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bgDo you find yourself here? As a successful leader in your industry, a celebrity, expert in your field or community advocate, it can sometimes be very difficult to find someone to support you that understands your Journey. And if you’re like me, a woman who grew up as a fatherless daughter where your relationship with your father was flawed or even non-existence, you can find it difficult to truly let someone into your most private and personal circle. Trust me, I understand because this was my case for sure.

Yet, people are constantly needing you to fix something, to inspire them, to encourage them, to teach them or to simply push them forward. That’s because you carry the light of a leader and you’re someone with a “specialness” about you. You are the one who is always holding a space for someone else to shine. But who’s holding a space for you? You are constantly filling someone else’s cup. But who’s filling your cup? Your passion is helping others. My passion is helping you.

Let’s face it! Everyone needs someone to uplift, mentor, inspire and encourage them. But as a successful, high level successful entrepreneur and/or leader, you need a safe space to pour out your heart, to shed a tear or two, or to simply let off a little steam. Then there are those women who look very successful on the outside, but you know deep inside it’s not all that it appears to be. You don’t want folks to know the truth…at least not yet.

So, who can you turn to? Whether you are truly successful or just appear to be successful, who would understand where you are right now? Who would understand that your needing support does not mean you’re weak or diminish your position or power? It simply means you’re a woman. And as a woman, you thrive with the right kind of support.

Successful women leaders require a different kind of support, loyalty and understanding. You need the kind of sacred space that allows you to be yourself and really become vulnerable. Because this is how you heal, transform and grow onto new levels. The world definitely need leaders like you. And you need a leader’s leader… just like me.

 Are You Already Successful But You Sense There’s Yet Another Level You Must Go?

Do You Appear to Be Successful on the Outside, Yet You Know You’re Not Truly Where You Should Be?

You’ve had some levels of success in your life and business. You’ve accomplished quite a lot and you’ve helped a lot of people. However, you sense there’s yet another level you must go… you feel that you’re not done yet…there’s more for you to do. Or perhaps you appear to be successful to everyone, but the truth is…you still struggle in certain areas and you’re not as successful as others think you are. The truth is…you know it’s time to move to that next level, but you’re not completely sure what that Journey will look like. What you do know for sure is that you are entering a new season, an even bigger season. I am ready to support you on this new Journey without judgement or betrayal of your trust. I will assist you in identifying your “Divine Ache.” You know that Ache that simply will not go away? It’s the fleeting thoughts, the ideas that flash in your mind and the stirring within your heart. You believe it’s a higher calling or a bigger assignment. I know what it is.

It’s Time to a Build Bigger Dream and Birth a Bigger Vision!


It’s The Divine beckoning you to “Build a Bigger Dream and Birth a Bigger Vision.” This calling is not for you, but it’s for those who are waiting on your to say, “Yes to your legacy. Over the years, I’ve worked with numerous of women, thought leaders, aspiring entertainers, models, entrepreneurs and businesses to help them realize and monetize their ideas, to create very lucrative platforms, businesses, programs, products and services. Today, I am choosing to work with a select number of high level entrepreneurs and leaders on a private basis or in my Exclusive Awakened Life Mastermind Program. I want to help them move through their Divine Ache to Unleash their new season for the purpose of creating transformation and change in today’s world.  If you are sensing there’s yet another Journey awaiting you and you’re ready to serve and support by playing a bigger game, let’s you and I have a conversation.

If you desire a single day of strategic planning- and/or confidentially in your working arrangement, Angela does occasional VIP Strategy Packages for qualified applicants. Meetings are typically held at Angela’s office in Columbia, SC. But on occasion she may be available to travel to Los Angeles, Atlanta, or Charlotte. Contact her now to have a conversation about your VIP Strategy Session. 

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Please note that Angela typically works with women leaders whose businesses are making or on track for revenues in the 6 figure range. However, occasional exceptions are made for entrepreneurs with strong platforms and business models that are ready to scale.








What They Are Saying About Angela!



Angela is helping me to open my eyes…a guide is what I would call her. Someone who I can trust to lead me back to the path that I fell off when I let the “distractions” in life derail me. Each day I “smell the roses”, more and more. Then I find myself seeing the textures that were always there , but were hidden or forgotten. My life is surely on its way to becoming my own again.

