This is my grand daughter, Tori. Tori is a little over 10 months old and she is learning to walk. While we all know that she can walk, she’s not quite sure that she can do it without the assistance of holding onto something or someone.

She is fearful of falling down, because she has fallen before. Yet, when she is not thinking about walking and she is trying to follow me out of the room, she walks without holding onto anything and she doesn’t fall.

Tori is able to walk without any assistance when she focuses on what she wants to do instead of focusing on her fear of falling. When she focuses on what she wants to do, she walks without falling and without assistance. When she focuses on trying not to fall, she is grabbing for assistance and she still falls down.

How many times do we find ourselves doing the same exact thing?  We tend to focus on what we fear instead of what we desire to achieve. We will never conquer our fears by focusing on them. I want to share with you 3 ways to conquer your fears:

Find Your Why? When your WHY is bigger than your fears, you can push past the fear to achieve the goal. I tell my clients that “mo.ney” is not a big enough WHY in their business. Your “WHY”has to be bigger than that. For example: My why for doing what I do everyday is that I don’t want any woman to leave this world not understanding her value and her worth or to know what love truly is. I know what it feels like to live a life of total defeat,despair and depression. I also know what it feels like to live a life to pure, wide open unconditional love, abundance and sheer joy. My commitment to helping women see who they really are and understand the powerful force of Love is the driving force behind what I do every day of my life. My “WHY” is so huge, that I am willing to push beyond any fears.

Find Your Supporting Cast. There will be times when the fear will appear bigger than anything. That’s where your supporting cast comes in. They will cheer you on from the side lines, even getting in the race with you at times. You must know that you will never be able to face your fears alone.  It takes the help of a true supporting cast to get you through the rough spots. Your supporting cast believes in you when you can’t believe in yourself. Your supporting cast loves you, not your work, not your cause. Your supporting cast is like oxygen to your soul. If you don’t have these kind of people in your life, it’s time that you start looking for your supporting cast. I would suggest you start with The women within this circle (especially the diamond members) are awesome and as you begin connecting with them, you will see your supporting cast evolve.

Find Your Coach/Mentor. You have blind spots that you cannot possibly see. You cannot see all of the possibilites that are infront of you. A mentor or a coach will help you to identify the blind spots  and give you strategies to overcome them. Investing in this kind of relationship will be the best thing you have ever done for yourself and to conquer your fears. Any person who is ready to leap and move beyond their comfort zones and their fears need a mentor or coach. You cannot possibly take yourself where you’ve never been, but a mentor or coach can.

We all know that Tori can walk without any assistance. Our job is to help her to believe that she can. As her WHY get bigger, because we will no longer pick her up, she will finally begin to walk on her own.  We will help cheer her as she takes her steps and we will also make sure she doesn’t hurt herself by watching for the blind spots that she can’t quite see right now.

Tori’s journey is no different from yours. You can conquer your fears when the right steps are in place.

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