Today is the 15th of the month and it’s the time that we celebrate Vow 2 Love Day. Vow 2 Love Day is where we go out and do something kind and loving towards others.  Each month on the 15th, we share our Vow 2 Love Experiences on social media so that we can create an atmosphere of love and kindness.

I started this a while ago when I began to notice how our emotional climate appeared to be filled with conflict, chaos and confusion. Never in my lifetime have I witnessed so much chaos among us than I am today.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve watched people who were supposed to be friends turn on each other, I’ve seen marriages and relationships that were deemed forever, just end abruptly.

On social media, I watch as people who once worked together, played together, go their separate ways and throw shade via their posts. I’m seeing families pulled apart, angry and upset with each other. Let’s not forget our politicians acting like school age kids fighting on the play ground, except they are fighting in our Congressional Chambers. What is happening in our midst that we walk around with our stomachs in knots, our hearts beating fast, angry, upset and breathing rapidly? It’s no wonder we’re dropping like flies from strokes, heart attacks and more. What would make our “Hearts Attack Us?”

I call it FEAR! When we have a leader who’s primary aim is to govern and lead by inciting fear and division among us, it’s no wonder we’re all so uptight and fighting with each other. Someone once said, “Everything rises and falls on leadership.”  If you don’t think our atmosphere has been charged and filled with fear, by a man who lives in fear himself,  then you’ve been sitting under a rock somewhere.

It doesn’t matter which side of the political fence you’re on, it doesn’t matter your race, or your beliefs,  I am sure that you don’t want to live in chaos and fear. Not for yourself or for those you love. This is not the kind of climate, environment and atmosphere that I want for my life or the lives of my friends and loved ones. It’s not the kind of environment that we will be able to thrive in but for so long as humans.

In addition to having leaders who spit out fear daily, I also contribute our over indulgence in social media and digital devices. We’ve allowed ourselves to become low touch and high tech until we’ve moved away from being human. We’re over stimulated by things that don’t build us up, but tear us apart.  I don’t believe God intended for us to lead such a robotic lifestyle. We can never forget our basic human need and that is to love and be loved. This kind of need can not be met via a key stoke and being over stimulated with fear.

So given these things that seem to be dividing us and driving us away from our basic humanness, how do we navigate in another direction? I believe there is a Pathway to Peace and here are few that I am following:

  1. Stop watching, listening and believing everything you see on television, the news and social media. Release and let go of time spent there and replace it with time spent on reading, watching and engaging in activities that build your faith, restores your soul and unlocks your heart to love more. Only then will those feelings of fear, anxiety and frustration begin to subside and you can go back to being who you really are and living your authentic truth.
  2. Pick up the phone the next time you feel the need to text a loved one or good friend. They cannot hear your tone, feel your energy or your emotional bond via a text message. Stop rendering social media posts and text message as your primary means of communication with those you love. We need to feel, experience each other more intimately and more deeply through a human touch and voice.
  3. Get face to face as much as possible. Carve out time to visit each other, take a walk together or simply have some tea. Whatever it is, schedule spending uninterrupted time with friends and loved ones at least once a week. Nothing takes the place of the human connection through touch and being face to face.
  4. Get un-plugged. Turn it all off, the computer, the phone, the laptop, the television and all detractions. Remember what it once felt like to live the simple life Do this at least one day out of the week. You will be amazed at how this will lower your stress level and make you a more understanding, more forgiving and more loving person. Watch your health improve as well.
  5. Remember who we are. We are divine, loving, caring masterpieces made in the image of our Creator. We can never forget this truth and when we do, let us all be quick to remind each other of who we are through love.

I believe if we can start with these five strategies, we will end up in a better space. But it will take all of us to be willing to create a new cultural story. To create a space for us to live together in harmony and in peace,  if we are going to survive as a species. Are you willing to follow a Pathway to Peace today?