Ivette Lama


My first encounter with Angela Carr Patterson as a coach was when I purchased a 2-hour Laser Coaching Session with her. I not only earned my investment back immediately after the session, but I went on to grow and expand my company to the next level. I have returned and hired her as my personal life and business strategist and it has been wonderful. This is only my second month with her, but I can tell you that I have not only made my initial investment back already, but my income and my business has increased significantly. She has helped me to stretch and expanded my thinking, increase my income and helped me to do things that I didn’t think I was capable of doing. Ebony Looney

CEO/President, Make Me Over Eb

Angela Carr Patterson is heaven sent.  When I transitioned into civilian life after serving 30 years in the military, I found myself stuck and confused about what to do next. Working with Angela has helped me to peel off that old former programming and tap into the true core essence of who I really am.  She has helped me to identify my true purpose in life and give me the right strategies to move forward with my dream and vision.  I now have clarity of purpose and direction. Angela has given me step by step systems and processes to put me on right track to achieving my goals. Angela Carr Patterson will always be my personal life and business coach/strategist

Denean Ambersley

Entreprenuer, Fisher Properties Enterprise

Angela has shown me to discover the why, who and what I can be and do! Also I learned to not live in fear but to give permission to put yourself first. I am learning to value myself in taking time for “me”, so I can give to others from a Full cup! Angela has a gift and insight in helping me find the missing links to develop my full potential! You are a blessing, thank you

Gigi Garzon

President/CEO, Pillars of Grace

Within 24 hours of our first session, I had my first high paying client. And within four months of working with Angela, I have replaced my full time (six figure) income through these business strategies. Thank you Angela for the awesome work you do in assisting me to become the person I am in the mind of God.

Leslie Wilson

CEO/President, Delta Consulting

My experience of coaching with Angela can best be summed up with one word: transformational. Angela, in her distinctive loving way, tossed me headlong into transforming both my business & my life. We were able to highlight the direction and specific details of my business in order to bring more income with less struggle and effort. The added bonus was seeing what I do from a much larger perspective.Working and playing from my “sweet spot” feels so natural that I now understand what is meant by,“To work and play and not know the difference is to be truly blessed.”Thank you Angela for blessing me and everyone I touch with your gifts.”

Anita Fiouris


The calls are so full of great information from identifying barriers to business success to very practical systems for running a business. All this with open, personal discussions with Angela! This is better than an MBA! I am so happy to be mentored by someone who has actually succeeded in building a business from scratch!

Ernestine Middleton Rogers

CEO/President, Middleton Resource Group

Angela’s coaching techniques are exceptional! Her individual coaching sessions (highly recommended) proved to be an invaluable asset to my career development as well as assisting in certain areas of my personal life. We teleconferenced across country (South Carolina to Los Angeles,CA) on a weekly basis for over a year, and despite the distance her motivational techniques and personal attention to my needs certainly helped me attain my short term and long term goals. The information provided has stayed with me since I completed her program and still proves valuable to this day!!!

Khalil Cheeks

Los Angeles, CA

Angela, I thank God for bringing you into my life. I was completely speechless and blown away after our initial conversation. You are an inspiration to me and I’m happy to have you as my coach/mentor. I’m excited to take this journey with you in my corner. Thank you again from the bottom of my heart. Love you.”–

Shontaye Hawkins

CEO/President, Profit is the New Black

I thought that having Angela online would not be as effective as face to face. However I have learnt that this is far from the truth. Somehow Angela always seems to know when I am not being honest whether it’s intentional or not. At these times she gently but powerfully brings something into my consciousness. I also thought that 30 minutes was too short but we cover what is fundamental. It is not the quantity but the quality of time and the lessons acquired that matter. I have learnt this with Angela and I have applied it in my life.
My life has changed because I am able to be clear about what I want and I am not afraid to ask for it gracefully. I wanted an apartment and I manifested it. It has more space than I imagined and it was renovated and newly furnished. Additionally, it was within my price range. I am grateful for this and I am grateful that Angela assisted me in asking for what I truly wanted. If you are thinking about hiring Angela as your coach, be ready to be honest and dig deep into the truth of your being because Angela can see through you, on and off the internet.

Harriet Muluhya

Entrepreneur, London, England

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