I’m Angela and I’m Glad You’re Here. There’s nothing more exciting to me than to witness women come to love themselves in more a complete and authentic way. Until we do, we will never be free to become who we’re really meant to be and achieve the kind of success that’s rightfully ours.

I Struggled in Life

I know what it feels like to appear as if you’re on top of the world.  I’ve traveled and spent time with high profile celebrities, movers and shakers in the entertainment industry. I’ve dined at the best restaurants, lived in five star luxurious hotels, traveled around town in fancy limos, and was on first name basis with top business leaders.

I’ve hosted and produced several international and national events that gained the attention of top Hollywood Executives. I’ve even launched the careers of numerous talented young men and women in the modeling/entertainment industry. My name has been associated with words like, “powerful, smart, talented and gifted.” But none of this mattered. Because it was all just a charade.

Everyone thought I was on top of my game.  Little did they know, I was sinking fast. My marriage of sixteen years was falling apart. And even though I was earning great money, I was broke, broken, and my health was declining quickly.

For years, I struggled and questioned my sense of worthiness, value, and even my right to exist.  There was no one I could go to for support. I was always everyone else’s support.  When I finally came to terms that my marriage of 16 years was over, I realized I didn’t have a plan B.  I found myself in a deep, dark and desolate space. I thought my life was over. 

My Awakened Truth

One day a friend looked squarely into my eyes and asked me a question that would change the course of my life forever. She asked, “Angela, what do you want?” It was such a simple question. Yet, for someone who had spent most of her life doing and being what others wanted or expected from her, I didn’t have an answer. I didn’t know what I wanted because I didn’t know who I was.

I spent years trying to make everyone happy by doing and being what they expected of me, while still searching for that hidden woman who I sensed was somewhere deep inside. I struggled in my relationship with love and in my relationship with money. I could earn great money, but I couldn’t keep it. After my divorce, I would date wonderful guys but the relationship would somehow turn south.

I thought what was happening to me was a personal failure on my part.  I soon discovered it was something deeper. I was able to retrace much of my pain back to my father-daughter relationship. I was a “Fatherless Daughter Woman.”  A “Fatherless Daughter Woman” is a female who grew up with an unattached, unavailable or absent father. This one key missing element in a female’s life can have many negative consequences once she becomes an adult.

I realized that I was living out many of the patterns that were unique to Fatherless Daughter Women. We receive our identity from our paternal relationships and connections. If that relationship is flawed or non-existent, we begin to search for our identity, our sense of significance/worthiness and someone to love us in all the wrong places.

Yet, our pain will never heal until we heal our misplaced sense of identity. I was not living my truth. I didn’t know who I was. I needed to rediscover, reconnect and reawaken to my truth. I knew that if I could reawaken to my soul’s truth, heal my daddy wounds and forgive others, my life would begin to move in a radical new direction. That’s exactly what I did and there began my Journey to Being…My Awakened Life.

About Angela

Angela Carr Patterson has over thirty five years of experience as an entertainment executive, a successful entrepreneur, and a Global Life/Success Strategist. Through her company, Oasis Promotions, LLC, A Personal/Professional Development Center, Angela spends her days inspiring and empowering female leaders and entrepreneurs to Awaken their lives and Amplify their voice for the reshaping and transformation of the world.  A popular and much sought after speaker, this modern day spiritual thought leader has graced numerous national and international stages/platforms as a keynote speaker, transformation teacher and workshop facilitator. Angela is a trusted authority on Fatherless Daughters, Personal Growth and Spiritual Transformation. She often speaks on issues to help women overcome their struggles in their relationship with love and money, which can stem deeply from a flawed 

father-daughter relationship. Dynamic in her approach, an embodiment of love, grace, compassion and empowered with the wisdom of the times, Angela serves as a constant source of inspiration, hope and transformation to those who are seeking answers and solutions to life’s most challenging questions. She has the rarest of gifts, the ability to explain complex truths using easily understandable and meaningful illustrations. Angela is an author, speaker, film producer, innovator and media personality. She’s also the founder of the Fatherless Daughters Network, The Global Awakened Beauty Movement, and creator of The Journey to Being Process™, The Divine Ache™ Life Cycles and The Awaken Your Roar Tour. Angela continues to allow her entrepreneurial calling to be the driving force behind her mission to become a Voice for Change in the world through the power of love, acceptance and forgiveness. 


Some of Angela’s Career Highlights

  • Highly Successful Entrepreneur for over 35 years and has built two incredibly lucrative companies from scratch.
  • Former Entertainment Executive, responsible for developing and launching the careers of top high profile entertainers who are still experiencing very lucrative careers, today.
  • Former Producer of The National Faces Going Places Showcase, a 3-day event that brought aspiring actors, singers, dancers and models face to face with often hard to reach Hollywood’s top movers and shakers.
  • Former Official Southeastern Scout for the hit television show, Star Search w/ Ed McMahon.
  • Founder of The Fatherless Daughters Network, a platform dedicated to helping fatherless women/girls heal through a path of love, acceptance and forgiveness.
  • Author of 9 books…all written & published in her heart warming signature style.
  • Creator & Producer Soulful Media Production, a company dedicated to addressing tough/controversial issues through film/tv/radio, print and digital media to elevate awareness and awaken souls.
  • Host of Several Media Platforms, Soulful Conversations Online Radio, Soulful Moments Video Series and Co-host of Imara Woman TV Show.
  • Creator of The Awakened Life Journey: a movement to help awaken new female leaders for the reshaping and transformation of the world. 
  • Creator of The Vow 2 Love Movement, Utilize Social Media to inspire millions to do random acts of love and kindness on the 15th of every month.

Angela Carr Patterson is one of the most talented business women I have ever had the good fortune to work with. We’ve been working on different projects for over a decade now and I promise anyone she works with will be blessed beyond measure. She has the vision, experience, talent and passion to mentor anyone to find their Greatness. Angela has the uncanny ability to breathe unlimited “Hope” and “Possibility” in to Everyone she touches! This world is a Much Better place because she lives!!!! Thank you Angela for believing in me!!!–Susan Walsh. 7 Figure Income Earner in Network Marketing

I have known and worked with Angela Carr Patterson for many years. The one thing that has resonated in her work from my perspective as a husband, father, and businessman, is her passion for giving and enlightening. In this very social, and very corporate, bottomline world, whether it be home, for-profit business, or not-for-profit business, the ability to positively impact as many as possible has been a cornerstone of her body of work. Positively impacting people and things, promotes growth across a broad spectrum. I look forward to my next initiative with her mission to help individuals, and families enjoy an enhanced quality of life.–Roscoe Wilson, Jr., CEO/President, R.C. Wilson Group, LLC