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Take a Moment and Answer the Following Questions: 

  • Are you a female leader or entrepreneur who grew up with an unavailable, unattached, absent father or experienced a flawed father-daughter relationship?
  • Do you tend to earn great money, but at the end of the year still find yourself broke, no savings and in debt?
  • Do you experience up and down emotional stress and unrest in your relationships or find yourself alone and lonely?
  • Do you feel safe when you have money and unsafe when you don’t?
  • Do you feel happy when you’re in love and have someone special in your life and feel isolated and sadden when you don’t?
  • Did you know that nothing causes a woman more grief & pain in life than her relationship with love and her relationship with money?

I’m Angela Carr Patterson, and I speak to women from around the world and the common pain that they share with me is their struggle with their relationships and their finances. Believe me, I understand. Talk to any woman for any length of time and she’s most often dealing with a rocky relationship, no relationship at all or she’s simply not where she wants to be financially.


How We Do Love is How We Do Money!


The reason is simple. “How we do love is how we do money?” The same emotional triggers that impact our relationship with love are the same emotional triggers that impact our relationship with money. These two things are tied to a woman’s sense of self worth and self value. Your self worth and value are connected your identity. As females, we receive our identity from our paternal relationships and connections. If these relationships are flawed in anyway or non-existent, we go through life with no real sense of self and this one key missing element in a female’s life can create many negative consequences as she moves into adulthood. You see, your pain will never heal until you heal your misplaced sense of identity.

What Women Want…


Let’s face it! As women, we want to know that we have enough money to take care of our family and last for a long time. We also want to know that our beloved is going to love and cherish us for a lifetime. Women blossom when they are in love and they tend to feel secure when their bills are paid and have money in the bank.  We want to feel safe and secure. The two things we learn from our fathers.

Yet, most women are unaware of this muted, invisible, unrecognizable “Ache” that’s causing them to struggle and remain on the up and down roller coaster of love and money. Growing up with unattached, unavailable, absent father or experiencing a flawed father-daughter relationship could be the reason that you’ve not achieved the things in life that you’d hoped. This is not about blame, but it is about awareness.

It’s Time to Transform Your Relationship with Love and Money!


I’m committed to elevating the awareness of the negative influences that fatherlessness has on a female’s life and providing them the tools to rewrite this tragic story.  I want to help you awaken your truth, actualize the power of self love and unleash your greatest potential to shine. In a world where there is so much noise and confusion, it’s possible for female leaders and entrepreneurs to become overwhelmed, overworked and even overlooked. These things can create a lot of struggle in our lives. Especially when it comes to our relationship with love and our relationship with money. If you are willing, I want to help you Awaken Your TRUTH and stop pushing love and money out of your life by uncovering these disowned, unexplored father-daughter issues. On this remarkable journey, you will discover that it was never really about your father after all. He was merely a gateway to your truth. This is about you and how you responded or didn’t respond to the fatherlessness in your life.  Once you Awaken Your Truth, you will begin to fill your love tank and and your bank account and as a result you will build bigger dreams and birth bigger visions. This is what I call living the Awakened Life…Infinite Success.

Meet Angela Carr Patterson and Learn About Her Work!

Angela Carr Patterson is the CEO and President of Oasis Promotions, LLC, a Personal and Professional Development Company dedicated to building “New Inspired Leaders,” for transformation and change the workplace, the media, the community and the world. Angela is a speaker, author, media personality, Global Life  & Success Strategist and Founder of the Fatherless Daughters Network.

A much sought after and highly magnetic speaker, Angela has graced numerous international platforms and stages as a workshop leader, keynote presenter and corporate trainer. Recognized for her trademark message, “Awaken Your Truth,” Angela uses humor, mixed with wisdom and insight, to help women awaken to the truth of who they really are, actualize the power of self love, and unleash their greatest potential to shine in the world.

Angela is the executive producer of the upcoming documentary film, The Making of a Fatherless Daughter and founder of The Fatherless Girls Summit. She is also the author of several books, all written in her heart warming, signature style.

With a collective reach of nearly 1 million people globally — listeners, readers, and viewers can capture the essence of Angela through her popular weekly Internet Radio Talk Show “Soulful Conversations, as a co-host on The Imara Woman Magazine Television Show, read her many online articles, blogs and publications as well as engage with her on her popular social media platforms. Angela is currently in production of her new National TV Talk Show, “It’s On Peachtree w/ Angela Carr Patterson” which is being Executive Produced by R & B Legend Angie Stone.

Angela and her husband Bill are the proud parents of five adult children and five grandchildren. To learn more about Angela, please log onto her official website at www.angelacarrpatterson.com

Some of Angela's Work and Highlights!

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Speaker & Teacher

Speaker & Teacher

Angela Leads Workshops 4 Women/Girls

Media/Event Personality

Media/Event Personality

Angela is a Frequent Guest on TV/Radio/Live Events

  • Successful Entrepreneur for over 33 years and built two incredibly lucrative companies from scratch.
  • Author of  Several Books and Founder of The Fatherless Daughters Network
  • Inspirational & Magnetic Speaker featured on numerous national stages and global platforms. Frequent guest on several TV/Radio shows and guest columnist for many online & print publications.
  • Host of Soulful Conversations Radio Talk Show and Video Series, and the Co-Host of IMARA Woman Television Show
  • Creator & Executive Producer of The Making of a Fatherless Daughter Documentary Film.
  • Currently in Production of National TV Talk Show “It’s On Peachtree w/ Angela Carr Patterson”, Executive Producer R & B Legend Angie Stone.


Working w/ Fathers

Working w/ Fathers

Angela Lead Workshops 4 Men/Fathers

Community Advocate

Community Advocate

Angela Hosts Community Forums

 Angela Carr-Patterson is a jewel to so many women, including myself. Her amazing intuitive nature and soft-spoken mannerism can totally catch you off guard when she “reads you” so deep, past your pain, past your brokenness and past your fears you think no one else sees.

 What’s so beautiful is she does it with such grace, ease and LOVE! 

Thanks to Angela I was able to personally heal from some childhood wounds that no longer serve me. Angela IS “the Love Lifestyle.”- Tia Brewer-FootmanCelebrity Brand Strategist 

Angela is a deeply compassionate woman who has a unique ability to see into the needs of her clients at a depth that they cannot see for themselves, and then guide them to a place of clarity, alignment and truth. I consider it a great honor to be connected to her and the good she is doing in this world.-Jaitara, Spiritual Teacher & Speaker, Founder/Author of Sage of Sexual Enlightenment, SensualSage.com

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Angela would love to work with you. Take a look at her offerings and be sure to join her growing community of women who are ready to live the awakened life.


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