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Awaken Your Truth, Deepen Your Purpose and Create Your Legacy

You’re no stranger to success. You’ve done it all. Many know you as a leader, a trailblazer and an innovator. It’s no doubt that you’ve worked hard and you’ve poured your heart into the work that you’ve done. You’ve helped a lot of people along the way. But wait. There seems to be a stirring within you. You sense that there’s yet another level you must go. You believe somewhere deep that you are here to do something big, someone that will be talked about for years to come. It sits right there in the pit of your stomach.

At night you think about it. It never seems to go away. It’s your Divine Ache. It’s that feeling you sense deep within your soul that you’re here to do more. It’s your heart calling you to a deeper level–a higher calling and you’re ready to say, “Yes.”  The problem is that you are not exactly sure what this calling will look like. It’s a territory that you’ve never been before. There’s no blueprint or guide for what you’re about to do. Yet, you’re sure it’s time to honor that truth. It’s Your Awakened Truth.

Angela Carr Patterson wants to help you answer the call of Your Divine Ache and Awaken Your Truth to Build Bigger Dreams and Birth Bigger Visions. It’s called, Your Awakened Life or as she calls it: A Studio Protege’ Program.

 In this program, Angela will take you under her wings and help you move to your next level of brilliance, to honor your heart’s calling and your life’s truth.  Each year, Angela only works with a very small select few high level success women who understands this season of their lives and are ready to honor Wisdom’s Call on their lives. This is a very prestigious program designed for woman who is ready for her next level of greatness in the world. Contact Angela to discuss becoming one of her A Studio Proteges.

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