m suppose to be doing something, but I just don’t know what?” “I want to know what God has for me to do.”

It can sometimes become confusing because there are so many things that women seem to be good at doing and sometimes you just don’t want to have to choose. But who says that you’ve got to choose? Many times our purpose chooses us.

While I do teach certain techniques that will help you to zero in on your purpose for this season, there is one sure way to discover your purpose in life.

Help someone else on their purposeful journey. There could never have been a successful Oprah Winfrey without a Gayle. There could never be a Batman without Robin, a Johnny Carson without Ed McMahon or a Moses without an Aron. No one person has ever amassed any significant level of success without the help, support, dedication and commitment of a loyal sidekick.

Often times we think that we have to be the one out front, to take the lead, but sometimes our true purpose is simply to help lift and hold the up the arms of the leader as Aron did for Moses. The role of a sidekick or supporter is just as important to the vision as the one who is out front. In fact without the sidekick, the one out front could not be effective and the vision could not be.

I want to share with you 3 things that happens for your life when you decide to become someone’s Gayle in their life.

1. You learn from that person. Many times we are assigned to become someone’s support system because they are there to teach us much needed lessons we’ve got to learn. I remember when I was being a sidekick and support for someone, I learned so many valuable lessons that I would not have learned had I not decided to serve that person. When we serve other leaders, we are also in a position to sit at their feet and learn valuable success secrets that are not shared with the masses. We get to discover the real secrets to success. You begin to receive your own personal success training and grooming.

2. You learn your strengths and weaknesses. This is a time for you to identify and expand your strengths and up level your weaknesses. When you lend your gifts and talents to someone else’s vision, you will gain a huge sense of knowledge about yourself and begin to identify the things you are great at doing and the ones you need to improve upon. I discovered some of my greatest gifts and talents when I was a part of someone else’s team.

3. Your purpose will naturally unfold. When you serve under great leadership and help others commit to their purpose and grow their vision, miraculously, your purpose starts to unfold for you. A great leader has the unique gift of building other leaders and helping them to stretch and grow. Real leaders don’t maintain followers, they build other leaders. It was during my service to others, that my purpose began to open and unfold as I was helping someone else.

People tend to think that if they give  of their time, service and, or money to someone else that they are somehow cheating themselves out of what they were meant to do. That simply is not true. Only what you are not giving in any situation is missing. If you are having a difficult time getting your vision off the ground, if you can’t seem to find that “thing” to do, perhaps you need to help someone else fulfill their vision. It’s through your helping someone else, you will soon discover your true divine purpose.

Now, please understand that we  must serve out of pure, unconditional love, not out of fear or selfish need. The person you choose to support should be the one you feel  you have been called and assigned to support. However,  there  is one important element that you must have before you can become someone’s sidekick.

You must have pure love for the person and not just their work. You are there for the person, not just for what they can do for you or because you are in love with their cause or vision.  Love the person, not just their work. When you look at Gayle King, you know without a doubt that she loves Oprah Winfrey and she is down for her girl no matter what. But look at what has happened to Gayle King’s  life and career because she did not find it  belittling to stand in the background, to support, to commit and to be a real true friend. God saw her faithfulness and so did CBS!!

Remember, live authentically, laugh everyday and embrace love as a lifestyle.

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