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C93AWX Successful businesswomanThe Global Awakened Woman Insider’s Circle is a community of women leaders who are ready to show up in every area of their lives and experience unlimited levels of money, love and success. While you are already doing great things, you recognize that there’s yet another level you must go in your life, career or business and you are ready to receive the kind of elevated support and strategies to help you get there.

You can spend years learning scores of proven principles, thoughts, plans and actions that enable you to achieve your goals….to finally get healthier…or make a mark in your career that leads to a bigger payday…or become more of a vital role in your relationships–a better spouse, parent and friend.

But here’s the catch: Unless you have this single powerful quality…NONE of them will work.

But the very SECOND you add this ONE QUALITY, you’ll race faster to your dreams, goals and desires than you ever thought possible.

It’s the foundation of your character, your achievements, and your happiness. Giving you an unshakable confidence, a rock solid character, and a never ending spirit to learn, grow and fulfill your potential. What is this indispensable quality that fuels your most fulfilling future? “LIFE MASTERY!”

“Life is a MYSTERY that you unfold through MASTERY.”–Angela Carr Patterson

The Global Awakened Woman Insider’s Circle will give you the tools of “Mastery” that will change the game for your. We will share with you strategies and secrets that have been used by some of the most successful people in the world.  Yet, these are not just any strategies, they are the ones that are in alignment with who you are as a woman.  And we will provide you with the kind of community support every female leader needs to succeed.


Who is a Global Awakened Woman Insider?

  • A Global Awakened Woman Insider is committed to her call of leadership and to making a huge difference in the community and space in which she lives.
  • A Global Awakened Woman Insider understands that in order to lead others, she must first commit to her own “Life Mastery.” 
  • A Global Awakened Woman Insider recognizes that she must have Strategies, Systems and Support that are unique to her as a woman and reaches deep into her place of power to achieve top level of Mastery in her life.
  • A Global Awakened Woman is committed to that part of her as a woman who wants to be loved and cherished for who she is.

An Explosive Ongoing Transformative Experience!

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Step into a Zone Where Nothing Can Hold You Back!


  • Elevate to a Whole New Level of Leadership and Success that Resonates w/ You.

  • Smash Through Obstacles & Keep Setbacks from Slowing You Down.
  • Defeat the Negative Emotions and Behaviors That Threaten Your Relationships, Health and Dreams.
  • Become More Competent and Effective in Everything You Do.
  • Become One of the Most Valued Person in Your Industry.
  • Become the Effective Girlfriend, Wife, Mother, Friend and Leader You Always Knew Was Inside You!
  • Beat Procrastination Once and for All and Start Taking Immediate Action.
  • Learn the Keys to Making Love Work.


How We Deliver This Program:

1- Live Power Training Calls: On the 3rd Tuesday of each month at 8PM EST. Angela will conduct a Live Group Conference Call to help shift your mindset and your heart space to a level of sheer abundance, love and success. She will give you intense training on how to increase your influence, your impact and your income as well as how to become successful in your love life, your relationships, your family, your health and more. When all these areas of a woman’s life works, she blossoms and soar. Only members of the Global Awakened Woman Insider’s Circle will have access to these training calls.  You can also ask questions and comment during the live teachings. All calls are recorded and available to listen to at later times.

Monthly Awakened Moment Videos or Audios: Once month, you will receive an Awakened Moment Video/Audio delivered to your inbox with powerful and applicable teachings to help you move through your month with intention, clarity, purpose, abundance and joy. These videos/audios are designed to help raise your energetic frequency that dictates how you show up in the world, express your value and take actions in ways that demonstrates who you really are.  It’s with these videos/audios you will begin to make more strides to living the life you desire and deserve. With each video, you will be given a new “Power Move”, a small, yet powerful action challenge to do, that will help you put the learning immediately into operation and move you closer to your goals and dreams of activating more love, money and success in your life. It’s like having Angela as your own personal strategist for months. Valued: $5,500

VIP Access to The Global Awakened Woman One Day Leadership Summit: Nothing takes the place of getting face to face.  Once a year, we will host an amazing leadership summit for you to attend w/ VIP Access. This summit will be fun, engaging and transforming.  You will be able to attend as a VIP at the regular summit rate. (Excludes Regular Ticket, Lodging, Travel and Food)

Private Facebook Community: You will get to know all of the other members in our regular community whereby you can connect, share and grow. You will receive all the benefits of the regular member where Angela will also post daily articles, tips, ideas to help navigate you to your goals.

You Will  Also Receive:

  • Special Awakened Woman Insider’s Circle Pin (Valued $20)
  • Downloadable Worksheets w/ Valuable Lessons for Personal/Professional Growth (Valued $800)
  • 10 Downloadable MP3s of The World’s Most Powerful Thought and Spiritual Leaders. (Valued: $5,000)

Strategies, Systems and Support All in One Powerful Community!

We are Building New Awakened Female Leaders To Bring Transformation to the World!


Get Up Close and Personal w/ Angela Carr Patterson!

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IMG_0539_copy_2 2 One of the Most Powerful Voices for Change and Transformation.

It has been said that Angela Carr Patterson is a Leader’s leader. Having successfully built two companies in 32 years, she’s seen it all. Angela’s background as a successful entertainment executive has allowed her to work with top A-List Celebrities, high profile leaders and business owners. Her list of top high level clients has given her an inside look into their lives to identify the unique secrets to their success barriers to their unhappiness and failures. Over the years, Angela has taken these secrets and created unlimited success in her own life and the lives of many.

For years, in her own life, Angela struggled to hold it all together trying to fit into the mode of what success was supposed to look like. Yet inside she was unhappy, tired and unsure. When she finally told herself the truth about what she really wanted and learned how to get it, that was the day her life changed. Angela understands what it takes to leader leaders. She recognizes that leaders and successful women need a different kind of leadership. One that speaks to the primal part of their soul as a woman. One that is intense, fast, focused and result driven. Today, Angela uses her keen insight, years of experience and her result driven skills and strategies to help high level successful women Awaken to their Truth and live the life that’s in alignment with who they really are while also creating more money, lasting love and success in their lives.

My experience working with Angela can best be summed up with one word: transformational. Angela, in her distinctive loving way, tossed me headlong into transforming both my business & my life. We were able to highlight the direction and specific details of my business in order to bring more income with less struggle and effort. The added bonus was seeing what I do from a much larger perspective. Working and playing from my “sweet spot”feels so natural that I now understand what is meant by,“To work and play and not know the difference is to be truly blessed.”Thank you Angela for blessing me and everyone you touch with your gifts.

Anita Fiouris

CEO/President, The Blueprint Academy

Angela, you don’t know how much this has changed my life. I’m ready for the journey. With tears in my eyes, I know you were sent to me. I appreciate you believing in me. Thank you so much. May God bless you.

Kesha Hayes

CEO/President, PDTS, LLC


Insider’s Circle Membership: Only $37 Per Month

Note: By clicking on the “Enroll Now” Button, you are giving us permission to charge your credit card each month in the amount listed below. All Payments are non-refundable and you may stop payments and leave the program at any time.