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My Awakened Life

I know what it feels like to appear as if you’re on top of the world. I worked for one of the hottest shows on TV at that time, Star Search, as an official Southeastern Scout. I owned a full service model/talent agency and I was known in the industry as powerful entertainment executive. I’ve worked with some of the hottest name in show business. Yet, little did people know, my life was sinking fast. My marriage of sixteen years was falling apart. I was broke, broken, and my health was declining quickly. I questioned my sense of worthiness and even my right to exist. When I finally accepted that my marriage was over, I realized I didn’t have a plan B. I found myself in a deep, dark and desolate space.

One day, a friend asked me a question that would change the course of my life forever. She asked, “Angela, what do you want?” It was such a simple question. Yet, for someone who had spent most of her life doing and being what others wanted or expected from her, I didn’t have an answer. I didn’t know what I wanted because I didn’t know who I was.

My Awakened Life Values & Beliefs

Awaken Your Truth

You must embrace the parts of yourself that you’ve been ignoring, face the truth about your life that you’ve been evading and address the deepest longings of your heart from which you’ve turned away. While serving others, you forgot to serve yourself. This is a reclaiming of your Truth.

Awaken Your Heart

You must immerse deeper into your heart space, become open to trust life’s process, because therein lies the love you’ve been seeking and needing to transform your life. Then and only then will you be open to receive the infinite and endless possibilities that awaits you.

Awaken Your Life

You must recognize that there’s a divine plan for your life should you choose to follow it. When you do choose it, you open your life up to new and infinite dreams and possibilities. You then are ready to embrace an Awakened Life. A Life & Career That Matters. One with more meaning, more mastery, more money and more magic. A Life Reimagined.

My Life Reimagined

I struggled to make my life work. I thought this was a personal failure on my part. I soon discovered it was something deeper. I was able to retrace much of my pain and struggle back to my father-daughter relationship. I was a “Fatherless Daughter Woman.”
I was living out many of the patterns associated with women who grew up with a flawed or non-existent father-daughter relationship. I knew that if I’d stop pretending my life was perfect; AWAKEN to the truth of who I really was; and heal this primary foundational relationship; that my life would begin to move in a radical new direction. That’s exactly what I did and there began my Journey to An Awakened Life.
Today, I am married to a wonderful new husband, I run a very successful business where I am helping men/women face the truth they’ve been denying, awaken to what’s really possible for their lives by living my Awakened Life Principles. I want to do the same for you.

Some of Angela’s Highlights

  • Highly Success Entrepreneur for over 34 years and has built two incredibly lucrative companies from scratch.
  • Former Entertainment Executive, responsible for developing and launching the careers of top high profile entertainers who are still experiencing very lucrative careers, today.
  • Founder of The Fatherless Daughters Network, a platform dedicated to helping fatherless women/girls heal through a path of love, acceptance and forgiveness.
  • Much Sought After Speaker and Thought Leader/Media Guest, appearing on numerous national and international platforms.
  • Author of 8 books, and two inspirational adult coloring books…all published in her heart warming signature style.
  • Created Soulful Media, a company dedicated to addressing tough/controversial issues through film/tv/radio, print and digital media to elevate awareness and awaken souls.
  • Host of Several Media Platforms, Soulful Conversations Online Radio, Soulful Moments Video Series and Co-host of Imara Woman TV Show.
  • Creator of The Vow 2 Love Movement, inspiring millions via Social Media to do random acts of love and kindness on the 15th of every month.
  • Creator of The Love Story Experience, where Angela coach and guide women on how to heal and transform their relationship with love so they will stop pushing love out of their lives to now rewriting their own love story that will keep their love tanks filled forever.

Angela Wants to Help You…

  • Awaken Your Truth
  • Actualize Your Power
  • Activate Your Dreams
  • Create a Life & Career That Matters!

Angela Carr Patterson is one of the most talented business women I have ever had the good fortune to work with. We’ve been working on different projects for almost a decade now and I promise anyone she works with will be blessed beyond measure. She has the vision, experience, talent and passion to mentor anyone to find their Greatness. Angela has the uncanny ability to breathe unlimited “Hope” and “Possibility” in to Everyone she touches! This world is a Much Better place because she lives!!!! Thank you Angela for believing in me!!!–Susan Walsh. 7 Figure Income Earner in Network Marketing

I have known and worked with Angela Carr Patterson for many years. The one thing that has resonated in her work from my perspective as a husband, father, and businessman, is her passion for giving and enlightening. In this very social, and very corporate, bottomline world, whether it be home, for-profit business, or not-for-profit business, the ability to positively impact as many as possible has been a cornerstone of her body of work. Positively impacting people and things, promotes growth across a broad spectrum. I look forward to my next initiative with her mission to help individuals, and families enjoy an enhanced quality of life.–Roscoe Wilson, Jr., CEO/President, R.C. Wilson Group, LLC