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Angela_Carr_Patteson_3_BEstablished in 1985, Oasis Promotions, LLC, is a Personal and Professional Development Company dedicated to redefining success by building “New Inspired Leaders and Entrepreneurs” for the purpose of promoting transformation and change in the workplace, the community, the media, and the world. We  provide resources, training, coaching, consulting, workshops, and events designed to enrich, entertain, equip and empower leaders and entrepreneurs to use their success to create massive change in the world.

For over three decades, our CEO and President, Angela Carr Patterson has helped thousands of individuals to achieve personal power and success for their lives. Whether she’s training corporate executives on how to inspire their teams for quality change and engaged productivity, or strategizing with her private clients to actualize their dreams and achieve their specific goals, Angela is one of the most sought after trainers and strategists in the world.

Having hosted large conferences and small workshops, Angela now works with a select number of private clients and community/corporate partnerships. Through her work, she offers private strategy sessions and corporate consulting/training programs designed to help individuals and organizations move from a place of mediocrity to unleashing their greatest potential to achieve peak performance and success. Using proven techniques, result driven,  programs and strategies, Angela will help you reach and achieve your goals quickly and efficiently.



“A Few of Angela’s Corporate and Community Partnerships”


I have known and worked with Angela Carr Patterson for many years. The one thing that has resonated in her work from my perspective as a husband, father, and businessman, is her passion for giving and enlightening. In this very social, and very corporate, bottomline world, whether it be home, for-profit business, or not-for-profit business, the ability to positively impact as many as possible has been a cornerstone of her body of work. Positively impacting people and things, promotes growth across a broad spectrum. I look forward to my next initiative with her mission to help individuals, and families enjoy an enhanced quality of life.

Roscoe C. Wilson, Jr.

CEO/Founder, The Roscoe Wilson Group, LLC

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