Coach 2 Coach Intensive! 

w/ Angela Carr Patterson


Your Passion is Helping Them. My Passion is Helping You!

You have heard me say that “Coaching is a Powerful Vehicle for Transformation and Change.” I truly believe this to be true. I’ve experienced amazing leaps in my life and business because I chose to hire the right coach. I have made it my life’s commitment to always have a personal and professional coach. I also have coached thousands of individuals and groups to success. My Coaching Career has been one of my most lucrative streams of income to date.

Not all coaches can make this claim. I’ve witnessed many, really good and talented coaches, work hard to support their clients, yet end up exhausted, overwhelmed and broke. How can this be? How can well meaning coaches, with great coaching models and methods still not be financially successful while so many others can earn six, seven figures and beyond? Because many of them have not cracked the code and unlocked the secrets to building a successful and lucrative coaching business. Just because you’re great at coaching, doesn’t mean you are great at building a great coaching business.

This is where I come in. I have grown tired to watching great coaches, who really are passionate about helping others improve their lives, walk away financially frustrated and broke. They are committed to helping their clients achieve their goals, yet they are consistently not meeting their own goals.  Your passion has been helping your clients. My passion is helping you.


Finish Strong in 2019!

Just like you, I wanted more in my business. It was time for real increase; it was time for my next level. There were 2 key things that I learned about going to the next level. I needed a clear vision of where I was headed and I needed to know what it would require of me to get there. Now that we are moving into the final 90 Days of 2019, you still have enough time to change your business forever. The next 90 days could literally change the next 20 years of your life with one simple decision. 


My Invitation:

This is an invitation for you to enroll in my upcoming Coach 2 Coach Masterclass Intensive where I will take you behind the scenes to unlocking the keys to creating a successful, sustainable and thriving coaching business.

There is a world out there that needs our help. Whether you offer information, services, products or anything, billions of people want a better life for themselves and their families. Enter you with your skill set, life experience and passion. Frankly, how hard can it be to connect with a few of those people, those few who need you and you alone. And a “few” out of billions is quite a lot!

There are 4.39 billion internet users in 2019, an increase of 366 million (9 percent) versus January 2018. There are 3.48 billion social media users in 2019with the worldwide total growing by 288 million (9 percent) since this time last year.  That’s a lot of people online! So chances are pretty good that you can connect with a small portion of them and make a difference in their lives, right? I mean, it is possible. I’ve learn how to tap into those people and capture a few to provide me some awesome monthly and annual income that requires little of my time. Now I am ready to teach you how to do the same.


The Next 90 Days

Amazing things can happen in 90 days. I am going to help you reset your coaching business, breakthrough barriers that have kept you stuck and move out of overwhelm onto a new level of awakening with clarity, confidence and courage to achieve your goals.


So Here’s What You Will Learn:

  • Why Most Coaches Are Overwhelmed and On the Path to Failure…And What To Do About It.
  • How to Put Your Greatest Vision Into Action w/ Purpose Based Planning for Grounded Clarity and Results.
  • Create Effective Authentic Marketing That Makes Clients Want to Pay You for Your Services.
  • How to Use the Right Words to Influence Instant Sales, Actions and Respect.
  • Identify and Close All of Your Money and Income Gaps in Your Business.
  • Implement the 3 Types of Income That Every Coaching Business Must Have.
  • 4 Foundational Pillars for Business Success.
  • Craft a Plan That Will Yield You Income in the Next 30 Days.
  • 10 Proven Secret Strategies to Raise Your Wealth Frequency in Your Life and Business…Make More Money.


What You Will Receive: 

  • You will receive Six-One Hour Training Sessions w/ Q & A Delivered via Conference Call.
  • You Will Receive Downloadable Templates, Scripts and Blueprints.
  • You Will Gain Access Angela’s Powerful Trade Secrets, Strategies and Content Designed to Help Build Your Business.


Training Dates and Times:

  • November 4th & 5th  @ 8PM EST.
  • November 11th-12th @ 8PM EST. 
  • November 18th & 19th @ 8PM EST.


Are You Ready to Learn My Trade Secrets?

I want to show you how to brand yourself as a trusted authority in your field and show you that branding is not just a logo or tag line…it is so much more than that. Please note the information that I will share with you are my trade secrets. I have spent countless hours learning these secrets and perfecting them. Not only have I perfected them, I have mastered them.

This is where it gets tricky…

Most coaches don’t like to pay for services that they already offer. A mistake, I feel. So now, of course you didn’t think I would do this for you Free of charge. No!! Absolutely not! That would take me back to my money boundaries blocks and I cannot possible do that again. However,  I will not charge you that much.  I know you have a passion to see your vision come alive. I also want to see it come alive as well. But know that passion alone will not make that happen.

I can help you make it happen, but are you willing to invest the time and money it will take? What if I could show you how to build your brand, start a continuity stream of income, capture a target audience of potential clients who will pay you well for your services…would you pay me for that?


How much are you willing to pay?

Oh no, I take that back, I can’t let you put a price tag on my services.

So here’s the price…just for you!


Enroll Today!

Introductory Rate Goes Away Soon!

Angela Carr Patterson is heaven sent.  When I transitioned into civilian life after serving 30 years in the military, I found myself stuck and confused about what to do next. Working with Angela has helped me to peel off that old former programming and tap into the true core essence of who I really am.  She has helped me to identify my true purpose in life and give me the right strategies to move forward with my dream and vision.  I now have clarity of purpose and direction. Angela has given me step by step systems and processes to put me on right track to achieving my goals. Angela Carr Patterson will always be my personal life and business coach/strategist

Denean Ambersliy

CEO/President, Fisher Properties Enterprise

Angela, I thank God for bringing you into my life. I was completely speechless and blown away after our initial session. You are an inspiration to me and I’m happy to have you as my coach/mentor. I’m excited to take this journey with you in my corner. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Love you.”

Shontaye Hawkins

Creator, Profit is the New Black

Angela’s coaching techniques are exceptional! Her individual coaching sessions (highly recommended) proved to be an invaluable asset to my career development as well as assisting in certain areas of my personal life. We teleconferenced across country (South Carolina to Los Angeles,CA) on a weekly basis for over a year, and despite the distance her motivational techniques and personal attention to my needs certainly helped me attain my short term and long term goals. The information provided has stayed with me since I completed her program and still proves valuable to this day!!!

Khalil Cheeks

Los Angeles, CA