Dear Sisters

untitledI am upset, hurt and disappointed. And when we begin to feel these emotions, we often look for someone to blame. Maybe this is true for me today. I don’t know for sure, but nevertheless, I want to share with some of my sisters that I’ve come to love and respect over the years. I’m talking about my sisters who don’t look like me. My beloved white sisters.

You see ladies, it’s Wednesday and it’s just another typical day in the neighborhood where we black sisters get to hear the news of another black man being shot and killed by the police. One thing Donald Trump said that was correct, “You walk down the streets in your neighborhoods and you could get shot.” But what Trump forgot to say was, you will get shot and killed by the police too.

Now, I am not living in a bubble where I don’t see the improvements that are needed in communities of color. All communities need improvements for that matter. Ours just need more specific reforms that will cause us to increase in areas of economics, education, equality and more initiatives to lower crime and violence. I get that. I understand the severity of the need.  And I could go into why this is happening, but that’s for another time. Now that I’ve stated all of this, I would like to speak from a more personal position.

In the work that I do, and the work that many of you also do, we empower women and girls. I don’t just do this with African American women and girls, but all women and girls on a global platform. My clients are very diverse in ethnicity. There are many of these women leaders whom I’ve had the pleasure to collaborate with, share information and even work with, who do not look like me. We believe in love, peace, unity, sisterhood and the empowerment of women/girls. At least that’s what we’ve said.

In light of what’s happening almost every single week, a black man being killed by the police. Oftentimes an unarmed black man. I have not heard one word from you, my sister leaders who don’t look like me and with whom I am connected.  So my questions are, “Where are you?” Why are you quiet? Why haven’t I heard from you about this matter? Do you not see and hear our pain…or even my pain, the person you say you love? Our sons, fathers, husbands, brothers are dying at the hands of those who were suppose to serve and protect them. And nothing is being done about it. I’m not asking you to fix it, but I’m asking where is YOUR outrage? Where’s your compassion?  Why haven’t I heard from you? Why are you not taking a stand for this with me? You tell me that you support my fatherless daughters efforts, yet, don’t you see that for every black man gunned down by the cops or by anyone for that matter, is a black man who will never be able to father his daughter?

I’ve been taught that sisterhood is where you stand with your sisters in difficult times. You reach out to them in their times of despair. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but your African American Sisters are hurting real bad. And while we have a voice, a collective voice, I am not so naive  that I don’t know that YOUR voice can carry further than ours. Simply because of the way you look. I don’t envy this truth, I just need you to understand this truth and use it to help us.  It was the same truth that Martin Luther King Jr. recognized and those who didn’t look like him recognized, believed in justice for all, who stood up and spoke out with him.

But when you are not even willing to join your voice with mine, not even willing to speak on what’s happening and has been happening for years, it breaks my heart. It causes me to wonder if our sisterhood is real. Or am I and my black sisters just a transaction to you? Now, before you get all defensive and stuff, because that’s what we women will do when confronted with truth. I ask that you examine yourself at a deeper level. Doe’s this truly effect you? Why have you remained silent? What will it cost you to speak out? It’s about taking a good look at yourself and what you believe. Because here’s the truth…you can’t send me love and light in one breath and ignore my plight in another one.

In closing, know that I had to address this elephant in the room. One thing for sure, if know anything about me, I will always tell you the truth. I love and care enough to confront the truth. At least the truth as I see it and know it. I hope that my truth is wrong. Because all I hear is crickets from you.  In the end, the results that I am seeking from this writing is a conversation. Not just any conversation, but a Soulful Conversation. One that awakens the soul. Because in reality, it will take all of us women, sisters and mothers to create the change that is needed.  Your voice counts too and together we are so much stronger. It’s in a space of pure love that I write this to you.

It’s in a space of pure love that I write this to you.

Your Concerned Sister, Angela