Is this truly what you want and the kind of life you want to live? Do you seriously want to answer all those emails and phone calls, constantly create new content, figure out your next social media post, email your list, do enough videos and lives to help with the algorithms, update your website, host another event, launch another program, secure enough speaking engagements, even it’s for free, join the right groups, clubs and networks to gain visibility and at the end of if all, you are exhausted, frustrated, still broke, relationships diminishing, can’t turn off your thinking, losing sleep and money?

Whew! It makes me dizzy to even think about it. Yet, we continue to do it all in the name of business, ministry, being an influencer or change maker. Is this truly what you should be doing because everyone else is doing it? Do you really have to write a book, do a podcast, create videos, have a list, be on seven different social media outlets and go to THAT networking event, get to know THOSE people?

Does your life really have to be THAT BUSY? Can you really sustain this pace long term? Or are you ready to live your TRUTH? What is your TRUTH for this season of your life? Are you living someone else’s version of what your life and work is supposed to look like? Is this level of busyness really resonating within you or does deep down inside you feel it could be different? Are you saying to yourself, “There has to be a better and easier way?” Or have you brought into the illusion that this is the ONLY way to be successful and reach your goals.

Are your days filled with “I have to, I got to do, I must go?” Do you really want this hustle and bustle of a life? Is this the best way? It is the ONLY way? Or is there ANOTHER way? What if there was ANOTHER way to achieve Bigger and Better results?

What if you didn’t have to feel drained, stressed, overwhelmed, edgy, tired, frustrated and sometimes defeated? What about the extra pounds you’ve accumulated, the high blood pressure, the stomach pain, the back pain? Is your body speaking to you? Do you really think one day all of this is going to pay off?

In our attempt to change lives, make a difference in the world, grow our brands, get richer, achieve success…have we omitted to see how our own lives, relationships, health and even our income may be diminishing? Or are we all too busy to recognize it? There has to be ANOTHER WAY. What if there truly was ANOTHER WAY…even a faster way to achieve your goals without the overwhelm and busyness? It’s called simplification.

Where in your life can you simplify? When we begin to simplify our lives, then we can Amplify. Are you ready to SIMPLIFY in order to AMPLIFY?