There’s a nasty little word that we women don’t often like to talk about or think about. It’s a word that has prevented us from living up to our full potential. It’s a word that halts many of our dreams.


We are fully aware of this word being actualized in our lives.  Yet, for some reason we can’t seem to let it go.


That little nasty word is “Procrastination!” Ouch! I hate the way that word even feels!


Because I used to be caught up in that world of Procrastination and it created so many barriers between me and my dreams. It’s a miserable thing to want something, to know how to get it and then turn around and never go get it or do it. You feel me?


We all have the ability to go after the things we want, but why don’t we? Why do we keep putting things off? We say things like, “I will start my diet on Monday.” “I’m going to start saving money next month.” Oh, oh, here’s the big one, “2018 is going to be my year.”


Then we turn around and keep doing the same things we did in 2017. We’ve not taken any new actions or made any new choices.  Yet, we know for sure this year will be different. Right? No. 2018  will not be any different from 2017 different until you do somethings differently.


Ask yourself these questions, “Why is it that I know what to do, but I can’t seem to do it? Why do I keep putting things off? Why do I procrastinate? Take a moment and look at these the questions. Then answer them. Write your answers down on paper or in your IPad/tablet.


Now, if you’re courageous enough, share your answers below in the comment box. Then stay tune for Part 2 of this Dream-Snatchers Series where I will share with you how you can release this little nasty word from your vocabulary and stop it from negatively impacting your life.


Share your answers below.