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My Life Reimagined.

One day, you’re going along with your life and “IT” happens. “IT” catches you off guard. You didn’t see “IT” coming. “IT” could be the loss of a loved one, a sudden illness, a mate that walks out on you, a car accident that leaves you impaired, or a sudden financial crisis that wipes out your entire savings and retirement. Yet, for others you see “IT” coming, but you don’t want to accept “IT”. A marriage that lost its passion, that 60 hour a week job that leaves you exhausted and unfulfilled, or an adult child addicted to drugs. There comes a time when you must recognize “IT”, acknowledge “IT”, face “IT” and give “IT” a name. That time came for me with the sudden death of my mother, followed by the death of my sister in law, my brother and my 3 year old granddaughter’s diagnosis with cancer.

One cannot possibly go through these kind of experiences and “IT” not change something in you. I recognized that nothing was the same  anymore and neither was I. I was in “The Divine Ache™, a real internal incubator space that forced me to look deeper into my soul. I became nothing and nobody for a while. As I re-emerged, I discovered what had called a crisis, had now become a turning point, a  wake call and shifting for me. The life I had once known, was now my Life Reimagined. 

The Awakened Life Process

Awaken Your Truth

You must embrace the parts of yourself that you’ve been ignoring, face the truth about your life that you’ve been evading and address the deepest longings of your heart from which you’ve turned away. While serving others, you forgot to serve yourself. This is a reclaiming of your Awakened Truth.

Answer Your Call

You must recognize there’s a divine calling on your life should you choose to answer it. And while you may have said “yes” at one point in your life, this time is different. This is “Your Next Level Call” for greater service and contribution to the world. Something bigger than you is calling you and you are the only person who can answer that call. 

Amplify Your Now

There’s a deeper divine plan and higher calling for your life in this season. It’s in this moment, you begin now to Awaken Your Truth, Answer Your Call and Amplify your Voice, your Value and your Vocation for your next level of service and contribution to the world.  This is the Shift and Game Changer. The Awakened Life: one with more meaning, more mastery, more money and more magic. A Life Reimagined and Success Redefined.

Success Redefined.

I was forced to go down a road for which I had no map. To ask more questions than I had answers. Yet, I knew if I continued on my old familiar path, attached to my old map and my old agenda, that I would miss what was beckoning me to this new journey.  I was frightened, yet very sure…at the same time.  Beneath my fears lied a deep underlying “Knowing” that I was being called to something far greater than anything I’d ever done before. I also knew that my business would be the lens, the global vehicle for which I would transform lives and reshape the world. I had discovered and said “yes” to my “Next Level Calling.” Today, I am living a richer, more meaningful life that impact others in a bigger way. I am also doing deeper, more meaningful work by helping seasoned entrepreneurs answer and advance their “Next Level Calling” through the lens of a sustainable & profitable business model.  It’s “Success Redefined.

About Angela 

Angela Carr Patterson is the CEO/President of Oasis Promotions, LLC, A Personal and Professional Development Company dedicated to building new inspired female leaders for the purpose of transformation and reshaping the world through Empowerment, Enrichment and Entertainment. She’s a Speaker, Author, Media Personality, Film Producer, Spiritual Thought Leader, Innovator, Global Life/Success Strategist, Founder of the Fatherless Daughters Network, and Awakened Beauty Movement. Angela has been featured on many national and international platforms, and she’s worked with companies such as Disney Theatrical Productions, Disney Channel, Revlon, and McDonald’s Corporation.

Some of Angela’s Career Highlights

  • Highly Success Entrepreneur for over 35 years and has built two incredibly lucrative companies from scratch.
  • Former Entertainment Executive, responsible for developing and launching the careers of top high profile entertainers who are still experiencing very lucrative careers, today.
  • Producer of The National Faces Going Places Showcase, a 3-day event that brought aspiring actors, singers, dancers and models face to face with often hard to reach hollywood’s top movers and shakers.
  • Former Official Southeastern Scout for the hit television show, Star Search w/ Ed McMahon.
  • Founder of The Fatherless Daughters Network, a platform dedicated to helping fatherless women/girls heal through a path of love, acceptance and forgiveness.
  • Author of 9 books…all written & published in her heart warming signature style.
  • Creator & Producer Soulful Media Production, a company dedicated to addressing tough/controversial issues through film/tv/radio, print and digital media to elevate awareness and awaken souls.
  • Host of Several Media Platforms, Soulful Conversations Online Radio, Soulful Moments Video Series and Co-host of Imara Woman TV Show.
  • Creator of The Vow 2 Love Movement, Utilize Social Media to inspire millions to do random acts of love and kindness on the 15th of every month.

Angela Carr Patterson is one of the most talented business women I have ever had the good fortune to work with. We’ve been working on different projects for almost a decade now and I promise anyone she works with will be blessed beyond measure. She has the vision, experience, talent and passion to mentor anyone to find their Greatness. Angela has the uncanny ability to breathe unlimited “Hope” and “Possibility” in to Everyone she touches! This world is a Much Better place because she lives!!!! Thank you Angela for believing in me!!!–Susan Walsh. 7 Figure Income Earner in Network Marketing

I have known and worked with Angela Carr Patterson for many years. The one thing that has resonated in her work from my perspective as a husband, father, and businessman, is her passion for giving and enlightening. In this very social, and very corporate, bottomline world, whether it be home, for-profit business, or not-for-profit business, the ability to positively impact as many as possible has been a cornerstone of her body of work. Positively impacting people and things, promotes growth across a broad spectrum. I look forward to my next initiative with her mission to help individuals, and families enjoy an enhanced quality of life.–Roscoe Wilson, Jr., CEO/President, R.C. Wilson Group, LLC