logo_2At the root of every crisis, every bit of poverty, even racism, sexism, bigotry, greed, every crime and a lot of sickness, is the fundamental idea that “we have forgotten who we really are and what we are here to do.” That is, to simply “LOVE.”

The Take the Vow to Love Campaign is a Global Online Movement where we leverage the power of the Social Media, Mobile Devices and other modern technology to inspire One Million to make “Love” a lifestyle. This includes how think, what we say and what we do becomes “Love.”

The campaign is simple…on the 15th of each month, we ask that you hashtag on all of your social media pages, #vow2loveday and then share something you will do that day to demonstrate love to someone. Our goal is have one million people, on the 15th of every month, sharing love.  We believe, when the focus of love reaches a critical mass, it will and can change the world on  levels that we have yet to know.

So, this is an invitation to for you to see how important it is that you “Take the Vow to Love.” It’s important for the greater good of humanity.  This is about bringing healing to ourselves individually, and to the world.

Marianne Williamson said, “We are making one of the largest turn of the hearts than ever before in human history.” This is exactly what we are doing with the “Take the Vow to Love” global movement by asking you to “Vow 2 Love”…and begin Living Love as a Lifestyle!

Our Love Lifestyle Principles To Live By…

  1. Remember Who We Are
  2. Reconnect to Love’s Source
  3. Release What No Longer Serves Us
  4. Reactivate Our True Purpose in Life
  5. Recover What We Gave Away
  6. Re-Establish Our Place in The World
  7. Rewrite Our New Cultural Story

Join our movement as we travel the country to teach these principles and how activate them in our daily lives. 

The Challenge

Let’s face it!! Our world is changing and we are faced with many challenges. Some that we’ve never faced before. Our leaders are still fighting. Yet, they have failed to find solutions that will work for all of us. Our enemies continue to threaten our safety. But we’ve failed at finding ways to create peace and cease fire. Our financial institutions have betrayed us with their unrelenting greed. Yet, we’ve not discovered ways to breakthrough their powers. Violence seems to be the way we’ve learned to solve our problems. And still it has only brought us more sorrow, grief and pain. Racism continues to divide us because we have yet to learn how to celebrate our unique differences. While we here at the “Vow 2 Love” movement don’t claim to have all the solutions or even the best ideas, there is one thing we are absolutely sure of:  “LOVE” is the answer to every question and problem we face. Collectively, we’ve got to believe and accept this as TRUTH and believe in the importance of practicing love towards ourselves and others, even in the absence of evidence that it is making a difference. It will not take all of us to make this change, but it will take YOU.

If 3 people heed this challenge and they tell 3 others, we would have 9. If each of them spread this message to 3 others, there would be 27. If each of these 27 passed along to 3 of their friends, there would be 81. If these 81 persons talked to 3 others, in just 4 steps there would be 234. In 19 steps, 3 to the 19th power, this idea of making love a lifestyle would reach over a billion people…1,162,261,467 people. This is the challenge for us.

Because only love can conquer hate. Only love will help us to see every human as God’s creation. Only love will cause men and women everywhere to think more deeply about how they show up in life, each day and interact with one another. Only love will drive us to change how we behave, treat each other and to value our most priceless treasure…Life Itself.

The Solution

Dr.Jean Shinoda Bolen once said,“An infectious idea can cause widespread changes in the perceptions and behaviors of a group when a critical number of people adapt it. But before the idea surfaces or becomes accepted, individuals have to commit themselves to do something they feel called or inspired to do. It becomes necessary for many people to do grass root work until a tipping point is reached. Then what was once not done, not believed or unthinkable will become what most people accept as reality.

What we aim to do here at the “Vow 2 Love Movement” is to inspire millions to understand the powerful force of love and learn how to transmit it in ways that will transform themselves and shape our world anew. Simply put. Learn new ways of being with each other. This is a non religious, yet, spiritual approach to LOVE. We believe as we begin to shine the spotlight on Love’s ability and POWER to transform and heal us, this will become the topic of conversations around the water coolers, the dinner tables, in classrooms and in the grocery lines. When the tipping point is reached, we will become the change we seek in the world. As a result, we will witness and experience one of the most powerful, radial unleashing of a new and brighter world for all of us.

Loving ourselves and each other is the only way we are going to heal the family breakdown and stop the violence among our youth. Embracing love as a lifestyle is the only way we are going to stop the injustices, stop hurting each other and even stamp out poverty in our midst. We start solving the world’s problems by loving each other and ourselves on a personal level. Then and only then will all of our children be safe and we all have a brighter future on this planet.

 Get Started With The Vow 2 Love Steps:

Step One: Take the Vow

A Vow is a solemn promise and commitment. Close your eyes, take a nice deep breath and speak aloud the following vow: “I hereby take this solemn Vow 2 Love myself and to love all others by demonstrating love in all that I think, say and do. I know that when I forget, all I simply need to do is remember who I am and start anew. This is my solemn Vow to embrace Love as a lifestyle. And so it is and so it shall be.”

Step Two: Become the Vow!

The 15th of each month is “Vow 2 Love” day in which you commit to sharing on your social media pages the hashtag #Vow2LoveDay and also demonstrating some random act of love/kindness toward others throughout the day. Other hashtags for you to use: #thelovelifestyle #loveisalifestyle #Ivow2love.

Step Three: Be Counted as The Vow

Be sure to complete the opt-in box below to be counted as one of the One Million people we want to reach. We also invite you to join our Facebook community and connect with other like minded people who are spreading the message of hope, love and peace.