Unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock, there is no escaping this world of seemly constant confusion and chaos. So much is happening within our midst that it is enough to make you want to run and hide under a rock for sure.

But what if I told you that what we’ve been calling chaotic, could really be a turning point? What if what we’ve been calling horrible, is a defining moment for us all? Truth be told… it is.


Now, I’m not saying that what we are experiencing is not real. What I am saying is that we are in the midst of one world that’s dying and another one that’s emerging. One world that’s coming to an end and a new better one that’s being birthed. While it may not feel this way right now…this is where we all are. And how this birthing will take depends on you and I. What part will you and I play in the rebirthing of our new world? That’s the real question during these arising times.


It had to come to this. If you look at where this world was heading, something had to happen. I’d been saying for years that we were moving too fast, the hustle, the grind, the going after our so called dreams while also sacrificing the very things that were sacred and meant the most to us.


Many people lost relationships/marriages, we lost time with our children who are now troubled, we gave up time with God…the very essence of our being. We traded time in prayer with social media postings, we traded time spent with our children by allowing the expensive digital devices to babysit them, we gave up our health by eating out at fast food restaurants instead of cooking home cooked love filled meals. We’ve traded so much of what was precious in life in the name of Dream Building and some called it service. Yet, we forgot what real service looked like.


We traded picking up the phone to call a loved one with sending a text message instead or stopping by for a visit them with FaceTime.  Not having time to spend with those we love, not having time to slow down enough to pray and meditate, we microwaved our time and we gave enormous amounts of time trying to make money, be seen, be relevant, build our brands…and as a result, we have lost a lot. The cost has been huge. And the consequences of our actions have landed us all here.


Nothing is the same anymore and neither are we. Now, that we’re experiencing a lot of pain, we are now starting to slow down and look for answers. Pain has a way of getting our attention. It’s been said, “We will learn either through pain or through joy. But we will learn.”


So what do we do? I believe we can turn this thing around. But it will take us looking deep within our own selves to do it. One world is dying…but another world is being BIRTHED. How will we become the MIDWIVES to this NEW WORLD that’s EMERGING? Stay tune for more next week, and I will share with you HOW!