Awaken Your Truth, Deepen Your Purpose and Create Your Legacy!


 Many know you as a leader, a trailblazer and an innovator. It’s no doubt that you’ve worked hard and you’ve poured your heart into the work that you’ve done. And of course, you’ve helped a lot of people along the way.

Yet, you’re starting to sense that there’s another level you must go. You recognized that there’s more for you to do. You believe somewhere deep within your heart that you are here to do something bigger, something more.  This knowing seems to sit right there in the pit of your stomach. I call this, Your Divine Ache.

Your Divine Ache is that feeling you sense deep within your soul that says “I’m here to do more.”  Your vision is shifting. You’re becoming concerned with humanity’s most pressing issues. It’s those fleeting thoughts, those ideas that flash in your mind and the stirring within your heart. You believe it’s a higher calling or a bigger assignment. It’s your heart calling you to a deeper level–a true fulfillment of your purpose. And you’re ready to say, “Yes.”

I show up in people’s lives when they are ready for the shift and to go down that invisible road. I’m here to help you along the way, to show you how to allow this newness to unfold and emerge from within. I’m your midwife and I will help you give birth to this bigger vision/dream that will be talked about for years to come.  All you have to do is be willing and together we will make it happen. 

For The Woman Who Is Ready to Create Her Big Vision Life!


12 Month Journey to Your Awakened Life! 

This is an invitation for you to become a member of our Exclusive Awakened Life Mastermind Program where you will begin to live your truth, deliver your gifts in a bigger way and create huge levels of success in the world.

Through This Program You Will…

  • Put Meaning and Confidence Into Your Life.

  • Identify Your Life Message, Meaning and Mission.

  • Clarify Your Purpose and Direction.

  • Identify and Move Through the Deeper Fears That Hold You Back.

  • Achieve More Personal Clarity and Results.

  • Master the Process of Breaking Through Blocks, Barriers and Beliefs That Limit Your Vision/Dream’s Growth and Expansion.

  • Create an Awakened Life Blueprint to Discover Your Next Level Place in the World.

  • Break Through Past Unconscious Beliefs and Patterns That’s Blocking Your Success Through Our Business Personality Archetype System™

  • Heal Foundational Primary Relationships and the Past.

  • Specific Accountability and Detailed Tracking of Success.

  • Identify Your Money Archetype To Eliminate Any Issues Around Money.

  • Implement the Four Profit Pillars to Success to Gain Momentum in Your Dream Building

  • Redefine Your Romantic Relationship and Awakened the Love Goddess Within You.

  • Carefully Adhere to the Awakened Life Mastery System for Optimum Success.

  • Discover Your Sweet Spot and Take Your True Authentic Message to The World.

Privileges You Will Receive Include...


PRIVATE Coaching Sessions with Angela
A Studio members benefit from scheduled 30-minute private coaching calls 3 times a month (10 months total throughout the year) focused on helping you strategize, implement, leverage your opportunities, expand your leadership, learn new skills, answer questions and challenge you to accelerate your financial, personal and spiritual growth as a feminine Awakened leader and entrepreneur. (Value: $$30,000)

ONE PRIVATE Protege VIP Days with Angela
This is a rare and powerful opportunity to 4 hours Live or Virtual Day with Angela, focused exclusively on you, your life, your dreams and your business. The planning, ideas and breakthroughs you’ll gain from this highly productive time together will chart the course of your success for months, even years to come. (Value $5,000)

6-Powerful Accountability Monthly Live Training Calls
Consistent and in-depth monthly accountability group training calls that pulls you forward powerfully, challenging you to meet your key goals and to create amazing breakthroughs in your life and business. You’ll feel the strength of having Angela’s attention, intention and support, focused on what will make the biggest impact for you!  (Value: 10,000)

Five 15-Minute “I need help!”
Emergency Calls with Angela, to Her Private Line: Access when you need it is worth its weight! (Value $1,000)

Awakened Beauty Box
You will receive a pre-loaded UBS drive filled with presentation from some of the greatest speakers, business gurus and business coaches in the world. This item is worth the entire program. You will receive hours upon hours of the greatest secrets to success. Just to be coached by one of these speakers for one hour is valued the entire investment of this program. You will also receive an Awakened Beauty T-shirt, Journal, books hand picked by Angela, A-Studio Notebook, some beauty items all in a beautiful Awakened Beauty Box delivered to your home. (Value $15,000)

6- Live Sessions
You will attend Live live events where you and other members will connect, receive up close and personal training with Angela and some of her mentors. Six live training and one graduation event. We promise to make these events unforgettable. (Excludes Travel/ Lodging) (Value $12,000)


Over $70,000 in Value in One Program!

A Unique Journey to Elevate You to a Whole New Level of Living and Being!

A Direct Roadmap to Your Next Level of Success!


A Personal Message from Angela…

You can do this. I promise. YES, it’s possible for you to make an amazing impact and make a good living doing it. I’ve worked with numerous of women, thought leaders, aspiring entertainers, models, entrepreneurs and businesses to help them realize and monetize their ideas, to create very lucrative platforms, businesses, programs, products and services. Today, I am choosing to work with a select number of heart centered female entrepreneurs and leaders on a private basis in my Exclusive Awakened Life Mastermind Program. It is my genuine desire to work in a setting, gathering kindred spirits, who feel called to a path towards spiritual and relational maturity. This, I believe, is essential to how we will transform our world.

To do this work effectively, I must believe that you have the maturity and the willingness to be challenged to examine those areas where ego may undermine your own fullest potential, as well as areas where you may give away your power, or may be less than open to stretch into new behavior.” This is not a coaching program, as much as it’s an Awakening of Your Soul’s Purpose onto your Evolutionary Step towards that Vision. I want to help you move through your Divine Ache to Unleash your new season for the purpose of creating transformation and change in today’s world while also generating another level of financial success.  If you are sensing there’s yet another Journey awaiting you and you’re ready to serve and support by playing a bigger game, let’s you and I have a conversation right now.

“There’s something to be said about someone who is willing to pour into you in an uninhibited manner, genuinely wanting you to leave their presence completely fulfilled. Angela Carr Patterson I salute you sis! Thank you for taking time with me to listen and instruct! You’re a gem!”

Sunshyne Pollard, Hummingbird's Echo

“To get something you never had, you have to do something you never did.” Being a part of a global mastermind group has given me a new outlook on my purpose. The changes I have made as a result of tapping into this group have been simple with major results. Wealth begins in the mind and being a part of this group is helping me to value my time, gifts and experiences. As a result, I am teaching others how to value my time, gifts and experiences. New doors are opening to new avenues of things I never saw myself doing until now. Anybody who wants to get to the next level should be a part of a mastermind group. It is a great investment in you!”

Sandra Chaney, SM Chaney International

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