A Soulful Moment w/ Angela!

Discover Your Soul’s Purpose

A Soulful Moment Session w/ Angela Carr Patterson

When did you last ask the question, “What is my soul’s purpose in life?” “Why am I here and what am I really being asked to do?” We’ve all found ourselves here a time or two. Especially for the Awakened Beauties 50 and over and some courageous 40 year beauties.

You’ve had your share of failures and wins in life. You’ve achieved and accomplished much in your lifetime. But now you are searching for some deeper meaning for your life and career. You want to uncover your soul’s purpose for this season. You want to answer the question of “What’s my next?”

You simply can’t afford to waste time. You want to choose your shots carefully and make each one count.  Well you’ve come to the right place.

This is an invitation for you to have a Soulful Moment w Angela. In this session, I will use a very POWERFUL tool and exercise to help you identify and zero in on their soul’s purpose and vision.  I will walk you through a process that will give you access to awaken your truth and unearth answers that have been inside of you all along. I will use the power of the right questions that will cause you to answer from a deeper space you’ve not tapped before.

You will find yourself saying things like…

“OMG! This is it!.”

“This is exactly what I should be doing.”

“I’ve always felt this was my path, but I now I know know for sure.”  

You will experience many ah ha moments and walk away with clarity and confidence.

So, all you need to do now is book your “One-Time 90 Minute Soulful Moment w/ Angela Carr Patterson” and start you on your way to getting the results you desire to achieve.

In this session you will:

  • Get clear about who you really are at a deeper level.
  • Get clear about what your soul’s purpose for this season in your life.
  • Learn how to craft your soul’s mission statement and identify your next step to creating a career and life that matters.

Note: Sessions maybe via phone or FaceTime/skype. Only ONE Session per person. Once you remit your payment, you will receive a link to schedule your session and a template to download and have ready for your session.