A Powerful Voice for Transformation in Today’s Culture.

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A Powerful Voice for Transformation in Today’s Culture! That’s what many people are saying about this heart centered business woman and modern day thought leader.

Every once and while, someone comes along who has the ability to impact remarkable and radical change in the lives of many.

Angela Carr Patterson is that such person. Angela has inspired and encouraged people to awaken their truth and unlock the  secrets to real change for over three decades. She’s sparkling, warm, transparent, and compassionate and shares from her heart.

A Creative Transformation Catalyst, a powerful and gifted communicator, Angela speaks right to the pain of her audiences who are seeking to find answers to life’s most challenging issues.

She uses her keen insight and intuitive gifts to get to the source of what’s keeping their lives stuck and offers them strategies to create the necessary shifts to achieve their goals and make their lives work. In her own gentle, yet, direct up close manner, Angela packs her presentations with more experiential awakenings than advice, while evoking passionate dialogue from audiences with her  unique “Soulful Conversation” style delivery to help them achieve their dreams.

A popular and much sought after and highly-magnetic speaker, she will challenge you as she uses her own personal examples to illustrate powerful principles and practical life strategies. 

Known to many as America’s Leading Authority on Fatherless Daughters and recognized for her trademark message, “Awaken Your Truth,” Angela uses humor mixed with wisdom and insight to help women deal with the pain and negative behaviors associated with one of the most primary and foundational relationships in their lives.

Angela believes when women finally heal their flawed father-daughter relationships, they are able to  awaken to the truth of who they really are and unleash their greatest potential to shine in the world. She has the rarest of gifts; the ability to explain complex truths in easy understandable, meaningful illustrations.

An embodiment of love, grace and compassion and empowered with the wisdom of the times,  Angela stands as a constant source of inspiration to all. Those who have heard her says, “She’s like a breath of fresh air and oxygen to the soul.”

A trusted authority on the issue of fatherlessness, spirituality and leadership, personal power and success, love and relationships, Angela continues to draw upon her natural speaking abilities and personal wisdom combined with real data to move her audiences to quality change, engaged productivity to quickly reach and achieve their goals.

 Giving Praise for Angela Carr Patterson as a Speaker… 


Angela has that special something that is difficult to define. Her presence is felt when she enters a room and her warm spirit exudes possibilities.“–Wendy Brawley, CEO/Publisher IMARA Woman Magazine “

“Angela Carr Patterson is the real deal. She will move you. She will move you to tears. She will move you to action.”–Robbie Vohaus, Author, One Less, One More.

“Truth be told, few have the true gift to uplift and inspire others with their words. One “OnPoint” listener recently described Angela Carr Patterson as ‘spellbinding’. He didn’t lie. She’s better than good. She’s anointed.”–Cynthia Pryor Hardy, OnPoint w/Cynthia Radio and TV.

“Listening to you is good for one’s soul.”Andrea Fiouris, SoftwareEngineer 

“Oh the energy she makes your heart feel! I can’t even explain the feeling. But I know one thing, you will leave there knowing that she cares and speaks from the heart of her own experiences. The information learned…..it will last a lifetime for teens and adults. An enjoyable meaningful message.“-Cheryl Johnson, Buyer for Richland County Office of Procurement

“Angela is off the wall with goodness, passion and prosperity for all. She’s helping people recreate their lives and get beyond their stories. Angela is amazing”!-Heshie Segal, Kids Better World.

Hire Angela Carr Patterson for Your Next Event! 

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