Last time we connected, I shared with you my thoughts on what I believe is taking place within our midst. That humanity is experiencing a radical shift. One that was indeed needed, I might add. I also shared that I believe we can turn this thing around. But it will take us looking deep within our own selves to do it.


One world is dying…but another world is being BIRTHED. How will we become the MIDWIVES to this NEW WORLD that’s EMERGING? I often ask the questions: “What has become of us and what shall become of us?” I promised that I would share what I believe we can do to help make this to create the big SHIFT. So here goes…


At the root of all that is happening among us is that we have fundamentally forgotten WHO we are and we have forgotten how to LOVE. I don’t believe we have a greed issue, a racial issue, a poverty issue, a health crisis, or even a division issue. While all of these things are real, but they are all the by- products of something else.


They are all symptoms of a people who literally don’t know WHO they are and HOW to love. Identity dictates everything. It dictates wow we view ourselves, how we view each other and how we view the world. It also dictates the choices we make, how we relate to each other and how we show up in the world. You see, everything we think, everything we say and everything we do becomes a statement of WHO WE ARE. And the collective statement that we have made has created this mess that we now find ourselves in. From how we have treated each other to how we have treated nature and our bodies. We are currently living out the effects of who we have become.


Just think about how we have been collectively showing up in the world. I certainly am not proud of who we have become.  And what has been driving these thoughts and behaviors is FEAR. We are either driven by LOVE or we are driven by FEAR.  Fear of being left behind, fear of not being good enough, fear of losing, fear of not having enough, fear of dying, fear of suffering and more. We fear that if one person wins, we must lose.


The very foundation of our creation is based on LOVE. Love is the answer to everything. It’s the driving force behind ALL CREATION. Love is POWERFUL and it HEALS, it UNIFIES, it RESTORES, it GIVES, it’s the KEY to ABUNDANCE, PEACE and all that GOOD. Fear renders us ALL POWERLESS and brings with it all that’s not good.


At the ROOT of every bit of division, hatred, greed, racism, crime, sexism, every bit of poverty and sickness is a generation who have forgotten who they are and how to love. Until we recognize that LOVE is the thing that will HEAL our LAND, we will continue to experience this chaos that we have found ourselves in the midst of.


It all started with LOVE and it will take LOVE to set things right. The bible says, “I knew YOU before I formed YOU in your mother’s womb.” We all know that every human born in the world, must come through a woman’s womb. This scripture tells me that we had a life before we had a body. Somewhere in another realm, God knew us. Because life is continuous. It continues when we die and it started long before we were born.


So, the YOU that God is speaking about…the YOU that God knew before you were in your mother’s womb…is LOVE. God is LOVE and ONLY Love can come from GOD.  Fish were created to swim, birds were created to fly, flowers were created to blossom and human beings were created to LOVE.


God created the fish from the water, the birds from the sky, the flowers from the dirt. But when God created us…He created us from HIMSELF. PURE LOVE!  And when you and I learn how to truly LOVE from the deepest parts of ourselves, we will NO longer see others as a threat. We will no longer see others as less than or our enemies. We will see them as our brothers and sisters. Only LOVE can heal our differences and only LOVE can unite us. I am not talking some pollyanna, woo woo stuff. I am truly talking about learning how to LOVE from your deeper parts. I am truly saying that we must all retrace our lives beyond our mother’s womb to discover the truth of WHO we really are and why we exist in the first place.


Sure we must stand and march for what’s right. Yes, we must get out and vote. Of course, we should give to those less fortunate. These are external by-products of a Love Filled Heart. But it all starts with a decision to FORGIVE ourselves and others. It starts with seeing ourselves and others worthy of LOVE. It starts with each of us actualizing the POWER of self LOVE. Then and ONLY then will we be able to LOVE each other.


While this may seem like an impossible way to live to some…but it’s not. Yet, it only can be done when we surrender our entire being to the Most High God. When we give ourselves to creating a Oneness with GOD. The ONLY way to have a LOVE Filled Heart is to have a GOD Filled Heart. I believe this is the ONLY way we will MOVE forward as the Human Species. It’s the only way that real justice, equality, peace, health, abundance and happiness will become a reality for us ALL.


It’s time that we ALL go back to God’s Original Design for us.  We must begin to Live Love as a Lifestyle by remembering WHO we are and to LOVE. It’s what I call The GREAT REMEMBERING! It’s Living an AWAKENED LIFE. A Life Reimagined and Success Redefined. Will you make a commitment to do it today?